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  1. All the titan battles are rather unique fights. I'd probably not go for 2 gigas, although you got some strong ones there that could probably do it (esp. with mate boost). The tree will root (=dismount) you and the Ice will freeze (=dismount) you. In both situations you want to move quickly to dodge the "dismount-attacks", which can get tricky on a giga. If you absolutely want to do it on gigas, I'd probably breed some for assistance and/or wear full Tek so you can fly and dodge when you get dismounted.
  2. Make sure your mounted mate haha. It's a tough boss for sure. I found the fight after, when you got the Megamek, to be far easier. The Megamek is op as hell, would be fun if it had more uses than only that fight (maybe missions or something).
  3. Some sort of humanoid creature like this would be cool. But I think it's focus should be to take care of choirs; raising babies, watering/harvesting crops, gather resources etc. Defo think you should be able to "tame" them by giving them like, Sweet Vegetable cake or other cooked food. Even the "Lost Island" could have it's lore around these people (they were the ones building the structures you can find etc and that's their main spawn points). Can be "dressed up" but only with primitive gear (fiber/hide armor and a spear at it's peak).
  4. I'm looking to do some bosses and I everything just point towards Shadowmanes being the optimal choice. Not sure what the difference is in dps vs Rexes (pack boost and special attack should be factored in) but when you say they're "super tanky" that's an understatement imo. Super tanky explained: If a creature attacks them, that attacker gets it's damage output is reduced PLUS they have free ASCENDANT saddles built in! My manes were tamed on level 135+145 I think and these have 124 something armor. If you were to craft something similar for 19 rexes, that'd cost you at least 30k metal, 220k h
  5. I'm still getting the crash (100% unplayable) and I've been local hosting my games before and after the crash started. Did you mean that you started a single player game? I'll try it, just in case it can help. Edit: I starting single player, didn't help. Crash log attached as image.
  6. I'm getting crashes as well on Genesis 2. It's unplayable.
  7. This also happens to me. I tried "validating files" on Steam, it said it fixed 10 files. Got my hopes up, started the game. Hyperdrive came and BAM so did the game... Again.
  8. Zibnewski

    Hyperdrive Crash

    I have the same. Non-dedicated hosting, so technically single player too I believe.
  9. Only primitive blueprints in drops here too. Non-dedicated, The Island, PC.
  10. Just as a conclusion to this, 80% sales began right around when the DLC was (supposed to be) released; end of May. Thanks for the responses. Both me and my GF have bought the full packages on steam.
  11. An additional extra week delayed. Well, I guess it could've been worse. I'm sure they'll at least throw in a good sale around that time to make up for it!
  12. Thanks again for your replies guys. We'll wait and see how the sales look around the time Gen 2 is released. If there's no sale right away, we'll probably start out on PS4 where we already have our progress (and the game/expansions) then see if the Steam summer sale includes ARK. If it doesn't, then I guess we'll consider either the "paint job" or just keep playing on the PS4. EDIT: ARK 2 isn't that far away either... So eventually we'll move over to PC anyway.
  13. I just checked out the Microsoft Store and it says a lot of the Ark stuff is included in "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate". Do you know anything about this? Like, do I have the game as long as that membership lasts? And can I play it on PC if I just get that game pass?
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