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  1. Get aberrant spinos. Bring like five of them with you down into the rock drake trench. Steal eggs and pull rock drakes that aggro on you to your spinos for killing. Keep moving around the area to cause new eggs to spawn when you clear nests. Basically gather up a boatload of high level rock drake eggs. Raise a bunch of them. This way, rock drakes are more expendable for you. They really are the best way to hunt magmasaur eggs. Like, waaay cheaper/easier/faster than any other method by several orders of magnitude.
  2. I agree with most you're saying, if not everything. They do have a monopoly, and so they'll have the same monopoly with Ark 2. If some competitor rose up out of the woodworks, that would cause some competition that might ultimately serve customers in the long run, but that's still a moot point. There are no competitors now, there is no such competition, so there are no such lessons to be learned for them at this point. The notion I was responding to was the notion that they should just "rise". It's not clear exactly how one does that. It's not exactly clear what the problem with Ark is. When I
  3. When i read your response, i couldn't help but feel like maybe you answered the mystery in between the lines. I hadn't considered the part that the survivor is not "you" but that ofc makes perfect sense when I think about it. That opens up the idea that the Genesis simulation could have happened simultaneously with, or at any point after our life on the Arks. But here's another argument for chronology. You don't have any scorched earth engrams while on the island, but you do have them while on aberration. Even if we accept that "yoir" memories/personality could possibly exist inside diffe
  4. We'll see. So far, you retained your implant all the way up until extinction. They are connected in the sense that you keep your survivor id, boss kill records, engrams, etc. It is the same character, so if we go by that, there is a chronological connection.
  5. In my head, you somehow end up in the Genesis simulation after Extinction. Buy I'm not exactly sure how. At the end of extinction we see the arks returning, including the aberration ark. So last we k ow at the end of extinction, the arks are returning and rockwell with it. Then we're suddenly on a spaceship and in a simulation. It's not clear what happened or how we ended up there. Hopefully we'll get some answers in Genesis part 2.
  6. If there is one thing history has definitely shown us, it's that people enjoy the enjoyable parts of Ark enough that it's kept a business running for years despite anything negative you might say about it. With that in mind, I would say it doesn't really matter whether they've 'learned their lesson' or not. It only matters if people will buy Ark 2. Unless it's worse than Ark 1, people will. People love Ark. I don't even get the whole righteousness of people who keep asking that question, anyway. They've learned as they go, and they keep learning as they go. The idea that they shou
  7. ^^agreed. and that's exactly it. they don't just pull it out of thin air. for some of it, they are looking at a side of gameplay that could use something, then design around that.
  8. Since this structure will let you save/exchange your hotbar + armor, you should consider letting it refridgerate food/drinks as well as recharge (or at the very least not discharge) cryopods. A lot of people have these items on their hotbar all the time. If cryopods and food will expire while stored inside the mannequin, it means having to have a fridge and cryofridge next to the mannequin, and drop off any food/drinks and cryopods in those prior to using the mannequin. That seems to totally defeat the purpose of simplifying the process of swapping gear.
  9. ^^I was using 150-ish armor ascendant saddles. But with the loot settings on our server, I have a blueprint that with bonus crafting will allow me to craft maxed ones at 352 armor, though that's pretty costly. We don't have very increased gathering rates so I went for cheaper ones on the first attempt, since I was expecting to fail anyway.
  10. Just as a counter-weight to what you are saying, I thoroughly disagree with these two. Extinction is my favorite and also main map. And Genesis is pretty good too, imo. Not my favorite, definitely a different flavor of Ark. When you say "was completely broken from day 1" that's a pretty broad and bold statement. You should weight your words more carefully. What you mean to say is something like "I totally didn't get with that map from the first moment, and still can't find any enjoyment from it." If you wanted your feedback to be constructive and useful for anyone reading it, you could add som
  11. Let me guess, you experienced each of these bugs personally? Or did you experience like two of them, read forum stories about the other seven, and then compile this list? I've used a bloodstalker quite a bit. I never experienced a bug with that creature. If by bug you mean things like if you attatch your webs to something and then something else comes between you and the webs, you get blocked, and other things like that, those aren't bugs. Curious to hear which bugs you know of relating to the Bloodstalker. Magmasaur cave is supposed to have infinite spawns. It's so you can't ju
  12. I did solo gamma with 17 rexes, two daeodons and 1 yuty. But we have increased loot quality on my cluster, so I was doing it with a 755% shotgun and each armor piece had about 800 armor and 1200+ durability. I hardly used the yuty, maybe three roars in the entire fight. The rexes were mutated and leveled and had about 1200% dmg and 50k hp. Next time I'm bringing an 18th rex instead and just staying on foot the whole fight. Anyway, the first three phases went so smoothly I was actually taken aback by it. It left me ample time to run around, check the place out. Nothing died in the first th
  13. Fresiki

    Tek engrams

    I'm not sure why this makes sense to you. Compare it to any other game that has bosses and loot, and it's the same as every other game. This boss unlocks this, that boss unlocks that. I would hate it if everything was given right to you if you just defeat the most recent boss. Gamma moeder, you can beat that with average, first generation Megalodons. The tek replicator is an end game tekgram. Gamma moeder is a beginner boss.
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