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  1. Thanks again for your replies guys. We'll wait and see how the sales look around the time Gen 2 is released. If there's no sale right away, we'll probably start out on PS4 where we already have our progress (and the game/expansions) then see if the Steam summer sale includes ARK. If it doesn't, then I guess we'll consider either the "paint job" or just keep playing on the PS4. EDIT: ARK 2 isn't that far away either... So eventually we'll move over to PC anyway.
  2. I just checked out the Microsoft Store and it says a lot of the Ark stuff is included in "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate". Do you know anything about this? Like, do I have the game as long as that membership lasts? And can I play it on PC if I just get that game pass?
  3. Good insights and out-of-the-box ideas. I'll take a closer look at the different options here. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for replying, appreciate it man. We'll keep our cool a little bit longer then. With "Structures" I actually meant all craftables that comes with the DLC's, like taxidermy (Ex) or Glider Suit (Ab). Not just Adobe (SE).
  5. Hello! So I got the full game, all expansions on PS4. Me and my GF has been like obsessed with ARK and we've played A LOT during the pandemic. No need to tell you guys we're excited for Genesis Part 2. Now I got my GF a pc and we're curious to how the game would be on pc; no tether, full screen for yourself and tons of mods. But there's no way we're paying over €200 (game+expansions, 2 copies) to buy a game we already own. Anyone have an idea or suggestion on what to do here? Any expected sales coming up soon? Do we get all structures if we buy base game + genesis pass? Or should
  6. 19 Allos and 1 Yuty killed all of the "9" Island Guardians on solo (co-op though). Unfortunately, most of the Allos died during the Alpha Dragon but we still got that kill. Ascendant saddles, full imprints level 200+. This was my/our first (and only) boss killing crew. I decided to go with Allos instead of Rexes because they move around easier (slimmer and quicker). I guess the Rexes are superior when it comes to killing bosses, but the pack boost the Allos get should not be underestimated. If possible, make sure you ride on one of those leaders.
  7. Would be nice if we could grind them but for even less resources (like max cap 50 metal per item etc).
  8. I'm on PS4, crashing every other hour or so. Sadly enough, I'm starting to get used to it.
  9. Would be cool if Dire Wolves could sniff their way to the right direction...
  10. Wow that was a massive spoiler right in the beginning of your post... Kind regards, everyone who haven't completed Genesis Part 1.
  11. Thanks, will try the command. Me and my GF we spawned in TEK Dedicated Storages to deal with the item transfer lag/glitches. It feels a bit like cheating, but it makes sorting loot/resources way more efficient (and less stressful). Another way to sort more efficient is to drop all your items in a bag, then go to your bag/dino and throw the stuff you want to sort on the ground. Pick it up and go to your storage where you click "transfer all". It sure sucks not being able to play the game like it was intended to be played, but for now we have to settle on trying to fix Wildcard's game
  12. Another 3 months has soon passed, still the same issues. Still the shadows going over from P2 to P1 screen and item transfer is pretty much unbearable to deal with. Quick fix would be to switch how the X button work when you open inventories: Click = Select item/stack Move item/stack Hold = Move item/stack Select item/stack Please Wildcard do something about it!
  13. Oh yeah, didn't take quality into account... You got a point, although I was seeking for these bonuses to affect early/mid game while riot gear should most definitely be considered late/end game imo (requires level 98 to craft).
  14. As you progress in Ark, some of the low tier weapons fall off quite quickly and become useless. I usually even skip a couple of the weapons whilst leveling because there's better option around the corner. Like the Slingshot, I rather just harvest my berries for levels until I can make a Bow with Tranquilizer arrows for taming purposes while for damage I'd much rather use the Spear. So I think it would be cool to make items like these useful in sort of a "set bonus" like they have in other RPG games. For example, when I get to the stage where I have a Pump Shotgun I won't have another look a
  15. Over 3 months has passed and I still have these issues. I can wait with Crystal Isles (PS4), please prioritize these bugs instead. FYI we had to admin-build tek dedicated storages just to be able to transfer items less buggy. I hate cheating but in cases like this one it serves as a hot fix for mistakes by the developers.
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