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Longisquama (the living, shoulder mount, turret) [Poison or Tranq Quills]



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Design info: All pictures and the dossier are made by me, with used pictures from the internet, Longisquama dossier picture made by Gabriel U. I Put a lot of work in this concept and hope you consider an upvote if you like it.

As soon as i heard of the Aberration creature vote i wanted something that looks a bit alien, So i looked for the most unique and crazy looking dinosaurs, to hopefully get a bit of an outer world look, and the Longisquama directly caught my attention.

The Longisquama is an upsized version of the real world creature, it is comparable with a Thylacoleo in body size, with his spines is he around the size of a spino. Found in the green zone and just aggressive if hurt, most of the time they are calm and rest in one place with much sunlight. He will take his place in Aberrations late game creature category. I know there are already many good late game tames, but i looked into things that haven't been really addressed by one of these yet. He will make it easier to travel around the depths of the Map, fight against Nameless and Reapers as well as getting impregnated by one, and also making farming in the Blue and Red zone better to handle. I tried to make his abilities new and different so that he doesn't replace existing ones. If i peaked your interest i would be pleased if you take a look in the more detailed description of Longisquamas abilities and functions.

Taming: For the taming i came up with a really unique and map fitting method. You have to give him more energy than he can handle. The way to do that would be to shine the lamplight of charge lanterns on him. (The more the better) He would then start charging up until his energy cap is reached, after that he will fire an EMP-Blast and can't move for a few seconds, in these few seconds you can walk up to him and force feed a charged battery, this will instantly bring his energy level back to 100%, he will then fire another Blast, you now need to repeat it until he falls asleep, because up from the first energy feed he will gain torpor with each EMP. I have a few pictures to show what a trap for Longisquama could look like. His food would be almost everything but also charge batteries, what will bring most effectiveness.



Ability one: EMP charge. For some reason the first time i saw his huge spines i had this type of ability in mind. I imagine it as a really powerful but rarely useible thing. In the wild Longisquama will charge his big spines through the sunlight, you see if he is fully charged on how much his spines shimmer blue, like in the picture below. If you get hold of one there would be other ways to charge him. Fist up the Sunlight remains as a power source, it will charge really slowly but surely, the second method would be to charge his spines by shining charge lanterns at him, they give energy faster than sunlight but also just over time. The really intresting stuff to charge his EMP ability would be to do it with charge batteries. He will use them as ammunition, one fully charged battery charges him to 100% and allows you to use the EMP-Blast. But his charge doesn't just flow in one direction, you can even use Longisquamas stored energy to charge the batteries. One other really cool side effect would be that he will gain charge when walking or swimming through element seas and lakes, what charges him quickly but would be still dangerous.



If you make him angry the first thing he will do is to use his as i named it EMP-Blast, it can only be used if his spines are fully charged and will take much time and sunlight to recharge. It would deal a small amount of damage, a knockback as well as a short blind effect like the Plant Species Z Fruit (But shorter), on top of that would the main function of his EMP-Blast be to disable everything technological around him, it would function like a thunderstorm from Scorched Earth, but not as long and just in the radius of his Blast, which would be comparable to the EMP of Astrodelphis. He is a very dangerous but especially at night majestic looking opponent.


Ability two: jumping, climbing and gliding. First up i designed it not to replace or copy the Rock Drake abilities, his climbing would be more like that of a Deinonychus or Dinopithecus, just jumps up the wall, not climbing in all directions and axes. His spines can split apart and transform into sort of two wings, the gliding also won't mirrow the Rock Drake, it will work exactly like a parachute. No dives, no tight turns, no fast dash, just the ability to traverse the map faster and safer. To get the hight for glideing, he needs to be able to jump in the air with his wing-spines.


Ability three: Glowing and scaring. The third, last and probably most usefull ability of him will be the ease the travel thrugh the blue and red zone. He works as a giant light pet if you wish so, that also would remove charge, what makes it not really possible to get full energy for an EMP-Blast, and you don't want to turn him off and on all the time. So to bring a light pet with you would still be important, but you choose if you sacrifice the EMP, or the Light he makes. Why use the EMP down there? I tell you: The EMP-Blast will be probably the most important thing in especially the red zone, because if you fire it, the blast would let everything that is weakened by light run away and or dig in the ground. So Reapers and Nameless would flee from it, as long as they are in the radius of his EMP. They wouldn't come back out again for some time. That will make it far more esay to farm and terverse down there. But a important thing to say is that for some time it will only work once on the same creatures, so if they come back up, you should probably run.


So last let's talk about his saddle. I drew a little concept art for the saddle to show the look and functions it brings. The style is a bit like the Magmasaur saddle, but with glass in the look through areas. The interesting and unique thing about the saddle is that you can attach up to two charge lanterns on it, aswell as a new chain spear bolt Item, that would be the ammunition for projectiles he can lunch to keep creatures in place, they would escape way faster then if catched with a Net, but you would be able to hold bigger cratures like Reapers in place. They are not completely defenseless like if stunned with bola or net, and can still attack and move a few meters, but no longer cause knockback. The possibility to hold them in place allows you to weaken Reapers with the charge lanterns on the saddle, and possibly get his health down enough to get impregnated by one.



I hope you liked my concept, it was hard work to make all these pictures and figure out how everything should exactly work. If you liked it i would love a comment and upvote for the Longisquama.

Domesticated: It seems like to obtain a Longisquama is a quite unusual and complicated task. Not just the fact that if you spot one it's over for your eyesight, no, on top of that do you have to make him exhausted. How do you do that? As of what i have seen, you have to overcharge him, so that he gets overworked and falls asleep. But if you manage to get hold of a Longisqama you have a great mount that protects you against  the horrors in the depths of aberration. Reepers,Nameless and basically everything that does not like the shine of light can't stand him. One of his as we call it EMP-blasts will make everything down there take a break. They can even split their feathery spnes in half, to jump in the air and glide like a parachute. I've even met someone who used his charcing nature and strapped lights on him, to light the way.
Wild: The sound of their charging spines really scares me sometimes, alone the pulsating is so frightening. If you see them resting on a rock they just look majestic, in the day and especially at night, because yes, the spines on their back do glow. Probably a product of all the corruption here, like their size. And do not make one angry, he will disable all your weapons if you get hit by an EMP-Blast. Sometimes i still mistake him for a plant if i see one in the distance, because they like to rest for hours in one place.

Ark Longisqama Dossier.jpg

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Creature information
(The following information takes inspiration form the dossier, anotehr submission, as well as my own)

Basic: Longisquama is a small shoulder mount found mostly latched onto trees in the Fertile and Biolume zones of Aberration, just like an Archaeopertyx to Redwood and Joshua trees. But this reptile is elusive due to its size. Though one may find one in the dark via the colorful glowing feather-like filaments on its back, just like how Aberrant creatures have their unique glow patterns.

(An example of glowing-ness on the animal)


Behavior: Longisquama can wonder around, but they can also be found latched onto trees they can climb on, particularly the big trees in the fertile chamber. If you get near them, they will jump off and flee. However, there's also a chance that they may choose "Fight" instead! The reptile's filaments can shoot out at rapid speed. There can be up to 10 quills at a time that can be fired. So they do have a small delay to regenerate before firing again.

These quills can be either tipped with either poison-


or tranquilizing (torporing) venom.


When tamed, you can enable your Longisquama's toxin to any of the two, and it can be recommended to use against the Nameless as they spawn endlessly in the darkened zones.


To tame a Longisquama, you'll have to passively. However, this can be tricky as they are quite shy or defensive. You have to feed it Chitin.


Put some in your last inventory slot and make it come to you. They will even drop from their trees when they know you have some. Once fed, they will immediately flee away. Do this multiple times and then you have it!

(Other information)

Longisquama is a small reptile from the Triassic period. Some with specimens with filaments on them. Some say they were paired to look like wings. Others don't think so and say they were a single row.

Longisquama - Wikipedia

Refrence images:


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Middle Triassic diapsid


Length 10m | height 2m + feathers

Carnotaurus-like speed

Original creature


Reference images for creature design in ark (drawn with A.I.)


This small creature, originally only 30 cm long, in the particular environment of Ark aberetion to survive all the hostilities had to increase its size and learn to exploit both darkness and light to its advantage, it normally sports dull colors such as dark green and brown me like other creatures has developed a strong bioluminescence able to dazzle even the most dangerous predators so they can escape.

Its strong claws allow it to climb the walls of the caves and the large feathers on its back ensure a safe and controlled fall so as to catch only its small brilliant prey which it is greedy.

Once trained it becomes an excellent companion to explore the dangerous caves always having an escape route.

this animal like the shinehorn has the charge parameter.


Normally preys on small bioluminescent creatures such as the glow-horn and prefers the pike-insect, normally it does not consider the survivors food but if they carry bioluminescent creatures on their backs it becomes aggressive, or if provoked it will dazzle the survivor and then attack them, it can also be found hanging you have walls.

They are usually solitary.

Training: passive

To train this creature, the survivors will have to offer it dead bioluminescent creatures as a meal (like shinehorn and similar), being careful not to provoke the animal using a camouflage suit.


It is unlocked between level 40 and 50 as well as giving armor to the animal and equipped with headlights that allow you to illuminate in front of the animal.


Main attack: front bite 30 strength.

Secondary attack: a tail whiplash that deals electrical damage and torpor (uses charge) 50 strength.

Special enable: feathers charge with electrical energy to produce a light attack that stuns opponents by blinding them (takes away Riper buffs), attack is charged to increase area of effect and stun time from 3 to 5 seconds, can't repeat enable quickly (15 seconds shooting) , this attack uses charge.

 It’s able to climb walls like the megalania by consuming stamina and make a short glide (shorter than the rock dragon) and takes no fall damage.



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A lot of big and intimidating creatures have been winning the creature votes lately… let’s change that and throw a curveball.


Creature Synopses: This small herbivore is a peaceful creature that hides in the trees and shrubs around the caverns of aberration. It thrives in the green zone and can rarely be found the blue zone. As small as this cutie is it holds a very powerful secret, one that could bring everything around it back to the Stone Age.

Wild: As stated above it is most prominently found in the green zone hiding in bushes and trees and eating berries and mushrooms. They are small and skittish, being the first ones to run if they sense something coming.


Taming Process: Although these critters are quick to run they will not turn down a free snack. Wearing a ghillie suit you can get close enough to feed it, after it eats it retreats to the nearest tree. After a short period it comes down, that means it’s ready to be fed again. Repeat this until you’ve claimed this adorable lizard.


Tamed: Where this creature lacks in fiercely it makes up with its amazing ability to disable tek… yeah I’m not kidding. This lizard has the ability to use its radar like wings to make a frequency that completely disables any nearby tek and nullifies robotic Dino’s. This is not it’s only ability however it also can improve your own tek armor by making it use less element and increases the potential output of said armor which in turn makes you jump higher, punch harder, fly faster, etc. (This ability also works your own tek creature’s increasing armor and damage.)

Of course such a powerful ability’s comes with its drawbacks, which is represented by the amount of energy it takes to use. Similar to the shoulder pets of aberration it requires stamina to maintain this function, on top of that the more it is used within a short period it starts to lose health. It also is able to nullify tek creatures by decreasing damage output on top of them receiving more damage from opponents. A final, smaller ability is to notify you when carnivores as big or bigger than a Megalosaurus is nearby, it highlights the creature’s for a short duration. I guess all of that skittishness really pays off.


Conclusion: This tiny lizard is a relic of the past(having lived 242 million years ago to 228 million years ago) and has the ability to send nearby players and creatures there too. The potential for this creature is massive in both PvP and PvE especially in the Genesis boss fight. Nonetheless if this wins it would be cutest thing that would’ve ever joined this amazing game.


Suggestions are welcome in the replies, let me know what I could or should change.


**I have not made a dossier for this creature as of now**IMG_1284.jpeg.3e12b01af67146c38346bf747d9adc81.jpegIMG_1285.jpeg.e1219a217400607ff99ffc2f05a070e8.jpeg

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FIRST OF ALL, I DID NOT MAKE THIS!!! FULL CREDIT TO "Large-Character6967" on reddit!image.png.266d68e79f23c713baa529424af3a08c.png


Longisquama- the living generator

Name- Longisquama Species- Longisquama electrum Time- late Triassic Diet- carnivore/insectivore Temperament- territorial

Wild- Longisquama is a strange sight among the creatures of the desert. I’ve often seen them in pairs or trios feasting on swarms of Insects. Don’t let it’s flamboyant colors fool you however, as attackers will be met with a shocking retribution. Longisquama has the ability to store bio electricity in its body, passively charging over time.

Domesticated- I’ve seen many a survivor using a Longisquama to power appliances on the go. Where Longisquama really shines however, is its defense mechanism. It can create a barrier of electricity around itself and the nearby area, which wards off almost anything nearby. I’ve even witnessed a survivor shut down an enemy generator for a few seconds!

The Longisquama is a medium sized midgame creature with both pve and pvp benefits.

It’s abilities:

  • Stores electricity in its spines with a “charge meter” similar to a light pet

  • Passively generates electricity

  • Infinite electricity during electrical storms

  • Acts as a portable generator

  • Electric bite

  • Small bugs in radius will be insta killed

  • Can create electric fields around small areas “poor man’s tek shield”

  • Attack with cooldown that shuts down equipment and generators for a few seconds

  • Immune to lightning wyvern breath attacks

  • Rideable and size comparison bigger than a kapro but a bit smaller than a trikelongisquama-the-living-generator-v0-18sjinnqsrsa1.jpg?s=6e5046ba1b60b24562821bf3afda9c0682077d0cResultado de imagem para longisquama | Pré história, Animais extintos,  Animais


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Common Name: Longisquama
Species: diapsid reptiles
Time: Middle Triassic to Upper Triassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Neutral
The Longisquama has, due to it's size and conspicuous colors, hardly any natural enemies that would mess with it. If it doesn't feel threatened, it behaves neutral. Animals and survivors fear it's venomous bite, which is corrosive to clothing/armor.
Passive Taming: The Longisquama will not attack the survivor until they are very close to it. To tame it, it is best to sneak up on it with ghillie armor and feed it Nameless Poison.
Once tamed, the Longisquama is a great travel mount that can fight back in a pinch. With it's wings connecting it's limbs with it's body, it glides over the terrain with ease. With it's long claws it climbs effortlessly over any obstacle. With it's reduced endurance consumption, it is capable of covering long distances.
Possible controls
Left click: Varies between bite and claw attacks that cause poison damage to the victim.
Right click: Will activate the AOE attack, making it spin in a circle, knocking back enemies and dealing a a little bit of Torpor damage.
Spacebar: Jump
Shift: Sprint/ Glide
C: Roar


Concept of gliding


Sizes comparison



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