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Community Crunch 359: ARK 2 Carnotaurus Saddle Concept and ASA Comparison!


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On 4/29/2023 at 12:59 AM, Sovira said:

Just wanted to say I am genuinely hoping you may consider allowing for more than one winner this time around, and the other vote you guys could even be the one to decide as a team, voting against each other! There are WAY too many good dinos this round and many agree over the discord, we've been talking about it for quite a while ❤️ Thank you also for the oppertunity to have and be in this event! It is genuinely more than appreciated!

I think this is really fair, I would like even 3 winners but maybe I'm asking too much

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On 29/4/2023 at 2:00, ladyteruki said:

The Center would/will immensely benefit from a large refresh (including Aberration-like content, potentially), and ideally a unique creature too. In a previous Community Crunch they seemed to imply that only story Arks would get one, but The Center was "born" in a time when unique creatures weren't a thing yet (it only started with Ragnarok's Griffin) and as such has been sorely lagging behind, despite being a great map. It's probably the upgrade I'm looking forward the most in the entire ASA thing.

I love meat

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