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  1. Wildcard is there any information regarding Fenrir from the fjordur map like any news if it is being added or not being added because I think it is such a unique creature that I would love to see in ark.
  3. Ouranosaurus This is one of my all time favorite herbivores so I thought I could try to get it into Ark. Design: The size comparison is the size I believe that the Ouranosaurus would be compared to a ark survivor. I know it is bigger than the fossil records but Ark has changed the sizes of creatures before. This Iguanodont would be moderately bigger ( by like a survivor height ) taller than a Stegosaurus. The other 2 images are what I though it would be designed like being a smooth model with good graphics. Abilities - Passive - Temperature Regulation - Whenever a survivor is riding on a Ouranosaurus they will not become overheated as well will not be frozen either. Passive 2 - Whenever you are harvesting bushes you collect 4 times more berry seeds with the Ouranosaurus. 1 - When using the left click button the Ouranosaurus your riding will go onto its hind legs and will run slower but has a more powerful kicking attack dealing double the amount of damage as normal, knocks back other enemies and deal as moderate amount of torpor.. The Ouranosaur’s stamina will drain 50% faster than normal while in this stance. 2 - When you put a variety of different resources together like a couple different kinds of berries, different meats as well as some vegetables it will passively overtime use those materials and make a primitive version of kibble at the superior tier allowing to tame a wide variety of creatures. The speed at which this process occurs depends on the amount of stamina, food, and oxygen a creature has as well as the rarity of the saddle the creature has. If the Ouranosaurus has a mastercraft saddle the kibbles made can go up to exceptional tier and if the Ouranosaurus has a ascendant tier saddle the possible kibble made can go up to exceptional kibble. 3 - Pressing your c ability will make the Ouranosaurus go onto it’s hind legs power up a attack and use all of its weight to deal a large amount of damage this attack takes 3.5 a seconds to charge and has a 12 second cooldown in between attacks. Saddle Design - The most useful designed saddle for the Ouranosaurus species is a primitive like saddle with gins attached around its spine keeping all the items in its inventory cool giving it the refrigerated effect. It will use these materials to make its own kibble. Size - Slightly bigger than a Stego when in quadrupedal ( Standing on all fours ) stance.. Slightly smaller than an allo when in bipedal ( Standing upright ) stance. 56 feet long or 17 meters long 26 feet tall or 8 meters long Behavior - Would be neutral and would be solitary or in pairs. Only gains mating buff when in pairs as well as a 50% harvesting buff when in pairs. This creature would intimidate smaller creatures of it's size all the way up to Allo's if they are alone or in pairs. Taming Method - Once a survivor gathers enough materials to give to the Ouranosaurus it will take those consumables and make their own kibble with it giving a certain percentage of taming effectiveness depending on the materials given. Then it will be angered by your presence and roar loudly (at random times) it will go onto its hind legs and you need to deal damage to it to make it fall and then you give it the consumables for the kibble. This process repeats until tamed.
  4. Hey wildcard I was wondering if the top 10 creature submissions for fjordur will be coming a week from the post so next Monday or next community crunch next Friday.
  5. An idea that I had was it would be able to latch onto any surface and land in it like hanging upside down.
  6. Albertosaurus - I come from Alberta so I figured I would submit this to maybe get a creature dedicated to where I live in Ark. Design - First picture is of an Allosaurus but I thought that one could fit the design of the Albertosaurus. The 2nd one is an alternative design because I know that Fjordur has a lot of snow so I thought a furry design was good as well. Abilities - Passive - Intolerance - This creature has been perfect by the overseers for the ark's for thousands of years they have been developed with an unimaginable amount of endurance when on long trips. The longer the Albertosaurus is walking or sprinting the less amount of stamina it uses. Decrease amount of stamina used by 10% every 30 minute up to a maximum of 50% reduction to the amount of stamina used. 1 - Defensive Position - Activate with C to change your Albertosaurus’s stance to a defensive position exposing the side of the beast and taking 30% reduced damage when in this stance. 2 - Charge - Whenever you are holding your attack the Albertosaurus will start a charging stance running at the same speed as sprinting as well as taking 30% reduced damage if doing this in your defensive stance but reduces your stamina increasing more the longer you are charging. If not holding the Charge attack when in the Defensive stance it will do a smash attack hitting anything in it's way with the side of the creature. Any creatures that are in the way of the Albertosaurus will be delt significant damage and knockback due to the sheer force this beast inflicts upon others. After hitting a large object while charging the Albertosaurus has a 3 second fatigue where it flips over on it's back, gets up and roars then you will have a 5 second delay before it can charge again. ( This attack fatigue and delay was for balancing out the attack so that this attack could not be spammed during PvP raids. ) 3 - Jaw Lock - a) Whenever attacking a creature slightly smaller than itself or larger than ( A stegosaurus or larger ) it will bite onto the creature making it have the bleed effect and slightly shaking it doing more damage the longer it is held but using up more stamina the longer it is held. b) When attacking a smaller creature ( Trike sized to a Iguanodon ) it will lock in its jaw and drag the creature doing bled effect as well. c) If attacking a smaller creature than a iguanodon it grabs the creature up into its mouth shaking rapidly causing the bleed effect, the Albertosaurus will occasionally hit it with it's sharp hand claws inflict double the bleed damage for a short 3 second duration, if a creature of this small size is killed while being held instead of having a corpse it swallows the creature whole. d) If Jaw locked on a sauropod it will slash at the legs of the sauropod cause it to walk or run slower when being bitten onto. 4 - When using a Jaw Lock on a Creature Iguanodon sized or lower it will grab it in its mouth allowing it to be transported in its mouth without being killed Saddle Design - Crafting an Albertosaurus’s saddle can have 1 of 2 designs. The first design is a primitive saddle just like any other but it has a more expensive saddle. The more expensive metallic saddle requires materials such as obsidian, organic polymer and gunpowder. If you put grenades in the Albertosaurus’s inventory the saddle will be able to shoot out modified grenades with 20% more damage and instantly explode when hitting any form of object. Size - Slightly bigger than an Allosaurus in Ark : 42 feet long 20 feet tall Behavior - Would hunt alone or in packs of 2 - 3 each member of the pack gains a 30% buff to everything when the alpha does an alpha roar. Taming Method: The more creatures you kill around its vicinity will show the Albertosaurus that you could be a valuable ally gaining it’s respect. Although it will attack you if too close. Once you have killed enough creatures it will stay at a 99.9% taming and will keep it’s taming effectiveness until it challenges you to a battle. Don’t worry, attacking the creature won’t make it lose it’s taming effectiveness or percent, just don’t kill it. Once it reaches below 10% of its hp it will join your ranks as it will be yours. It may call off a battle requiring you to kill more creatures until you gain it’s interest again and it will challenge you. It will keep repeating this process until it is tamed.
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