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About the Creature:

Hippocampus is an extinct type of sea horse that lived 13 million years ago and ate kelp and algae to survive. I’m real life, it was only the size of your hand, but I feel like upscaling it to the size of a carno could work very well

We’ve never seen anything quite like this in ark, so it would be right at home in the diverse set of creatures. Especially on the center where the oceans are this vast, you’d want a good mount to explore them. No other map deserves a sea creature more than this one, and this could give the center just the push it needs to actually be played since the proposed abilities would help tribes who are in need of black pearls but don’t quite have the strength to kill alpha mosas.

 Seahorse by Eimell-TheMooCow on DeviantArt


Attack One – (LMB) – ranged ink shot. Landing multiple shots would cause a blindness effect like swimming into a tusoteuthis ink trail. A melee attack just doesn’t feel right for a seahorse, there’s nowhere on its body where it can really attack from besides shooting something out of its mouth. Besides, we don’t yet have a fully ranged Dino yet so this could be a nice first.


Attack Two – (RMB) – Bubble Blast. Shoot a bubble that could trap smaller fish, maybe up to the size of an angler. Inside and immobilze it. Would be nice for taming, and this could even be used to shoot bubbles over allies or your allies creatures heads, giving them infinite oxygen for a short time. Helping keep the up oxygen for players, so you can help your allies If their scuba gear breaks mid-dive, or help ferry your dinosaurs into those underwater secret bubbles to build bases safely without needing to craft cryopods.


Attack Three – (C) – Bubble Dash. Dash far forward and create a wall of bubbles behind you that acts as a wall only players and other Hippocampus could pass through. Certain whales and dolphins do this in real life, blowing columns of bubbles that fish brains perceive as a hard wall so they won’t swim through them, and I felt like incorporating it into this creature would be a perfect fit.  This could be used to escape, or to trap potential tames or enemies. Also, no sea creature has a true movement ability besides the mantas jump, which I found strange.


Passive Abilities:

-By placing 1 oil and 10 silica pearls, you would then be able to select in the radial wheel to convert all pearls, which would turn the resources into a black pearl. Being able to craft them would be a game changer, especially for people who don’t like going in the water much. This would be a great alternative to killing mosas or eurypterids. And it being a sea creatures means it would be limited to maps areas water, balancing it out. Feeding it 10 Silica Pearls in the wild would also cause it to give you a black pearl, since it’s supposed to be a passive creature. This would be cheaper as it wouldn’t cost any oil, but you wouldn’t be able to bring it to your base.


-By blinding targets with your ink blast attack, they’ll get a debuff which makes them able to drop black pearls on death. This would only be a chance and would probably not work on coel or pirhanas, so you’d need to target actual creatures and not be able to break it while still being able to farm black pearls through combat. I can see one player riding a Hippocampus and another on a Megalodon or Plesiosaur to farm black pearls efficiently.


-when riding a Hippocampus, you can do bubble dashes to gain short bursts of speed. Another method of travelling, It would be able to skim across the water when travelling at the surface, making it much much faster. I envision it becoming some sort of jet ski, or like those sea dragons from Avatar 2.  Being able to be the fastest water creature but only while at the surface would balance it.


-The Hippocampus would have a weight reduction on both black pearls and silica pearls, as well as being alerted when close to either, similar to how a rockdrakes feathers perk up when it’s close to a reaper.

 Seahorse by roerjm on DeviantArt

How to Tame a Hippocampus:

To tame a Hippocampus, the player will need to throw Silica Pearls on the floor. When the Hippocampus begins to eat the Silica, the player can ride it. While riding, the player will need to turn on the designated arrow that is indicated In a little minigame, pretty much the same method as an Andrewsarchus.

They would be found basically all over the oceans, mostly in the shallows or could be seen skimming across the sea surface. Since the Center is more than 50% Ocean, I feel like this creature is a perfect fit for the map. The oceans are long overdue for an upgrade or a real reason to go out there, and black pearl hunting made easy would make this the perfect reason. The oceans have always been one of my personal favourite aspects of ark, but I always felt like the diversity of creatures was not nearly enough.

Please vote for the Hippocampus!!


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Since this post is gaining more traction than mine, I’ll just post my ideas here.




Species: Hippocampus Sarmaticus/Leviathan

Time: Middle Miocene

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


Here’s another attempt. I think The Center is a perfect map for this tame. The vast ocean, the underworld, all the air bubbles.

I feel Ark's oceans need a bit of love. What better way than with a new mount. Seahorses are pretty cool looking as well as sea dragons, and who wouldn't want to ride around on one. A saddled mount of course


They're like master ninjas, so this mount could have some sort of camo ability, maybe when they're within underwater vegetation. They could function similar to an underwater purlovia, and their first strike from being hidden could cause massive burst damage. Kinda like sneak damage. Because of this sneakyness, make all wild creatures non aggressive to it unless provoked. This includes the jellies. In fact, let's make this creature immune to jellies shock to have another mount to fight against them. Maybe even have cnidaria actively run away from them like the piranha does to the sarco. These could be the best biotoxin gatherers.


(A sea slug pic, but the patterns and appendages look cool, and I invision this ark creature taking visual cues from it)

Seahorses also are very tanky with their bone like ridges down their body. Instead of their body and tails being cylindrical, they're more square, thus able to take more damage and even be compressed and be able to bounce back unharmed. This means the ark creature could make for a very tanky mount with possibly even recoil damage. Add a good saddle for even more tanking. Seahorses also have great mobility, so it can control similar to an underwater Tapejara.


This is a very interesting video below about Seahorses.

Utility is a big thing the ocean needs too. With the males pouch, it could function as an underwater maewing, able to nurse or improve imprints. Maybe a player can use its pouch to be transported underwater and give oxygen. Again, immunity to jelly stings.



They have these cool prehensile tails too. They can use this to latch onto different things underwater to stay put, and enter a sort of turret mode. We can use these prehensile tails to grab small to some medium sized creatures, which has a multitude of uses, but also make it able to pick players underwater from their mounts. To balance this, make it ridden only or something.



These tails could have another purpose too. There aren't any underwater shoulder pets. Until they're grown, while they're still a baby/adolescent, they can use the tail to become a shoulder mount. Adding stun immunity or reduction, or adding armor and recoil damage to the player while assisting in battle with their attack/breath. The balance to this would be that it's temporary, until the baby reaches a certain size, then it auto dismounts. Killing cnidaria could make it grow faster, or feeding it biotoxin. It would speed up raising. You could ignore this mechanic to keep it smaller for longer to keep the shoulder benefits, because it's raise time could be long without using it.


With all these positives, maybe give the creature lower stamina, or make it opposite of the bear. Super fast burst speed that eventually slows down. Same with dps. Stupid high burst speed dps, that slows a lot over time.

The way I imagine it looking is some kind of Seahorse/Seadragon hybrid with some draconian features. This is ark afterall, and some dinos aren't 100% real world accurate, so we can spice this up a bit.



Another cool option would be some kind of underwater breath attack. Bubbles that stun or slow so they can assassinate prey, or superheated water jet, but I'd like for them to have some sort of poison breath. It would go with the assassin theme. This poison would accumulate in its inventory similar to acatina, maybe increasing production for a time with cnidaria kills stacking. We could coat our weapons or even dino claws with the poison to give special debuffs and inreased damage per hit for a time. This would benefit high attack speed dinos a lot like the raptor, giving more use for its faster attack buff from its alpha call.

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Just adding my ideas since we can’t link them. As long as this makes it in that’s what matters!!!



There is very little known about the actual hippocampus slovencicus. Along with another species of extinct seahorse were found in the mountains only about 20 years ago. My idea would be for them to be a lot larger and able to be ridden. Body style wise, they would resemble almost like a sea serpent, dragon. I’ve thought about incorporating the seaweed body style of a sea dragon, but then my little sister wanted to draw it for me, and so her drawing is the basis for my idea.

Behavior :

I would love for these to be extremely useful under the water but also have limited use on land as well. In the wild they would swim around in schools of 3 to 5. They would receive a pack bonus while roaming together as well, whether tamed or wild. They are typically hostile when something gets too close, but become extremely hostile, and will chase anything that comes near their nest. they are extremely fast and armor, plated, and difficult to take down without proper precautions. On land, their mobility is restricted, but they make great turrets while latched onto pillars or structures with their prehensile tails. When tamed they can blow their smokescreen to tranquilize creatures wandering with in range.

 Taming : 
Egg stealing…yes i know we have seen this before but not underwater. And these things are FAST and TOUGH. You can’t just swoop in on an Itchy or a Shadow and speed away because they will out swim both without breaking a sweat. On top of that they are armored in bony plates like a knights steed. Mosas, Dunklos, etc. will have a tough time taking multiple of these at a time. Much like Gigas they will be dangerous to take on head up mostly because they run in schools of 3 to 5 members. But if you’re able to make it out with an egg or two it will be well worth it. Raising an egg after hatch will be only with narco berries. Did I forget to mention the nest are always surrounded by sea scorpions(eurypterids) making dismounting even more perilous. 

Utility : 
These will be underwater mounts, unlike anything the Arks have seen before. Fast and dangerous and covered in armor plates they would be exceptionally difficult to take down. While able to feed on fish they will be able to live off of narcoberries. This diet allows the Hippocampus to be able to blow a narcotic smokescreen into the surrounding waters. Survivors must be careful as they will not be a immune to this smokescreen themselves, and must have proper filtration in order to not be affected by the cloud. I’ve also though about the use of their prehensile tail as a way to destroy structures. Maybe wild ones like to wrap themselves around these and as such when people pillar widespread areas, they randomly find that these creatures destroy random pillars. The main purpose is to add life to the ocean. These would make it a lot more colorful, but also a lot more dangerous and more of a thrill to be underwater.

As far as a saddle goals, I’m not sure if I want to have a real saddle or to be wrapped in the tail when mounted. If they were given a saddle, I thought about making it a chem bench sort of like the opposite to the equus saddle. I do know for a fact that I would love to see them be extremely colorful and vibrant. All kinds of multicolored patterns in regions to truly stand out in the oceans. Disclosure there is nothing in the rules disqualify me from posting two creatures. While I would love for this one to make it in, I did post another as this one would also fit beautifully on Genesis part one. I also had a few people specifically asked that this be put into the vote.


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Dude, I literally just posted this a little while before you! I just want to know how to link my idea to yours so we can get a hippocampus voted up. If anybody knows how to help me link it, please do so so we can have more ideas added into this. Also, I just wanna promote my little sister’s drawing that she made for mine. Lol

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5 minutes ago, Kamikaze36 said:

Dude, I literally just posted this a little while before you! I just want to know how to link my idea to yours so we can get a hippocampus voted up. If anybody knows how to help me link it, please do so so we can have more ideas added into this. Also, I just wanna promote my little sister’s drawing that she made for mine. Lol

Same. I posted mine earlier, a re upload of my suggestion from the vote that Rhynio won. I really want the seahorse concept to win, or a water tame at least.

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