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  1. That is kind of the idea. As far as natural progression in the game, you would acquire this tame later than Anky. Anky is basically the mid-game metal mount in this case, while Edmontonia would be the higher tier: Doing what Anky does well, along with other additions such as combat utility.
  2. Nodosaurid falls under Ankylosaurids. Not all ankylos are Nodo, but all types of Nodo's are Ankylo.
  3. Introducing Edmontonia ignitus, the Powder keg Anky! SUMMARY: Edmontonia ignitus can be found meandering around the Sulfur fields of Extinction. Seemingly ignorant of the abundant elemental corruption, these Stego-sized Nodosaurs' have evolved a frighteningly effective strategy for dealing with the many aggressive threats of corrupted Earth: FIRE! The numerous scutes and spines of the Edmontonia's thick plating is covered in large amounts of volatile flint powder. While they don't sport the tail club of their relatives, they make effective use of their tail as incredibly powerful whips! So effective in fact, that they have adapted to creating powerful explosions and flaming trails with these incredible whip flurries! Edmontonia are also quite capable of utilizing their massive shoulder spikes to not only puncture the hides of attackers, but cover them in this combustible powder! GAMEPLAY: -- Edmontonia is a stego-sized herbivorous dino roaming the sulfur fields of Extinction. They are passive creatures, but can put up quite the fight. When tamed, the main gimmick of the Edmontonia is it's flint powdering effect. -- Edmontonia will have two stances: A forward facing stance that utilizes its flint-covered shoulder spikes and heavily armored back, and a backward facing stance that utilizes it's fast whip-like tail with powerful knockback and igniting capabilities. -- Edmontonia has a new stacking debuff which applies stacks of powdered flint to creatures it attacks with its' shoulder spikes or recoil damage while in forward facing stance. This debuff does not do damage on its' own, but instead acts as a damage multiplier for fire. This multiplier is directly tied to Edmontonia's melee damage. The more stacks of flint powder a creature has, in addition to a high melee stat, will make the enflamed debuff VERY dangerous. -- When tamed, survivors will be able to harvest bits of armored plating from their Edmontonia. While parts of these plates regrow, the damage reduction will be reduced. These harvested plates can be used to rapidly create barricade-like wall structures. While these structures themselves can be damaged by most types of enemies, they have very high health and also inflict the powdered flint debuff to attackers. -- Being an Ankylosaur (Nodosaur if you want to be picky 🤓), Edmontonia are super effective at gathering Metal along with a natural weight reduction. In addition to this, Edmontonia will also gather sparkpowder when they gather from stone nodes, similar to Beelzebufo gathering Cementing Paste. TAMING: Edmontonia are naturalborn pyromaniacs. While normally quite ignorant of other creatures, it's very intrigued by fire. If a nearby survivor uses fire in some way, be it a flamethrower or even a measly torch, you may garner the interest of an Edmontonia. At this point, a defense type sequence will trigger (you trigger it by interacting with the intrigued Edmontonia.) Aggressive creatures of a similar level to the Edmontonia will spawn nearby, and set their aggression on the tanky anky. While your new friend will apply powdered flint to it's enemies, you will have to burn these powdered threats. Burning enemies that have the powdered flint debuff will add taming affinity to the Edmontonia! CONTROLS/ATTACKS: -- Omnidirectional Movement/Turn in Place. There is NO reason to not have this on a creature. It only benefits a player to control a creature with movement QoL like this. This would also be very helpful when making use of the forward/backward facing stances and their attacks. -- Forward Facing Stance: This is the default state of Edmontonia. They are more heavily armored on their front, receiving damage reductions from frontal attacks. Attacks received from the front will also cause recoil damage which inflict the powdered flint debuff. -- Left Click makes use of the Edmontonia's shoulder spikes. This attack is moderately hard hitting with a decent attack speed, and applies stacks of the powdered flint debuff. -- Spacebar changes stances between Forward facing and Backward facing, turning the creature in a 180 on the spot. When backward facing, forward movement input causes the creature to walk backwards, treating their tail as their forward direction. Only spacebar allows you to switch the facing direction. It is NOT like Tuso where the camera can fight with you. -- Right Click is the rapid tail whipping attacks. These attacks don't hit hard, but they are fast with decent knockback. If the enemy has the powdered flint debuff, these whip attacks will cause the enflamed debuff. -- C Key triggers a unique state for Edmontonia. Grinding the plates together on its back in a unique motion, Edmontonia releases large trailing clouds of powdered flint, which apply the powdered flint debuff to enemies that wander through. This state requires sparkpowder in its' inventory and will actively consume the resource during this state. TL;DR (WITH PICTURES! 🤓) RANDOM IDEAS: These are ideas that could maybe be on the creature and i've just tossed around, but I don't know if they're necessarily needed. -- Gunpowder in inventory causes explosion type damage with tail whip attacks. -- Whipping attacks on barricades causes them to ignite, dealing enflamed to attackers. -- Barricades when destroyed create a slowing, defense reduction effect AoE. Leave feedback below for more combat/utility ideas or things like taming, if I get more ideas i'll update this post with them. Appreciate you all ❤️
  4. I'm very much a fan of the creature, especially the hypnotic and lure/bait abilities. However, I do think some aspects of the creature are a bit overqualified. Personally, I don't see much reason for it to have extra features such as 50% extra corrupted damage, weight reduction, AND egg incubation. While I understand your logic for it in the documents, I think it's simply too much on one creature. I think it would be more interesting to invest the gameplay aspects more into the hypnotic/luring nature of the creature instead of these extra somewhat random utilities.
  5. Im a fan of the idea it seeks out weak points, biding it's time. I think it's a more interesting system than just adding some flat damage or melee modifier to species name here. Actually adds a bit more engagement than other methods of combat. The reparing aspect is interesting as well. Repairing higher quality equipment is certainly awful with some of the insane resource requirements, so having another use for element in this way is welcome.
  6. Very nice creature suggestion. Having something that counters fliers is a nice way to go, and im definitely a fan of creatures that are more terrestrial in nature than just pure flying. Flying is too safe to me personally, so this satisfies my desire to explore without making it completely safe. Also makes flying less safe with this fella around anyway!
  7. While I think the various saddle options are interesting, i'm a bit confused by the sizing of this fella. If it's going to be 1.5-2x the size of a quetzal, the saddle's platform being smaller than Quetzal's is really bizarre to me. So far it sounds like a significantly better Quetzal, so personally I think just making it slightly bigger than Quetz with a bigger saddle, is a totally reasonable option.
  8. I'm really fond of the sleep dragging idea. As far as I'm aware there's no way to transport or move a KO'd dino so this would be really cool/helpful if you don't have a flyer or something to move to a taming pen.
  9. Gonna chime in (because im still early bird). I do think it is a bit big? While I do love me some colossal sauropods, I do think it should at least be smaller than Titano, so that its' maneuverability in difficult terrain isn't compromised.
  10. I'm piggy backing off your introductory post because, somehow I am also an early bird. So, hello! 👋 😃
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