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  1. Im about to do one Element Vein, had a good mantis too and good pick and hatchet, which one is more effective?
  2. Hi ark people! Im "new" on bosses / titans fights, and i like if you experienced guys can give me some tips. I had 2 gigas with, 34khp, 1500md (my tribe is just me and my friend hahahaha), do the OSD red really "easy", haven't tryed the purple one... I can bring mor 1 or 2 gigas to the fight if needed. what your thoughts? i can do the forest and ice titan? or i just will lost my gigas? PS: im on PS4 PVE Official
  3. ok, i changed jus NOW for member. LOL. keep posting and replying some people, ill try to enter the trade forum and go back here tell if worked.
  4. Man, i found a post that said you must leave the "early bird" class on the forum, participating, replying and posting some things. Dont know if its simple like this, im tryin for some time but dont change "class" until now... so...
  5. Im on Crystal Isles Official (PVE-PS4) and had some rexes 377/400 (not leveled for now) hatching at least 25-36K HP and 1200-1468 melee, What your thoughts about do some bosses? Which one you recommend to start? PS: For the moment, have only apprentice saddles, but will buy an asc soon.
  6. really lucky i foud this topic, i was gathering poly to buy one thinking about this farm...tyvm
  7. i believe the element dust have gone and then he starved. i lost a enforcer at the same situation
  8. i had a bug where i spawned INTO a metal structure and only after a few tries a can get off him almost lost some dinos at my inventory the guy make a base on the spawn
  9. why Peter is prohibited to use? i love family guy and just cant name my griffin.... hahaha
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