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  1. If WC decides to butcher another mod map (Fjördur? ) I think they should do two official versions of it... 1. That is butchered and doesn't give players all the dinos 2. One that has everything, but in order to play it you need the correct DLC's for Dinos This way they don't have to worry about people getting DLC dinos "for free". And I think it'd be easily executable, although a bit confusing for the players. But rather this than half-assed maps.
  2. From the ARK wiki, regarding the Lava Cave on The Island: Lava will not kill you instantly, but will do 75 damage every second. It is possible to save yourself if you manage to find a rock to jump on On Mobile however, lava kills anything instantly, making escape impossible. I'm not sure why, but I want to remember lava being extremely dangerous, like killing you in one hit. 50 damage is a polite way of saying "Sir, please don't step on me". I think it should deal the same damage everywhere though, because that could definitely surprize you...
  3. First, I didn't know Thylas weren't allowed in the arena. How is one supposed to know that? Activate the boss fight just to realize you're getting solo tp'ed? Second, DILO about the Amarga. I was contemplating using it for the monkey king but I heard how much of a nightmare it was to tame so I passed it off for now. But you're telling me you can't even use it for bosses? What the hell man should get some kind of reward for putting up with that insanely tedious taming method... Must be crazy good in PvP otherwise it's completely useless, just like it is in PvE now.
  4. TL;DR: Add challenge caves or I'm not interested. First off, I'm not too familiar with the original "Lost Island" mod map, but I feel like this map have to bring the good ol' caving back! I'm a PvE player who's been playing through all the official ARK's and some of the extras with my gf in co-op. Genesis 2 Critique When Genesis 2 dropped we we're so excited, exploring the landscapes eagerly hoping to find some hidden challenges along the way. To our disappointment these vast lands are basically only more of the same. Soon enough we accepted the fact that "the terminals are the cave
  5. Just crashed hunting explorer notes. This will help me catch up to where I was, thank you guys.
  6. Me and my GF crashing inside the Elemental Vault (last artifact cave) on PC. Can't complete it as it is now and I really don't want to cheat to get it. Gonna give it a few days and eventually we'll cheat if WC treats this bug like a wc...
  7. All the titan battles are rather unique fights. I'd probably not go for 2 gigas, although you got some strong ones there that could probably do it (esp. with mate boost). The tree will root (=dismount) you and the Ice will freeze (=dismount) you. In both situations you want to move quickly to dodge the "dismount-attacks", which can get tricky on a giga. If you absolutely want to do it on gigas, I'd probably breed some for assistance and/or wear full Tek so you can fly and dodge when you get dismounted.
  8. Make sure your mounted mate haha. It's a tough boss for sure. I found the fight after, when you got the Megamek, to be far easier. The Megamek is op as hell, would be fun if it had more uses than only that fight (maybe missions or something).
  9. I'm still getting the crash (100% unplayable) and I've been local hosting my games before and after the crash started. Did you mean that you started a single player game? I'll try it, just in case it can help. Edit: I starting single player, didn't help. Crash log attached as image.
  10. I'm getting crashes as well on Genesis 2. It's unplayable.
  11. This also happens to me. I tried "validating files" on Steam, it said it fixed 10 files. Got my hopes up, started the game. Hyperdrive came and BAM so did the game... Again.
  12. Zibnewski

    Hyperdrive Crash

    I have the same. Non-dedicated hosting, so technically single player too I believe.
  13. Only primitive blueprints in drops here too. Non-dedicated, The Island, PC.
  14. Just as a conclusion to this, 80% sales began right around when the DLC was (supposed to be) released; end of May. Thanks for the responses. Both me and my GF have bought the full packages on steam.
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