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Element vein harvesting

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I think high melee damage mantis with high melee damage pickaxe. That's what I use, anyway. Depending on server settings and your character level, there might be a point where using a piclaxe and mindwipe potions to spec into melee damage yields more. I would try those two methods up against one another. The advantage with the former is you don't have to keep mindwiping to harvest them.

Max level on our server is 210, so my mantises have about 650% melee damage. My char is level 144 so by speccing into melee damage (and a little weight) I get up to about 1300% melee on my char. We have something like 1.5-2x harvest rate on element. I seem to get around 500 element (plus shards and dust) per vein with the mantis and around 600+ with a mindwipe. But dust is heavy so harvesting it while specced in melee is rly tedious. The tradeoff is worth it to me. If your server has lower max dino level, the difference for you might be bigger though. 

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