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  1. So the 10 extra levels you can get from explorer notes, I assume they are character specific? Does "all explorer notes" mean "all Genesis 2 explorer notes" or "every explorer note so far in the game"?
  2. Oh, I just made basically the same thread as you over in the Gen 2 section, didn't see this one. I wonder the same. We basically saved the earth and repopulated it. At the same time, Rockwell was there. If his plan was to spread across the cosmos, which we know it was.. Well, the first thing I thought about was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the way Ego was spreading. In order to infect all planets he would have to be able to leave behind a part of himself on all of them. So why would he leave the earth and not conquer it first? Unless he already did, and then put a part of himself onto
  3. At the end of Extinction, we saved the earth, didn't we? And then we woke up inside the simulation, before finally waking up on the ship. I haven't gathered any new explorer notes yet, and I can't remember that it was ever explained during Genesis 1, but if we killed the king titan, cleansed the planet of element and signaled for the Arks to return, which in turn re-populated the earth... Why did we up and leave with an Ark ship, and why did Rockwell abandon the earth and come with us? Or did he? If his plan was to spread his reach across the cosmos, maybe he left a poece of himself
  4. I think high melee damage mantis with high melee damage pickaxe. That's what I use, anyway. Depending on server settings and your character level, there might be a point where using a piclaxe and mindwipe potions to spec into melee damage yields more. I would try those two methods up against one another. The advantage with the former is you don't have to keep mindwiping to harvest them. Max level on our server is 210, so my mantises have about 650% melee damage. My char is level 144 so by speccing into melee damage (and a little weight) I get up to about 1300% melee on my char. We have so
  5. There's a good explanation of how it works here: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mutagen_(Genesis:_Part_2)
  6. I think the missions are pretty cool, but I'll admit, I also like your suggestion about finding a more Ark-like niche for missions. I'm not sure how that would work though. Imo, the gauntlet missions, even though maybe not super innovative, fit with Ark really well. I also enjoy the vanity Star Fox missions. I've played a lot of games that have missions/quests in my life, and it seems to me there are a finite ways of creating an objective-oriented style of gameplay for a computer game. It's either "kill something", "fetch something", "protect something", "escort something", etc. So I'm not sur
  7. ^^ Agreed. And manas were always a piece of cake with a good blueprint longneck. I mean, I won't argue that Gen 2 is quite different to The Island, but then again.. I haven't dived into Rockwell's Garden yet. I think going there and further into Rockwell's Innards takes you to the actual challenge. Sure, you can fly away from raptors with your free tek suit and all that, but what happens if you try to fight a pack of shadowmanes with a rex in Rockwell's Garden? Won't they stun it, dismount you, and then do their teleport attack and damage both you and the rex? I haven't tried fighting t
  8. No, I'm not, it just appears that way. I know he didn't say that, which is why I suggested two examples and then said "or whatever preconcieved notion you might have". That's not me saying he is thinking those things, that's me saying I don't know what he's thinking. But in his first line he said, for example, "a long time ago, this game was about taming DINOS". And like someone else pointed out, it's still about that, and furthermore, the Tek tier was added relatively early in early access. The obelisks were in from the very beginning. So there was always Tek, always aliens, always sci-
  9. I'm not sure why I would fly away. "This isn't an airport", as in, "no need to announce your departure". You're right, I was mixing you up with three other negative nancies I'm currently telling the same thing in other threads. I'll be 100% honest. I despise your kind of complaining, and by extension, your kind of personality. So it's an instant reaction for me to point out what a juvenile reaction complaining like that really is. I used to have a friend that was like you. We're no longer friends, let's just put it like that. I'm not really taking anything personally, I just think running you
  10. You guys must be great at parties You just paraphrased. What he actually said was "Astrodelphis 2 shotting 120k health, 124 saddled yuty in 3-4 shots at most". You could read that multiple ways. Hey, I got the joke. But surely there is an issue to be looked at here, also.
  11. It's a joke. You said "2 shotting in 3-4 shots".
  12. I didn't say I was right, I explained my perspective and stated I don't understand his. I didn't dismiss his opinion as inviting him to explain it in more elaborate depth should qualify as quite the opposite of that. And for the sake of being accurate, I wasn't dismissing him for enjoying the more primitive aspects of the game, I was challenging the line of thinking that the game is somehow ruined by pointing out the same thing you are pointing out to me, which is something like "that's, like, your opinion man".
  13. I will say the general UE5 engine preview looked pretty amazing, so if nothing else, it will probably look really cool. I thought about it some more, and I guess I just wanna add that I think the two most important aspects of Ark are the freedom you have when building, which to me surpasses any other similar game, and the part with taming dinosaurs and riding them. Granted, there are tons of survival builder games I haven't tried yet, but from what I've seen or read about in reviews/YT videos, it seems to me like WC really nailed.... something about their building system. Not to say that
  14. What is so immersive about the early gameplay? Do you feel better than other people when you manage to use your insane gamer skills to beat the fight against the elements? What is it about harvesting berry bushes by hand and crafting thatch foundations while bow-and-arrowing dilos and alpha raptors from clifftops that's so much fun to you that you want to keep doing it forever? Did you complete all the boss encounters? Do you have a max bred dino line? Done every gen1 and gen2 mission? I can ASSURE you that you will find challenges you can't overcome if you try to finish the game.
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