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  1. Fair points. Your second paragraph gets at something interesting, but I've heard a saying that goes something like "those that love us the most, hurt us the most". There's something there. It takes love to be sufficiently hurt by something/someone, otherwise you wouldn't care. I think it's one of those things that go hand in hand. I have 5k hours and have yet to lose a character or anything significant. I was close a few times. I've lost the odd Tek Skiff or whatnot, but never lost like hundreds of hours of progression. Maybe I've been lucky.
  2. Edit: Letting go is hard. I'll drop the wall but I just have to say to @Noa, I don't know what the animosity is all about. I wasn't trying to lecture you or whatever. I think something got lost in translation, I was mostly in agreement with you, but wanted to get a little philosophical about one of the things you mentioned. That was an invitation to a discussion. I don't know why you then went on to respond the way you did, I wasn't trying to be a jerk. But maybe I'm being blind, I dunno. Screw it, though. I'm definitely buying Ark 2. Even if I'll hate it, I can't not try the sequel to a
  3. Some fair points are being made, but the truth remains that being publicly vocal about things you percieve to be a problem, only serves to irritate those around you if they do not agree with it. In case that wasn't clear and it makes you wonder "are people really that selfish?" just look into yourself and there's your answer, lol. People like people that like the same things as them, but dislike people that make a fuzz about somethign they don't understand. Sure, it's unfair, it's all the negative things you could say about it. But more than anything, it is reality. I don't know what making th
  4. This actually isn't exclusive to Wildcard. I know lots of companies that have official forums where devs and CS don't part-take. Line 6, who sell guitar gear, come to mind. They sell $1200 products that if you have a question about the product, you won't get an official response on their forums 99% of the time. You will get it through support tickets or their PSAs that they do from time to time, though. Their forums are intended to be user run, excplicitly, "on purpose". So, users helping other users. Other issues must be submitted in support tickets. They are known for very good customer serv
  5. Exactly. And I think a lot of the "complainers" just haven't wrapped their head around this yet. It's like they take it personal that the game is buggy. As if it's something the devs are doing to them on purpose, rather than an artifact of a much more complex context. Or, they've watched too many movies where characters are using speeches to change the world, which literally never happens.
  6. Lmmfao. Okay, listen dude, try to attack this from a mathematical standpoint. 16 million players have purchased Ark across console and PC. 16,000,000. That's 16,000 times a 1000 people. The front page of the forum holds what, 48 threads per page? Most threads have a view count between a 100 views and a 1000 views, with the odd outlier. Generally speaking, the average views per thread is probably close to 300, while the average response count per thread is probably in the 10-15 region. The "General" Ark discussion section has 375,000 posts. Try to count how many threads on the first p
  7. wait for the same kind of asteroids that were there when you lost the stryder. i'm assuming you were on it and then the asteroids changed, and that turned it invisible. if you remember which kind of asteroids were spawned when you were using it, just wait for that kind to spawn again and then check it. or, if the invisible stryder is near the ground, place a tek transmitter nearby and see if you can upload it.
  8. So the 10 extra levels you can get from explorer notes, I assume they are character specific? Does "all explorer notes" mean "all Genesis 2 explorer notes" or "every explorer note so far in the game"?
  9. Oh, I just made basically the same thread as you over in the Gen 2 section, didn't see this one. I wonder the same. We basically saved the earth and repopulated it. At the same time, Rockwell was there. If his plan was to spread across the cosmos, which we know it was.. Well, the first thing I thought about was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the way Ego was spreading. In order to infect all planets he would have to be able to leave behind a part of himself on all of them. So why would he leave the earth and not conquer it first? Unless he already did, and then put a part of himself onto
  10. At the end of Extinction, we saved the earth, didn't we? And then we woke up inside the simulation, before finally waking up on the ship. I haven't gathered any new explorer notes yet, and I can't remember that it was ever explained during Genesis 1, but if we killed the king titan, cleansed the planet of element and signaled for the Arks to return, which in turn re-populated the earth... Why did we up and leave with an Ark ship, and why did Rockwell abandon the earth and come with us? Or did he? If his plan was to spread his reach across the cosmos, maybe he left a poece of himself
  11. I think high melee damage mantis with high melee damage pickaxe. That's what I use, anyway. Depending on server settings and your character level, there might be a point where using a piclaxe and mindwipe potions to spec into melee damage yields more. I would try those two methods up against one another. The advantage with the former is you don't have to keep mindwiping to harvest them. Max level on our server is 210, so my mantises have about 650% melee damage. My char is level 144 so by speccing into melee damage (and a little weight) I get up to about 1300% melee on my char. We have so
  12. There's a good explanation of how it works here: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mutagen_(Genesis:_Part_2)
  13. I think the missions are pretty cool, but I'll admit, I also like your suggestion about finding a more Ark-like niche for missions. I'm not sure how that would work though. Imo, the gauntlet missions, even though maybe not super innovative, fit with Ark really well. I also enjoy the vanity Star Fox missions. I've played a lot of games that have missions/quests in my life, and it seems to me there are a finite ways of creating an objective-oriented style of gameplay for a computer game. It's either "kill something", "fetch something", "protect something", "escort something", etc. So I'm not sur
  14. ^^ Agreed. And manas were always a piece of cake with a good blueprint longneck. I mean, I won't argue that Gen 2 is quite different to The Island, but then again.. I haven't dived into Rockwell's Garden yet. I think going there and further into Rockwell's Innards takes you to the actual challenge. Sure, you can fly away from raptors with your free tek suit and all that, but what happens if you try to fight a pack of shadowmanes with a rex in Rockwell's Garden? Won't they stun it, dismount you, and then do their teleport attack and damage both you and the rex? I haven't tried fighting t
  15. No, I'm not, it just appears that way. I know he didn't say that, which is why I suggested two examples and then said "or whatever preconcieved notion you might have". That's not me saying he is thinking those things, that's me saying I don't know what he's thinking. But in his first line he said, for example, "a long time ago, this game was about taming DINOS". And like someone else pointed out, it's still about that, and furthermore, the Tek tier was added relatively early in early access. The obelisks were in from the very beginning. So there was always Tek, always aliens, always sci-
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