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  1. Honestly, I would have accepted a lot of things at any time, even if WC/Snailgames released a gameplay two days before the release. I have always honestly said my opinion, whether positive or negative, but have also tried to make it constructive. But the thing with Nitrado, that's a sticking point for me, I have my principles. I myself would also pay this mod linking platform, which you might not have to Nitrado, or some disadvantage that other server providers have, so that perhaps some go to Nitrado in addition ... or that Nitrado may offer the game for half a year alone, but then it would be open again for all. This time they have shot the bird with me. But can it be that hardly anyone is interested? Do most know WHAT such a monopoly position means? Expensive prices for bad hardware. Nothing more with the selection: Rent a server, a root server or put something myself at home and choose the best price. Then you will be able to choose between a maximum of four providers, and that only after years, or you will have to put your own hardware in the apartment/house. The prices won't get any cheaper, but the hardware will probably not be adapted the way you would like it to be. Also, you might not be able to switch to better hardware on a rental basis, since there is no longer a choice. Most people probably don't care about that. Honestly, I'm not interested in the new animals at all, since I probably won't get to play ASA, I'll stay true to my principles. But I find it basically good that there is also an aquatic animal.
  2. I don't know what kind of people work at these companies... one of them is doing something stupid by taking something from somewhere else, the others don't pay rent and Ark has to be saved by other companies all the time. It is really absurd. Then to secure money there is a monopoly position. Since I do NOT support this monopoly position, I will NOT buy ASA. I thought it was very nice that you could, depending on your wallet, rent from Nitrado, GPortal and co, or rent a root server or set up your own server at home. Now there is only home server or Nitrado. Seriously? NO THANKS! I REFUSE!!! Hopefully a lot of other people will do the same to show Snailgames and Nitrado that this is not the way to go. In case of need I won't play ASE anymore, if the same nonsense will be introduced there. Personally, I am satisfied with GPortal and have no interest to change to Nitrado.
  3. The question may be answered: Is this monopoly temporary or permanent? Temporarily limited I would accept, then I would only get ASA afterwards. I do not want to support a permanent monopoly of a server hoster. Besides, I am more than satisfied with GPortal, with Nitrado I think there were quite a few problems. And there are also many people who rent special root servers, which are much better than GPortal or Nitradoserver.
  4. If this is true that you have to rent a server at Nitrado to play ASA, then you will be rid of me. If this would also apply to ASE, then I will probably have to do without my favorite game. I would like to stay with GPortal. I am curious how it will behave with this Nitrado contract.
  5. Too bad, the dinos don't interest me in the least, I find these fast successive Keraturwahlen rather slaying and no longer vote. I was hoping for more information (pictures) how items will look in Asa. But maybe next week..and I'd really like to see maybe some trivia mentioned about the changes in Asa. Regarding the AI, if structures will load BEFORE the animals, to what extent the character creation will change, or if any ideas from the suggestion channel will be considered, or if they will be looked at at all. And how taming works in ASA, whether that stays as before, or changes for some animals. But WC will be sure to get back to us with more details in due course. i continue to look forward to ASA, but the crunches are very uninteresting, it's not really worth staying up extra for.
  6. I would be very interested if it is changed so that the structures in Asa are loaded first or at least second. Before the animals. I find it terrible that structures are partly useless to keep animals, whether own or foreign, from crossing a certain border. Whoever came up with the idea to load everything else first and then structures, had really not done a brilliant job that day.
  7. Keep playing ASE and you won't have a problem. You will NOT be able to transfer the saves, this has already been explained several times.
  8. No, unfortunately not, because I also no longer know where the place was. I have only recently started to play again on The Center, maybe I will see this unusual spectacle again. Or it was just a bug.
  9. Oh I'm glad it's being postponed, that was to be expected. That SE comes out later, perfect. Better to put more effort than to quickly make some junk. The comparison this time is not so seriously different, but here too I'm glad that the parts are revised. Thanks Wildcart for making the effort to make ASA a great game. I hope that it succeeds as they intend. About the small discount I am of course very happy.
  10. The insinuation that I am a bot is simply laughable. Why would a bot post things in the suggestions section? Especially when some of it also refers to mods? Or also in the area of the map The Center..and my oldest contribution is also BEFORE ASA. More research helps to rule out that I am a bot. But it seems to be impossible.
  11. IF I were a bot I could speak English and wouldn't keep putting mistakes in my comments. But if you need proof that I'm real, I'll gladly give you the IP address where I play Ark, including the mods The Hunted, Kanga, immersive Taming and more. However, whether you would play there I doubt very much, because I have a different playstyle in contrast to the vast majority. Several months on level 9 and the character is anything but divine. Rather settled there: The last one eats the dogs. Why should I put much here in my profile? Have I not posted enough topics and suggestions? (Most of them are probably less popular). Yes I defend WC, as I would defend anyone else who is constantly attacked like this. WC has just as much right to make its decisions independent of others as we do and doesn't always have to justify itself either. People like to ignore WC's comments and explanations, which I personally don't like. But probably that's because I myself have lived so my life that I always had to fight hard for my rights. (The woman's opinion is not worth anything and she has no idea about anything). No, all that glitters is not gold, even I say when something does not suit me. Only I do not insist like others that WC must make everything right for me. If WC would want to make it right for everyone, they might tear themselves apart and it's still not enough. WC has created a great game, without paying attention to the fact that it must please everyone, ergo they have done a good job. Yes that with the graphics that it is so inaccurate I do not like. Since I personally so can not assess, is it in the game ASA now also so, or is it like in ASE wrong. Therefore, I would like to see a little more accuracy there. Whether they implement it, no idea. I speak my mind freely every time not only when I like something, but also when I don't like it. Only I seem to be much more tolerant than some others. A bot would also probably only write short texts.
  12. Even if they do NOT do it on purpose, they should still show it in the future as it looks in the game. After all, hardly any of us play in the devkit. I really have a lot of patience with WC and the developers, but at least there they should please pay attention to a certain accuracy.
  13. I don't think it's about the darmatic. With straw there are NO windows! But in ASA they seem to add a window wall, which I think is very good!
  14. Why is it still insisted that gameplay and bug fixes are already shown or said. Are you not aware how much work it makes to revise such a game? They have already announced some things that will be improved (small part of a long list). But if they already show gameplay or tell bug fixes, it won't be true anyway. How often do we see that WC brings bugs into the game through updates, or brings them back. Also the gameplay will probably not be ready yet. As it looks, they will not tell us much at this point. This has nothing to do with disrespect. There are companies that are more open about what they are doing and companies that are more likely to present the finished product. They are aware that we want to see more, but they have also asked for time. This is their quote from Crunch 356: WE as players should also respect their decision when they want to/can show howvel. However, what I personally find absolutely incorrect, that the ratios of the structures are misrepresented. Therefore I will now every time, if there are again such pictures, where ratios of objects are represented, as here in the picture, recreate this myself, even if my graphics are not so good. Personally, the proportions are important to me. Of course, not whether now a sleeping bag next to a melt is exactly suitable as in the previous pictures. There were only the graphical differences important. But if so buildings with content are shown. Or also in comparison to a dinosaur. (Stable or similar) We will surely not get a correct ratio picture later, but it would be nice if it would happen. Even if the proportions are not correct, I remain with my opinion, I find the ASA changes partly very good, although I find the old appearance partly more beautiful.
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