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Timers on eggs, imprints and tames


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so i just came back to base and check my timer after 2 hours of incubation.

I am talking about fert argy eggs btw, so 2h56 started... and i have set a timer.
Came back to base and the timer on my set timer was 52 minutes.
On the egg it had 1h46mins left to incubate.

What are we doing here? for real?

Imprint timers suffer the same delay and taming suffers delay aswell...

Fert eggs with 10 mins go to 0 and i pick them up and throw them back out and still got 6 mins 26 on them.. like DILO

How can we regulate our sleep /life/ plans... when i can't even rely on a timer in a game?

I don't know how you guys feel, but we need those cryopods better sooner than later.
Atm crashing servers, losing bp's, timers that refresh on structures after a server restart? rly?

I don't know why these issues are in this game

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I incubated argy egg just on floor  as i cant get electronic or silica  pearls (ASA). Timers are affected a lot with all disconnections and rol backs.

So it took me several days each time i waited that temperature fall to 12 c then dropped egg on flor. As soon temperature went up i picked up egg. Tedious but is possible lol.

Thanx tp WC and hard to get silica - i play on official pve server with 70 concurrent players and resource are depredated ie not enough for all.

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Havent the devs said that cryopods will be sooner ingame then extinction, while i do love the fact that everything is so different again now... Its just a huge time waste and when you play alone 90% of the time have work/children its impossible the get a decent imprint. I tryed myself to get a decent imprint and because of server lag/rollbacks i could only do 1... crypods should be faster in the game then before in my opinion. It does not hurt anyone and if you do not like it then just do not use them :) Servers are starting to lag because people already are at dino cap at certain tribes. 

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