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  1. What kind of PC do you have? If laptop, try USB port on the opposite side of the machine. Or if they are somehow all in back, a different USB port that's not the nearest one to the one you are already using. If a stationary, your USB ports will usually be grouped as two and two on your motherboard. I simply am not sure about the insides of a laptop but it's the same principle there. Try a different "cluster" of USB ports. The various USB ports on your computer will use different chipsets. Some of them will have higher priority and bandwidth than others, even though they are same specced.
  2. I don't know exactly what's going on, but I've had input lag in my system before. I never figured what caused it but a full format and re-installation of everything on my computer fixed it. It only happens in Ark?
  3. Where can I see that? I just see a spawn map for X-rock elementals. Nothing about that tells me anything about there being two separate types of X-rock elemental. It just shows where they can be, not where you can or can't tame them. While on the subject, someone said there are no cave creatures per se. To which I say, polar bears and yetis!
  4. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables&ved=2ahUKEwiwqsOMxs3sAhUSx4sKHd3_AkkQFjAAegQIAhAD&usg=AOvVaw3G0i9reOAcP0jQ8icrxPil You'll have to look through each list. I know red and purple OSDs have them.
  5. It said "(Slow draining)" somewhere in the notes. Here's to hoping these bleeds will be less powerful than that of other, existing bleed creatures. Given, that would just add another layer of nonsense to the balance/realism angle, but it does specifically say slow draining. Not sure what that means but it has to mean something.
  6. Yeah, I don't agree with your sentinents, but sympathize sith your situation. So the answer to "why do youvmake these changes that make the game less enjoyable for me" is, presumably, that you are in a minority. I wouldn't know. My honest impression is that a lot of people think the survival aspect of the game diminishes when you get to end-game.
  7. Around 85,50 you will find one of the best metal and obsidian farming places on the map. You should also be covered on stone, flint and scorched earth resources like sand, salt and cactus sap. There is a cave with a southern and western entrance. There is metal inside the cave and all around the southern entrance. You can slotcap an anky here. Outside the western entrance to the cave there is a field with LOTS of obsidian. I'm not sure about crystal in the area, but you also have short travel to your west to reach forest-ey areas with wood, berries, fiber. You're also near the desert red-drops
  8. I'm curious, how many chromosomes must one lack to conflate translation of language with intelligence? Go right ahead and write a perfect Portugeese post, I'll wait.
  9. I assume these hugr updates has to do with that new server settings system they are introducing.
  10. ^^How long ago was this? Something happened to dragon at some point, suddenly making it impossible, even with theriz. I've tried gamma dragon with 25k health 900%dmg rexes about a year ago, pig and yuty on board, and they all died before i ever got it to 50%. So you killed beta with allos lol?
  11. Yeah, something else is up. Maybe it was a nameless? I don't know why or how but I've had them spawn in weird places around my base before.
  12. I play on private sith 10x mature. I have 10 tek troughs in my giga base.
  13. Genesis have red loot crates? Think he means the 35k hexagon ones?
  14. Magmasaur breeding - How to pick up eggs I wanna start breeding Magmasaurs. If I understand correctly, they have to be submerged in lava to mate. I don't do small-time breeding operations. I wanna get like 50-100 females up and going, and hatch 100 eggs a time. Logistically this seems like a nightmare. There are some good lava caves on the Center in which you can build, so I'm planning to make a breeding station in one of those at some point, using cliff platforms and ramps to get down into the lava. They recently changed it so Magmasaurs no longer take damage from the lava there. But so whe
  15. I played Wow for years. Say what you want about Blizzard, but there were never any long-standing problems that everyone knew about that they refused to address. They might have made decisions people disagreed with, but I can't remember there being bugs that existed for years on end without acknowledgment. I guess that's spoiled me a bit,but I would love to hear WC chime in on stuff, even if it's stuff I'd occasionally disagree with or be frustrated by.
  16. Were you in the meeting where GM Rose decided all the policies for how to interact with customer tickets? I mean, you surely must know that it was "GM Rose" that signed the paper saying that all players that have tribe and ownership issues, shall be declined automatically. Surely, it was GM Rose that made that decision, fully knowing what she was doing, and it's quite apparent she in fact is the actual devil, Lucifer, in human disguise. How many tickets does GM Rose serve in a day? If GM Rose takes a sick day, or if she is a mother and has to stay home with a sick child, surely it is n
  17. Well, that could be one thing. I am not neccesarily at the point where I wanna start punishing, but just for the sake of discussing how one could do that, I think you pretty much nailed it with your first suggestion. Stop playing. Be truthful, constructive and politically correct in the way you state your reasoning. Walk the thin line between what you're allowed to say and what you want to say, to get the message across in a way that you cannot be penalized for doing. You do have freedom of speech. If they try to ban you for it, that would surely fuel the fire. I think, if a few players s
  18. I'll agree there. Making the megalodon larger would actually sweeten the deal a lot
  19. I hate leather seats. Also, I like things that are cohesive. Having a game put out by a studio and then adding non-overlapping mods from a ton of individual people that have nothing to do with the base game creates a Frankenstein monster. That's cool and all, but I specifically don't like Frankenstein monsters for... reasons. I've been lamenting (to myself) about how Hollywood hire different directors and screenwriters for films that are part of a trilogy. It's a new, collegial "wife-swapping" trend that's all the noise. The whole movie industry is organized around that trend. Now if
  20. Do you play on official servers? On unofficial, there generally is no cap.
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