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We'll Be Back for Genesis Part 2 as our Final Run with Chimerarachne Yingi

Updated Submission 9/4/2023
We've Decided to update the Chimerarachne Yingi's Extinction Submission, Notably you'll find the dossier text to be a little different, Abilities have undergone some changes/improvements while some have been removed due to too many abilities, and the Extra Info section has also been overhauled 
The Hypnotic Nightmare is Back for it's Second Go this Time For Extinction
I would encourage everyone to read our entire submission before making Assumptions and judging the creature, My team and I put a lot of time and work on bringing The Chimerarachne Yingi Submission to Extinction Especially our Artist (It was honestly a race to the finish), the least you can do is hear us out, we also have heard the Broken Record Comments "It doesn't Fit on this Map", "The Design isn't Accurate to the Original Creature", "It's Rhyniognatha all over again", "Just TLC the Araneo instead" ETC. trust me we've heard it all before and we're at the point of not caring and having to repeat our defense over and over, so save your breath and speak with your vote and not your comments, if you have something actually constructive to say, criticism or not then go ahead
I am aware that not everyone likes the Alien Looking Design of the Yingi but again there is nothing in the rules about making creature designs accurate, honestly if we went with an accurate design it would be rather boring, so while it's based off the real world creature we stand by making it a more fantastical design especially since the maps are more geared towards fantasy as they progress, the short version is we don't care about paleo accuracy in a video game that doesn't have a lot of it in the 1st place
Read Dossier Text Below the Picture as the Dossier Art has not been updated Yet!

Artwork Credit to Gemixxy
Read Dossier Text Below as the Dossier Art as not been updated Yet!

Common Name: Chimerarachne Yingi
Species: Chimerarachne
Time: Cretaceous Period
Temperament: Tricky


While Chimerarachne Yingi (Chimera or Yingi for short) was much smaller than this spider with a tail, that is exactly what I’m looking at. I suspect that the species has been around for a very long time and has had the chance to adapt to the hostile environment that Earth is now. It looks like the species has evolved exponentially due to the growing hostile environment, going from the 2.5 millimeter itsy bitsy spider to something much bigger, and much more equipped to survive such an environment. The few survivors who managed to escape their hypnotic grasp say they make their nests in the forbidden zone, a fitting place for such a beast. While they're extremely fast and can easily chase down any prey, they prefer to use a pair hypnotic fake eyes on their back to lure prey, making them excellent ambush hunters. Yingi is well adapted to be the survive the corrupted monsters that plague the planet with it's Hypnotic Abilities seeming to have a greater affect on their minds than Normal Creatures. Yingi also utilizes a Hypnotic Illusion ability that allows it to camoflauge itself as another species making it even more deadly to an ususpecting Victim.


Taming a Chimerarachne Yingi by normal means is impossible, you're better off obtaining an egg which is a difficult task in itself. Yingi is a devoted and protective parent, but once you have a Yingi of your own, you'll find a versatile mount capable of helping to Control the flow of a battle or help with the taming of other creatures with it's Webs and Hypnottic Abilities. Their Fast Speeds and Ability to Scale Walls and Cielings make an excellent Choice to Traverse the Harsh Enviroment, and they are a formidable combatant capable of holding it's own against even the largest of creatures. In adittion, Females produce “spider milk” used in nurturing their young. Full of proteins and fats, this natural resource can be used to heal carnivores, just as veggie cakes heal herbivores. Rumor has it that giving the milk to a Snow Owl or Daeodon makes their healing abilities more effective, making the milk a highly coveted resource amongst tribes.

DISCLAIMER! Be Aware we don't expect all Abilities to make it in, as that is ultimately up to the Devs but here is how we envision our Abilities

Bite – Tap Left Click, RT, R2
A standard bite attack that is on par with the bite attack of a Rex, also deals small amounts of Torpor Damage.
Stinger – Hold Left Click, RT, R2
A Stinger attack that applies a venom that Rapidly Drains Stamina and Inflicts a Large Amount of Torpor, Attack has a 20s cooldown after use
Hypnosis (Lure) – Hold Right Click, LT, L2 (Tap Left Click, RT, R2 to Unleash a Stunning Hypnotic Flare)
Hypnosis Lure concentrates on a single target and lures it to Yingi, Applies new Headache Status Effect to Players/Creatures, Using the Hypnotic Flare Stuns the Target for 5s, Survivors/smaller creatures than Yingi get knocked back
Hypnosis (Illusion) – Tap Right Click, LT, L2
Hypnosis Illusion makes Yingi dissappear and replaces it with the illusion of a targeted survivor/creature, players/creatures in render distance will see this illusion
Hypnosis Abilities Side Notes
- Players affected by the lure must try to look away from with dramatically reduce looking sensitivity
- Lure causes a status effect called “Headache” this makes the target slower and doubles any source of torpor damage the target receives, status effect lasts 10s after lure ends
- “Willpower Stat” (Speed Stat Replacer) Determines by drag weight how a creature is affected by Hypnosis Abilities, 100% = 200 Drag Weight, 200 or less = affected, 201 or more = resistant, a point put into stat = 10+ Drag Weight, Stat is Mutatable, better willpower = bigger creatures that can be lured/illusioned
- Mounted Players cannot be Target by Lure Directly, but the mounts they ride can be
- Mechanical Creatures/Players using Tek Helmets are Immune to both Hypnosis Abilities While Corrupted Creatures are more Susceptible allowing for Multiple Targets
- Dealing Damage to a Yingi using Hypnosis breaks their concentration, freeing the target survivor/creature
- After a survivor/creature breaks free of lure, they get a 30s cooldown before they can be affected again
- Yingi uses Stamina at a slow rate when using Hypnosis Abilities

Web Shooters – Press C or Gamepad Right Sticks to Enter/Exit – Right Click, LT, L2, to Change Web Shooter Type - Left Click, RT, R2 to Fire
1.  Web Net – Shoots a Net that Traps a Target, Narcotics in the Inventory adds a Torpor Effect to The Net, Fire/Sharp Weapon destroys net, Net lasts 60s, 60s cooldown
Web Net Side Note - Yingi can pick up netted creatures/survivors by Holding C or Gamepad Right Sticks when looking at Net (This will Exit Web Shooter Mode Tap C/Gamepad Right Sticks again to Drop Net), Picking up Pauses timers for Allied/Wild Creatures but timer is Halved for Enemies Survivors/Tames
2.  Web Zipline – Shoot Twice to create a Zipline that yingi/zipline capable creatures can cross, last 5m, Apply Fiber to Zipline to make it permanent
3.  Web Barricade – Spins a Web that can slow down creatures/survivors, corrupted nodules in inventory adds a toxic effect to web that deals damage, lasts 2m, fire destroys web
Web Barricade Side Note – Survivors/Creatures can still passthrough Barricade

Wall Climbing – Tap Space, A, X to Toggle ON/OFF
Allows Chimerarachne Yingi to Climb Any Surface, aiming at a wall/ceiling while wall climbing is toggled on and pressing Left Click/RT/L2 will shoot a web and slingshot yourself at the wall
Females Produce Spider Milk
Spider Milk is Needed for Rasing Chimeralings, also acts as a Carnivore Equivalent of Veggie Cakes and when Fed a Snow Owl or Daeodon will increase their healing effectiveness for 5m, has the same stack size as Veggie Cakes
Males Incubate Chimera Eggs (Only Chimera Eggs)
Males can Incubate Up to 6 Chimera Eggs at a time, this will show the stats and mutations of the Chimera Eggs, Eggs will Incubate 20% Faster than an Air Conditioner or Egg Incubator

Extra Info:

Chimera Queen Info
- Chimera Queen is twice the Size of a Normal Yingi
- Hypnosis Abilities are replaced by a Screech for Chimera Queens
- Web Shooters are replace by a Grab Attack
- Chimera Queen is not Tamable
- Chimera Queen is like a Mini World Boss
- Chimera Queen has 50k Health
- Chimera Queens are Sluggish making their attacks and movement speed slow allowing players to get out of the way of her dealdly melee attacks

Spawn Locations
- Wild Chimerarachne Yingi will Spawn on the Notrthern part of the Map all around the Forbidden Zone and Wastelands sourrounding the sunken forest
- Female Eggs Spawns will be suspended from Cliffs and Over Hangs Across the Northern Part of the Map, there will only be 5-6 Eggs Spawned Randomly on the Map at any given time and will have a 30 minute respawn timer to respawn at a new random location

Wild Chimerarachne Yingi Behaviors
- Yingi Females are agressive to eachother and will fight for mating rights, even to the death (This Behavior doesn't happen to Tamed Females)
- Yingi will stalk their prey using their illusion when hunting rather than charging in, they will play mind games with their target before using their Hypnosis Lure

- Yingi Males with eggs are more defensive in nature and would rather avoid larger creatures unlike those without
- Chimera Queens do not Spawn Naturally, they will only spawn specifically for the fight over the Female Chimera Egg

Taming Method There are Two Methods for the Males and Females, both are Egg Stealing but with a Twist (Both Genders Need Spider Milk to raise)
Male Method – You Must Locate an Adult Male holding a Chimera Male Egg (which are Cyan Colored), once you get it's Attention wait for it to rear up it's back to use it's Lure on you, when this Happens you need to Hold up a Metal Shield to Reflect the Hypnosis Back at the Yingi, this will frustrate the Adult Male into using it's Hypnotic Flare which will cause it to Stun itself allowing you to Run up and use a Sword to Cut the Egg Free from it's Tail, then be prepared to fight cause it will chase you down wanting it's Egg Back

Female Method – Female Eggs (which are Purple Colored) are located throughout the Forbidden Zone Hanging off cliffs and overhangs, interacting with the egg causes a Chimera Queen to Spawn to defend the Egg.  She will let out a ear peircing screech if any tamed/wild creatures are present inside of the arena, this will force them to run out of the marked boundry, you will find you find that no creature will dare reenter the arena so it'll be just you and the Chimera Queen.  To end the fight either kill her or all survivors must leave the arena boundaries, killing her allows you to cut the egg down with a sharp weapon, you can also loot her for 50 spider milk, Leaving the Arena will make the Chimera Queen to Disappear but interacting with the egg again will make her respawn with full health  
Female Method Side Notes
- Ending the fight will allow you to command and ride your tames again
- Creatures cannot enter the arena during the fight
- You cannot damage the Chimera Queen while outside the arena
- Cryopods are disabled inside the arena
- Players must be present inside the arena at the Start of the fight to be a participant , if a participant leaves the arena they are no longer a participant even if they reenter the arena, if all participants die or leave the arena the fight ends, player that enter mid fight aren't counted as participants either
Both Methods Side Note 

- You're going to need to steal spider milk from a female to raise a chimeraling, Yingi cannot be knocked out but much like in the male taming Method you can use a Metal shield to reflect a Female's Lure/Flare Attack to stun it long enough to take Spider Milk from it, You will Recieve 5 Spider Milk
Breeding and Raising
- Chimeralings will require Spider Milk to make it to Adulthood
- Males Incubate Chimera Eggs Faster than Air Conditioners or Egg Incubators
- Females will Convert Raw Meat into Spider Milk over time
- Chimeralings might ask for a Dodo or Lystrosaurus Body as one of their Imprints

Roadmap for Yingi if it doesn't make it into Extinction
After long and careful diliberation with the team We've decided Genesis Part 2 will Be our Last and Only Vote we'll enter with Yingi after Extinction, we'll be placing it in the Rockwell's Innards or all over Rockwell's Garden Ring areas of the Map, we barely got the Extinction Submission out the door and a few days later we had to rewrite it because we just didn't have the time to carefully think about how to present the Extinction Yingi, so by skipping Valguero and Genesis Part 1 that we originally planned to enter we'll have plenty of time to rethink and smooth everything out to Make Yingi the best we can make it, if it doesn't make it into Genesis Part 2 then we'll be looking Towards Modding the Yingi for everyone to Use

Real World Information and Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimerarachne
Chimerarachne is a genus of extinct arachnids, containing a single species Chimerarachne yingi. Fossils of Chimerarachne were discovered in Burmese amber from Myanmar which dates to the mid-Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. It is thought to be closely related to spiders, but outside any living spider clade.[1] The earliest spider fossils are from the Carboniferous, requiring at least a 170 myr ghost lineage with no fossil record. The size of the animal is quite small, being only 2.5 millimetres (0.098 in) in body length, with the tail being about 3 millimetres (0.12 in) in length. These fossils resemble spiders in having two of their key defining features: spinnerets for spinning silk, and a modified male organ on the pedipalp for transferring sperm. At the same time they retain a whip-like tail, rather like that of a whip scorpion and uraraneids. Chimerarachne is not ancestral to spiders, being much younger than the oldest spiders which are known from the Carboniferous, but it appears to be a late survivor of an extinct group which was probably very close to the origins of spiders. It suggests that there used to be spider-like animals with tails which lived alongside true spiders for at least 200 million years.
Shoutouts and Fanart

Reddit User BlackendFacade for suggesting something Similiar to the Web Barricade Ability
Fanart Made by Ranzhan
Fanart Made By Drawolf
Old Aberration Dossier

Edited by Kage360
Updated the Submission
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This has been at the top of my list ever since Aberration’s poll. People call me crazy, but to me it’s always good to have more cool insects/arachnids in the game in my opinion. I love the horror aspects of this creature. Especially if it retains the eerie glow (I’d pray it’s a color region). Between the Chimerarachne Yingi and the Maevia Eureka us insect enjoyers are eating GOOD. All of their abilities look interesting and genuinely useful.

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I'm very much a fan of the creature, especially the hypnotic and lure/bait abilities. However, I do think some aspects of the creature are a bit overqualified. Personally, I don't see much reason for it to have extra features such as 50% extra corrupted damage, weight reduction, AND egg incubation. While I understand your logic for it in the documents, I think it's simply too much on one creature. I think it would be more interesting to invest the gameplay aspects more into the hypnotic/luring nature of the creature instead of these extra somewhat random utilities.

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