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  1. I don't think that's entirely accurate. Sure you have a point, but I also wanna add that I think once you reach a certain point, the PvE adversary just switches. It's a survival game until it becomes a mangement game. I still find that Genesis missions and bosses are quite the challenge, even with good Rexes. You no longer randomly die to Dilos outside your base, so in some ways the gameplay changes, but at that point you're supposed to seek out the greater challenges. Now, you could enjoy that turn of events or you could not enjoy it, but the game isn't over once you get a Rex. The early
  2. Thank you, now I can feel smart too! And I totally support your point then, fwiw.
  3. What does this have to do with featherlights and seed decay timer? Don't be so meta, say what you're saying!
  4. I have done both the underwater caves, including killing alpha mosas and tusos, with a max level, imprinted, good saddled basilosaur. They're decent until you get a tuso. They're slow, yeah, but shock resistance means you never have to worry about anything, so I rode that until I tamed my first tuso, even though i already had two plesios and a mosa. I would have one basil specced all points into movement speed that I rode around on, and if I encountered something, I had a dmg specced basil with me in a cryopod. But yes, they are the same in the underwater cave. There are parts of the cave howe
  5. This post will be more general in nature. Ark 2 takes place on another planet, where our Genesis ship seems to has crash landed. We have seen some kind of native being to the planet trying to kill the survivors in the teaser trailer. Presumably, there are more native life forms like plants and critters, that we've never seen before. - Some creatures will be dinos and other "earth" creatures we've brought with us in the ship. - Some creatures will be "new" fantasy creatures that are native lifeforms to the planet the game takes place on. - Though scientifically unviable, I almost
  6. I never said you don't have the right to express yourself. You did it, and I didn't try to delete it or get you to subtract your opinion. I merely stated my own opinion, which is that the tone of your complaint has some inherent quality to it. Namely, that you state your arguments as if they are pure facts that everyone agree with. No indication of further contemplation beyond just an emotional response. As for the problem with "meta" and "OP" things, first of all, the giga isn't OP just because it's better than another dino. I didn't realize gigas were so important to the PvP meta. But
  7. Why do you care that others ride them?
  8. Why do people like you think anybody will listen to them? You speak like your opinions are true facts. Why don't you just not use gigas and everything is fine? Don't say "because then i won't be on leaderboards". Nobody cares. People want to be able to bring their old dinos to new maps. People getinvested in their dinos, especially on PvE. That has always been a thing, and won't be altered just because you're having a nostalgic moment. Just don't use Gigas and don't worry about other people. They didn't elect you to speak for them. I surely didn't, and disagree with everything you'r
  9. Fresiki


    I just hope they improve the feces system. Human, small, medium, large, very large. Not very realistic. I look forward to glorious procedurally generated poops!
  10. Taking notes from previous games... So, one game? Hardly data to make assumptions from. As far as how to implement celebrity likeness without single player, have you played WoW? He could be in all the cutscenes, he could be a friendly NPC during instanced missions, and he can be there as an NPC before/during/after boss fights, in scripted story events. Think of the random missions in GTA5. Maybe now and again you come across him out in the world, where a scripted lore event can follow. Like Genesis 2 glitches, but more fleshed out and involved. You stumble across him near a Tek mon
  11. Fresiki

    ARK 2!!

    I don't understand either of these references. I'm perfectly calm, I don't know Jamal, and why would I pull out a number? Edit: Is it the caps lock? If you read the post, all of the words written in caps are also written in "" to suggest they are quotes from people other than myself.
  12. Fresiki

    ARK 2!!

    When you keep juxtaposing every issue in the game with the fact it's been out for six years, the whole discussion just becomes moot. I agree that Gen 2 will reveal a lot about what we can expect. But I keep coming back to how the game is built from the ground up. Why did the bee hives disappear indeed? Well, it happened in a patch where they fixed overspawning. So why did they overspawn in the first place? Up until the point when bee hives were added, all the things in the game were generally either objects or creatures. The bee hives are kinda both at the same time. It's a "unique" in ga
  13. How do you know it's not just that they were really excited to announce what they had decided upon - to start working on Ark 2 - and this was all they could manage to squeeze out in time?
  14. I hated genesis at first, but am fond of it now. The missions are a little repetative. Essentially, there are like maybe six different mission "types", and all of the 150-ish missions are just repetitions of these mission types. Nonetheless, it's still more varied than all the other maps put together. X-creatures,which are Genesis-exclusive variants of existing dinos (like aberrant dinos) can level 88 levels vs the regular 71. So a tamed x-creature has the potential to become way better than its regular counterpart. Missions are good as meat runs. You basically get rewarded items and
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