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  1. Element is map specific so there's probably many useful methods. For Gen 2, Stryder in space is absolute winner. It's not just the best method on Genesis, it yiels the most element out of any method on any map. Using a mantis leveled into damage with a high damage pickaxe on Extinction element veins yields a lot of element vs. harvesting yourself. If you use a mindwipe to spec into dmg you can get more by harvesting yourself, but without weight it gets tedious, and you have to respec twice for every vein. Mantis gets almost as much but negates all of those hurdles.
  2. I haven't been in the Bog for a long long time, but the past few weeks I've been going there a lot. I've completed something like 30 missions there now in these weeks and not attracted a swarm once - literally zero times. There's no addons or special settings on the cluster so I just assumed they changed them to be less annoying at some point. I wear ghillie all the time I'm there though. Try ghillie armor. And make cactus broth and/or bug repellant if you want to be even more safe.
  3. Yeah, because those alien looking obelisks that were there since day 1 and the tek tier that was added mid-way through early access felt like something right out of Lord of the Rings. I hate this sentiment so much lol. Ark never was that game. I don't know why a bunch of people thought a game with alien technology obelisks large as skyscrapers on the horizon wasn't going to contain something more than wooden arrows. It's so annoying to see this "pitty they had to go for the Hollywood money" sentiment because you can't deal with the fact you were wrong from day 1. Nothing about what they did is a pity. It lead to a highly successful game that continues to be popular years after release. What you mean to say is "I would have preferred", not "it's a pity". There were fabricated weapons and industrial machines in the game from very early on. You yourself have never even played this game you claim you were looking for because you played Ark, and Ark was never that. You're thinking about something like Conan maybe, I don't know. Ark always had modern tech. I mean, wasn't primitive plus released before the game was out? So even before the game is finished and released, they decide to make a "primitive total conversion" for it. Isn't that telling that they always intended for the game to be way more than just primitive? You'll get your wish somewhat in the next game though, but we'll be on an alien planet where we crash landed with a space ship. So I guess that's too "Matrix" for you.
  4. Just thought of another "pro-tip". Raw meat runs If you're raising a lot of hungry dinos like Gigas for example, and you need a poop ton of meat, the gamma follow missions on Genesis 1 yield a lot of meat. Almost one slotcapped giga with raw meat per run, which is also like 5 minutes. Prior to that I used to do red drops or 50k element veins on extinction, which is also a good way to farm LOADS of meat. Just CTRL+C the word "prim" and paste it into the inventory search field and "drop all" every once in a while when you get full, and only save the raw meat, throw everything else. I usually get about 6-8 full tek troughs from one loot drop/element vein, or two escort missions. I hate transferring with a full inventory and I breed on several maps, so I'll usually farm meat on the map I'm raising on. But since farming meat on extinction and gen1/gen2 is so many orders of magnitude more efficient than the previous maps, I usually raise my carnivores on those maps.
  5. Alright, fair, so that comes out as about 25k hide per 5 minutes then. Comparable to the ovises. I only spend a minute actually farming the ovis, but I have to raise them, so it's not as on-demand as doing missions. But it's very bulk-friendly. Raising them doesn't require anything active from you, and harvesting them is faster than doing the mission, though maybe more tedious depending on how much you can or can't stand hardcore grinds. I guess if you don't already have ovises, it's easier doing missions. Another thing that's nice about ovises is you can bring them with you. So for example, I farm my metal on abb. So I can bring ten ovises there and farm the hide there to not have to transfer the materials with my character, which for 600k hide would be a few trips back and forth, causing lag for everyone else while my char loads in and etc. Another thing that's nice about the ovis thing is it can be combined with other base chores. Say you wanna make up a fat batch of shotgun ammo and need to make some tens of thousands of gunpowder. With how dedicated storages work now, you can spec all points into damage for harvesting and still refill crafting stations without needing the weight points. As long as the layout of the workshop is well thought out. Basically any batch crafting I need to do, like electronics/polymer/gunpowder/ammo/narcotics/stimulant/soups, can be combined with the hide farming. Then again, the nice thing about doing missions is you also get loot which can be really good. I think I'll need to try your way. Maybe I'm a little out of date.
  6. How much are you getting and at what rates? I'm not exactly sure the exact rates on the cluster I play on as the admin has set them individually for each resource, but they range between 1.5x to 2.5x, so it's somewhere in that range. With those rates, I get about 20k hide from one ovis in about 1-2 minutes. Basically what I do is raise up like 30 ovises at a time, leave them raising over night, then slaughter them all in the morning. That gives me about 600,000 hide from about an hour of total work or less. I bred ovises with 20 health mutations, so in actuality my numbers are going off of all the ovises I generated while breeding and combining my line. So I have about two cryofridges of unmutated ovises and those are giving me those numbers. You get more hide for every point spent into health on the ovis though, so I'm thinking I'll get a lot more from my new ones. Valguero is full of Ovus, so it's easy to tame a lot of them and find a high health one. Even without mutations I don't think the hexagon shop can come close. Edit: I just looked up the server settings on the cluster website and it's: HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers=(ClassName="PrimalItemResource_Hide_C",Multiplier=1.290000) So 1.29x harvesting rates are giving me those numbers. That's not even that boosted. I'm telling you, this is the sick way to get tons of hide. If you are crafting 200 armor+ Rex saddles for entire Rex armies, that amounts to about 200-250k hide per ten saddles. If you want to maxcraft them you probably have to make more than 20 so outfitting a Rex army can cost from 600k-1m hide.
  7. The idea for this thread is to gather some information about places and methods of farming that greatly outperform others. I am trying to farm resources in the tens or hundres of thousands per run, not really looking for tips like "hey there's a lot of pearls near the tree on the rock where I have my base". I am looking for the objectively most efficient, large-scale farming methods. I want to farm in the tens and hundres of thousands, not just a single patch where I get enough for some casual play. Regardless of server settings, these places and methods will be the most effective ones. I've omitted metal, oil and obsidian because I never really have trouble finding places where I can slotcap those. Tek Stryder in the blue area of Abberration gave me 1 million metal ingots in less than an hour. Some oil pumps in the oil field on Ragnarok for a few weeks gave me enough oil that I'll never have to farm oil ever again. Obsidian is easy to fill up with a Tek Stryder on Gen 2. Fibre, hide, crystal, sap and pearls (among others) are the ones I usually find I'm running out of, long before I ever have problems getting enough metal/obsidian/oil. I'll go first with some I can remember right off the top: Hide/fur Ovis leveled into health, slaughtered then harvested with a chainsaw. I usually do this next to two ded storages. One sheep gives more hide than 2-3 extinction drops or any cave run. You need to spend points into melee damage, otherwise you'll break the chainsaw before you can harvest a single sheep. With all points into melee and a maxed chainsaw, I have to be super light on my finger when I tap the button to harvest because it yields so much raw mutton I get slot capped in like a split specond. Anyway, no other method of hide farming stands up to this so if you are crafting a lot of high end saddles for army dinos and replacing them often, you basically need to have some ovis breders as well. You also get equal amounts of fur from this method, so if you are planning on crafting some expensive fur sets, this is _THE_ best way to farm fur also. Crystal On Genesis part 1, in the Lunar biome, certain areas have little flowers that give crystal. You can harvest them with a bronto. It's very easy to slot cap the bronto. Tek stryders are also really effective at harvesting these. The cluster I play on have something like 2-3x harvest and I slotcap the bronto in minutes. Okay, maybe not "slotcapped" because the stuff is heavy, but the difference is like the difference between a fart and full-blown, explosive bloody diarrhea. Many orders of magnitude more efficient than anythign else, like for example running a Tek Stryder in the space biome on Gen 2. Every other method I've tried or heard about is vastly inferior to using a Bronto in the lunar biome. They are found in many places, but one spot I know for sure because it's where I stumbled on them, is next to the "King of the whatever" mission terminal. King of the hill? I forget the mission name, but around the terminal that starts that mission you can find loads of the crystal flowers. Sap / Plant Species Z seed Just stumbled over this on dododex recently, but in the lunar caves there are yellow flowers growing near the water inside the caves. These yield poop-ton of sap, and loads of Plant Species Z (light plant) seeds, when harvested with a Bronto. You know those seeds you have to stand around for like 40 seconds to get one of? I got like 300 of them last night in ten minutes. Nice if you want to put up crop plots on your Abb base to stop nameless spawns or are planning to tame light pets. Slotcapped with Sap in minutes. Tree Sap taps or Joshua trees just don't even compare. Fiber/berries On Ragnarok, around 50,37 somewhere, slightly northwest from the green obelisk, there are some yellow flowers on the ground. You cant neccesarily tell from looking at them but these yield a lot of fiber and berries, and are very clustered together, such that slotcapping a bronto for berries is something like 4 swings on my cluster (2-3x). Bringing five theriz here, specced for delicate harvesting, lets me harvest 500,000 fiber in no-time. Enough for a good amount of saddles. The tops of stone pillars in the Gen 1 ocean biome are comparable but due to landscape/accessibility I still think the Ragnarok spot wins out. Element Ore Great as skiff fuel because it's so cheap. There's a sub-cave down in the rock drake trench on abberration with a giant skeleton fossil inside. No mobs spawn there, and there's some element ore nodes you can farm relatively danger free. I usually get about 20k ore every time I come here with an anky. The skeleton is not to be confused with other skeleton fossils that also exist down in the radiation areas, but there's a specific one where no mobs spawn. I can post coordinates if people are more interested, this is basically where I stock up on fuel for my Tek Skiffs. What I really wanna know is if there are some "imba" methods to harvest pearls (both silica and black) that compare to these methods. I know about the silica pearl cave on Ragnarok in Viking's bay + Anglerfish but it "only" yields me about 30-40k silica pearls per run and then there are no more in the cave until I leave and come back later. I need loads more and am looking for a way to not have to keep coming back to this cave regularly to get the amounts I need. I know supposedly there were good silica farming spots on crystal isles, but that's the one map our cluster doesn't run, so I have to make do with "only" the rest of the maps. And then as far as I know, the best and easiest method for black pearls is gachas, which I have. Again, just wondering if there are some places or harvesting methods I'm unaware of. I tried theriz with delicate harvesting on genesis 2 but the black pearl and element dust nodes on the asteroids have to be handpicked, which means running gachas while I breed dinos yields me more faster and isn't so tedious. I haven't tried them on Black Pearls in the volcano on Gen 1, but the amounts there seem so low it's another one of those things where I'd have to come back several days in a row just to get the amounts I need. Also curious about red/blue/green crystals or crystallized sap. Haven't found any imba spots for any of those yet but I know there are places I haven't tested. The Genesis 1 underwater caves seemed underwhelming.
  8. I don't understand the sentiment. What do you mean "more interesting discussion"? If there's something you wanna say or talk about, just make a thread. What are you missing? When was there ever any "meaningful" debate taking place here? It's always been complaints about WC and people asking for general or specific game advice, an odd guide here and spreadsheet there. I'm trying to picture in my mind's eye exactly what you want or are expecting and I'm coming up short. You want this to be more like reddit?
  9. I know the issue with losing mission progress on Genesis 1 has been around forever. Not only have I lost progress for about 30 missions where my name still appears on the leaderboards but the mission progress says it's unfinished. Since my name remains on the leaderboards, seems it should be possible to do a one-time fix for everyone by building something into the system that cross-checks leaderboards with actual mission progress to counter-act the bug if they are truly unable to find the source of the bug. If mission is completed, mission is completed. If mission is uncompleted but player name is on leaderboards, mission is also completed. If mission is unfinished or player name is not on leaderboards, mission is unfinished. Someone I know also lost a lot of their mission progress, and I've seen numberous threads about it on here and reddit. And ever since the release of Genesis 2, there are now two bugs that are happening. I haven't seen a single thread or mention about this (wonder why). I have only ever completed one mission on Genesis 2. So the day I noticed my mission progress on Genesis 1 was missing, I checked to see if the one mission I had done on Genesis 2 was also missing, and to my surprise I now had 37 finished missions. I never did any of those missions. This isn't a shared account or anything, and I use two-factor authentication. I live alone lol. So now the bug works both ways and I am being awarded progress for unfinished missions on Genesis 2 while losing progress for completed missions on Genesis 1. And just to be exact, I can't be 100% sure of this, but on Genesis 1 it's not just that progress goes missing, because I had completed all the glitches in 3 different sub-zones, and then after the mission progress loss "event", I lost a lot of those glitches, but gained every glith in the other two sub-zones I never finished. So it's not straight that your mission progress is taken away, in some cases it seems like it's just shuffled around randomly. I have progress completed for missions on genesis 1 now that my name don't appear on the leaderboards for, just as I do on Genesis 2. And I can pick up glitches I already picked up before. While I'm unable to pick up glitches I never picked up, so I can never get those unless there is another "loss" event where I lose those again. It's all very weird! Has there been any official acknowledgement of this? It's pretty gamebreaking. I play in an "Ultimate Ark" kind of way where I'm on all the maps doing all the things simultaneously, so I've been slowly chipping away at those missions, and needless to say that feels risky to even bother to do at this point. So I have to put those maps off for some time when I can make a concentrated effort, and let's face it, Ark 2 is coming next year, so that'll probably be never. Hope it gets fixed some day!
  10. You mean something like missions? I agree with having more "PvE" content beyond just the eternal grind we're always on with the taming and the resources and the base management. Extinction loot drops and element veins were cool, Genesis 1 missions were cooler, Genesis 2 missions more cooler. But it still feels like a DireWolf feature shoehorned into a game never designed to support it. I mean, considering we have wyverns and griphons, gargoyles wouldn't be totally out of place. But features have to make sense in the in-game universe, and having Gargoyles in bases you need to raid just seems like an idea that could be improved upon a thousand times. The gameplay part of it is fine, but the rest needs iteration. There's been sugggestions of having NPC tribes you can fight (and there's addons for that too) since the beginning of Ark, so this just seems like that, except it's a Gargoyle and not NPC humans. Correct me if I'm wrong. Seems to me like just having a tribe of NPC humans would make a lot more sense in the game unvierse, than base-building Gargoyles. You love Gargoyles, don't you? Personally, I would love to see the missions system further iterated and expanded upon. Right now, the missions feel a certain way considering you have to start them at terminals. They don't feel like dynamic parts of the game world, they feel like special "modes" you activate. And that's pretty much exactly what they are. I would love a more dynamic approach. Something like World of Warcraft quests andend-game zone area objectives. Having unkillable NPC questgivers in the game would kill immersion, but having quest givers that other people can keep killing so you can never grab their quests doesn't seem like a viable long term solution, so if they could somehow make the whole "mission" feature feel more like quests you come upon in the wild without those problems attatched to it, I would love that. Imagine you run into some poor sob in the jungle who is looking for his Raptor baby that he lost, so you then have to find the baby, and when you do, some larger dinos spawn to try and attack it, and you have to disperse of them. Or you come across an NPC tribe with a demolished base they're trying to rebuild, so you have to help defend their base against dino/native attacks while also gathering resources and making structures out of them to help speed up the rebuild. Or you find an old discarded backpack on a mountain with a diary in it, and you have to try and find the owner of the diary. Then that person turns out to be crazy and wants to cook you as dinner for their tames, so you have to fight your way out. Stuff like that.
  11. Second that along with a third option which is that they're just native inhabitants of the planet the Genesis ship crashes into/lands on.
  12. Fair points. Your second paragraph gets at something interesting, but I've heard a saying that goes something like "those that love us the most, hurt us the most". There's something there. It takes love to be sufficiently hurt by something/someone, otherwise you wouldn't care. I think it's one of those things that go hand in hand. I have 5k hours and have yet to lose a character or anything significant. I was close a few times. I've lost the odd Tek Skiff or whatnot, but never lost like hundreds of hours of progression. Maybe I've been lucky.
  13. Edit: Letting go is hard. I'll drop the wall but I just have to say to @Noa, I don't know what the animosity is all about. I wasn't trying to lecture you or whatever. I think something got lost in translation, I was mostly in agreement with you, but wanted to get a little philosophical about one of the things you mentioned. That was an invitation to a discussion. I don't know why you then went on to respond the way you did, I wasn't trying to be a jerk. But maybe I'm being blind, I dunno. Screw it, though. I'm definitely buying Ark 2. Even if I'll hate it, I can't not try the sequel to a game I spent thousands of hours on. I feel about 75% sure they won't capture the magic that got me hooked in the first place. If I'm right, I'll just play another game and not make a thread about it. If I'm wrong, I'll just play the game. In any context, I won't yell it out of my window, nor will I make a thread about it in the General section, nor will I put it in the ads section of our local newspaper or anything like such, in an attempt to get support from the public because my feelings are hurt because I didn't get exactly what I wanted/expected. I'll feel annoyed about it, I just won't force other people into it. I find that action detestable. Okay, that was also a part of my original point. My biggest concern about Ark 2 is I understand it'll be a lot more primitive-like. But if there's no Tek, then it's like... I don't know, they have to strike some sort of balance. To me, the tek meshing with the natural is a big part of the aesthetic I like about Ark in the first place. Back in early access when you could see and visit the obelisks, but didn't really know what they were for and what everything was gonna be. The original tek cave. I lurwe that poop. My dream fantasy map for the longest time was the Extinction map as it were before everything became barren there. So lush city, no ruins, and lush forests surrounding it, with an ocean to the south. We kinda got that plus more than I asked for with Gen 2, imo. I think Gen2 is the best map in a lot of ways. So going away from Tek, I don't know if I'm crazy about that. But everyone else seems to be, so!
  14. Some fair points are being made, but the truth remains that being publicly vocal about things you percieve to be a problem, only serves to irritate those around you if they do not agree with it. In case that wasn't clear and it makes you wonder "are people really that selfish?" just look into yourself and there's your answer, lol. People like people that like the same things as them, but dislike people that make a fuzz about somethign they don't understand. Sure, it's unfair, it's all the negative things you could say about it. But more than anything, it is reality. I don't know what making threads like these are supposed to achieve. It's like a jealous boyfriend that tries to make his girl feel like poop saying stuff like "you don't care about me at all" and being a big, whiney baby. NO ONE, read NO ONE EVER since the dawn of the neanderthals, like people that behave that way. It also never seems to actually lead to the change those people would really like to see. Take your dictionary and look up the word "futility". This is the definition of it. If at a young age, you learn or somehow get the idea into your head that voicing your concerns by screaming them over the voices of everyone else is an appropriate course of action, then as that behavior evolves and escalates over time (as behaviors always do) it will only grow to alienate you from those that might otherwise have been assets to your life, and tools for you happiness. If there is ever a notion that it will somehow spark an uprising and a stream of support, you need to really take a step back and consider whether there's a chance you could be wrong. Best case scenario, they become indifferent to you. Worst case scenario, they actively dislike you for it. Then something like 2% of every person that hears your complaint will be on your side. Everyone else will be against you in their silent mind. Praying that a meteor or a lightning just suddenly hits you. For your own leisure, having people on your side (or at least not against you) is considerably preferable to having them talk about, or merely just think what a moron you are behind your back. I'm not just talking about a complaint about Ark posted on the forums. In and of itself, it's a small thing. I am rather trying to address the sense of entitlement and the arrogance it requires for a person to adopt the stance that their complaints are best served publicly. Even if you are objectively "right" about how you feel, to the degree that that is even tangible, nobody enjoys the noise you're making. Not that it's your job to give people enjoyment, but still. Human preference guides ethics and morals, such that, if most people find this action to be detestable, you could make a case that it is in fact morally wrong. And most people do find it detestable, except the people that would follow the same course of action. And then we're brought back to the statistical argument that the majority of people do not act this way, and do not enjoy it when others do, and get annoyed by it. Enough reason to change course if you ask me. N e wayz.... It serves anyone/everyone to simply let go of such arrogance and sense of entitlement as soon as maturity can be reached, and balance can be mustered. When you're 8-12, it might be kinda cute, but past the age of 17 it's starting to look worse and worse as each year goes by. If you're 25 and still acting that way, you are actively choosing to be a loser. Sorry, not sorry. IDGA raptor about your rights as a consumer or the percieved fairness of your subjective reality. Considering you are one person, and the people in your surroundings are many, the objectively most pressing aspect of reality is how your actions affect others. If what it takes for you as a consumer to have your rights fulfilled, is to bother everyone else that come in touch with you as you do so, maybe you should be more worried about that than your rights as a consumer. Just maybe, MAYBE. If you have no respect for people around you, and no decency as a person, then you must prepare for a lonely life filled with frustration and failure. Edit: and for the sake of just having said it, this post shouldn't be read as me speaking directly to you two dudes or dudettes that I quoted. It is adressed to whom it may concern. If the glove fits, etc. Edit 2: Though, and as far as cheating goes, @Noa, yes, humans cheat. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Percentage-of-Students-Cheating-in-Exams-by-Gender-Age-and-GPA_tbl1_265802230 According to this study, which isn't the be-all end-all study of cheating behavior in the least - but according to this study, about 37-40% of all humans cheat on exams. And yes, that premise is arguable, but just go with it for now for the sake of the point I'm making (which isn't that this study is a perfect representation of the human species in every possible way). These are future doctors, lawyers, police officers, store clerks, apothecaries and cleaning staff. Burger flippers, you name it. So yes, people cheat. It is also, moreso than something to get hung up on the morality of, the real, actual reality that is taking place out there, even when you're sleeping. It's what humans are, were, always have been, and always will be. Even animals cheat. It's common in a lot of (all?) social mammals. So yeah, when you're making a computer game for a crowd of people of which 40% are willing to cheat on the most important tests in their life, you must accomodate that crowd as it js, not as you think it should have been. Also an important life lesson. Your argument falls apart at the end, btw, because fixing exploits that "criminals" are taking advantage of is the opposite of catering to criminals.
  15. This actually isn't exclusive to Wildcard. I know lots of companies that have official forums where devs and CS don't part-take. Line 6, who sell guitar gear, come to mind. They sell $1200 products that if you have a question about the product, you won't get an official response on their forums 99% of the time. You will get it through support tickets or their PSAs that they do from time to time, though. Their forums are intended to be user run, excplicitly, "on purpose". So, users helping other users. Other issues must be submitted in support tickets. They are known for very good customer service, but my point is, there's an idea out there about user run communities that a lot of companies adhere to. I think it's a philosophical choice the company makes early on in their start-up. Whether to have a presence on forums, or not. I'm sure there's some research and statistics concerning online communities and their conception, I don't know. When loads of people do it, must be some reason, I just don't know exactly what it is. What I do know: It's not for whatever reason these complainers would think, like "they're trying to hide so they don't have to answer for their poopty game" or whatever. It's actually a more thought-out decision that has philosophical reasons and maybe even research behind it.
  16. Exactly. And I think a lot of the "complainers" just haven't wrapped their head around this yet. It's like they take it personal that the game is buggy. As if it's something the devs are doing to them on purpose, rather than an artifact of a much more complex context. Or, they've watched too many movies where characters are using speeches to change the world, which literally never happens.
  17. Lmmfao. Okay, listen dude, try to attack this from a mathematical standpoint. 16 million players have purchased Ark across console and PC. 16,000,000. That's 16,000 times a 1000 people. The front page of the forum holds what, 48 threads per page? Most threads have a view count between a 100 views and a 1000 views, with the odd outlier. Generally speaking, the average views per thread is probably close to 300, while the average response count per thread is probably in the 10-15 region. The "General" Ark discussion section has 375,000 posts. Try to count how many threads on the first page are about people wanting to quit, or people not wanting to buy Ark 2. Something like 5/30 threads maybe? I am trying to establish what an absolute minority of people that purchased the game that actually come to these forums, and further, what an absolute minority of those people that actually make threads like your thread. I do that to make the argument that something like 15,950,000 of those 16,000,000 players all came and went and managed to shut up about it without PSAs. I make that argument to further make the argument that there is something entitled about the very act of announcing your actions in public spaces. If you were pissed with McDonalds, would you stand on the street outside and shout it to the world in hopes that the higher-ups at McDonalds maybe hear you? You don't see what that looks like to everybody else? If people passing by you were like "why don't you shut up and stop shouting in the street? nobody cares", would you then start accusing "innocent" bystanders of belittling you? Aren't you the one standing on the street making noise about something that's your personal problem and nobody elses? Why should anyone care? Etc. Listen, we get you're upset about something. We all have problems. If you can't make a constructive suggestion for improvement, then why not just... shut up and leave? If I was a dev at the company, I would laugh at people like you behind your back. And I'm actually a really decent person, so the point between the lines there is: this is so raptoring weird of you to be doing, don't expect any sympathy or empathy from ANYONE, except other people that are inhabited by the same sense of entitlement. They will obviously agree with you, because it validates their own entitlement. So yes, we belittle your thread. And although we don't do it to your face here on the boards, we belittle you in our minds as well. We've done it to every person like you that came before you, so you are just getting a lot of accumulated frustration. That's what it costs you to make threads like these. Live with it, or do something better with your time and never look back. Those are your real, actual options. No matter how much text you spew out, or what angle you try to argument your case from. Your whole stance is rejected by the crowd. Unless you're special like Einstein, that usually means you're just wrong.
  18. wait for the same kind of asteroids that were there when you lost the stryder. i'm assuming you were on it and then the asteroids changed, and that turned it invisible. if you remember which kind of asteroids were spawned when you were using it, just wait for that kind to spawn again and then check it. or, if the invisible stryder is near the ground, place a tek transmitter nearby and see if you can upload it.
  19. I think high melee damage mantis with high melee damage pickaxe. That's what I use, anyway. Depending on server settings and your character level, there might be a point where using a piclaxe and mindwipe potions to spec into melee damage yields more. I would try those two methods up against one another. The advantage with the former is you don't have to keep mindwiping to harvest them. Max level on our server is 210, so my mantises have about 650% melee damage. My char is level 144 so by speccing into melee damage (and a little weight) I get up to about 1300% melee on my char. We have something like 1.5-2x harvest rate on element. I seem to get around 500 element (plus shards and dust) per vein with the mantis and around 600+ with a mindwipe. But dust is heavy so harvesting it while specced in melee is rly tedious. The tradeoff is worth it to me. If your server has lower max dino level, the difference for you might be bigger though.
  20. There's a good explanation of how it works here: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mutagen_(Genesis:_Part_2)
  21. I think the missions are pretty cool, but I'll admit, I also like your suggestion about finding a more Ark-like niche for missions. I'm not sure how that would work though. Imo, the gauntlet missions, even though maybe not super innovative, fit with Ark really well. I also enjoy the vanity Star Fox missions. I've played a lot of games that have missions/quests in my life, and it seems to me there are a finite ways of creating an objective-oriented style of gameplay for a computer game. It's either "kill something", "fetch something", "protect something", "escort something", etc. So I'm not sure exactly how a mission that fits more with the general Ark theme would look. But it sounds like a good idea on paper at least, lol.
  22. No, I'm not, it just appears that way. I know he didn't say that, which is why I suggested two examples and then said "or whatever preconcieved notion you might have". That's not me saying he is thinking those things, that's me saying I don't know what he's thinking. But in his first line he said, for example, "a long time ago, this game was about taming DINOS". And like someone else pointed out, it's still about that, and furthermore, the Tek tier was added relatively early in early access. The obelisks were in from the very beginning. So there was always Tek, always aliens, always sci-fi + it's still a dino game. So that's at least one preconcieved notion he got wrong + the whole "now we have cryopods and jetpacks its not survival trololo" is hard to take serious when the obelisks were there from day one. Ark is still a dino game. Tek was always here. If you thought otherwise, you thought wrong. Acceptance is the only way out. Maybe Ark 2 will be your poison.
  23. I didn't say I was right, I explained my perspective and stated I don't understand his. I didn't dismiss his opinion as inviting him to explain it in more elaborate depth should qualify as quite the opposite of that. And for the sake of being accurate, I wasn't dismissing him for enjoying the more primitive aspects of the game, I was challenging the line of thinking that the game is somehow ruined by pointing out the same thing you are pointing out to me, which is something like "that's, like, your opinion man".
  24. I will say the general UE5 engine preview looked pretty amazing, so if nothing else, it will probably look really cool. I thought about it some more, and I guess I just wanna add that I think the two most important aspects of Ark are the freedom you have when building, which to me surpasses any other similar game, and the part with taming dinosaurs and riding them. Granted, there are tons of survival builder games I haven't tried yet, but from what I've seen or read about in reviews/YT videos, it seems to me like WC really nailed.... something about their building system. Not to say that it isn't also very frustrating in some ways, there's just something about the way you can construct bases that really seems to hit home with a lot of people. And then the ability to tame and breed dinos that you can use as mounts and the amount of different dinos you can use just makes it feel like a huge open sandbox. So even if they did decide to keep Ark 2 mostly primal, even through all of its DLCs, I think there are some ways it could work. If they stick with primitive building tiers but manage to expand upon the freedom their current system already provides, that could maybe balance out the lack of higher building tiers. Imagine if you not only had triangle and square foundations, but just a lot more "basic" building blocks that let you design a lot more visually interesting constructions. The lack of higher tier weapons/tools/crafting stations could be balanced out simply by finer tuned resource costs for items. Imagine that you get a high quality blueprint for a regular bow and that they change the way a bow works so it lets you shoot a little faster, and somehow make its damage output so that it would be a viable end-game weapon. Then I guess you no longer need shotguns and laser rifles. They could switch the game up and make it so that dinos matter a little less, and player choice matters a little more, so that you could more easily take down a T-rex on foot while also making it so that riding one doesn't make you a literal god, then that could also alleviate the need for so many tiers of weapons. Then they could make it so mutations add more power than they currently do, which would give great incentive to tame and breed dinos. Additionally, they could balance the cost of crafting items so that you no longer need 40,000 metal for an ascendant saddle. That would alleviate the need for industrial forges. They could make the primitive crafting stations craft stuff like arrows a lot faster, so you wouldn't need a tek replicator for mass producing stuff. And then finally, imagine if there were more boss encounters and instanced group oriented end-game play. Imagine if Ark 2 had dungeons and raids in varying difficulties that played out something like MMORPG PvE fights. If they manage to make some really compelling end-game play, I could get down with that. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there are ways they could make primitive gameplay a lot more engaging than it is in current Ark. I still hope they do some tek stuff down the road though. To me, the mix of sci-fi/primitive/dinos is what makes Ark so compelling in the first place. It ticks a lot of boxes on my nerd wishlist. I mean come on, it even has Dragons. All it's missing are wizards.
  25. We can't really help that your expectations of how the game would evolve didn't come to pass. I have 5000+ hours played and I love everything about current Ark. Surviving with a bow and arrow isn't "more realistic" and using tek tier isn't "easier" or whatever preconcieved notion you have. On my last metal run I smelted 200,000 metal bars. That's 400,000 ore I gathered beforehand. Then I transferred ALL of it to my main base map. I could never do these things without the Tek transmitter and the industrial forge. It sounds to me like you got all you could out of the early game, and that you don't enjoy the further gameplay Ark has to offer. You got 1000 hours out of it. What do you want, to run around and do the exact same thing you did for a 1000 hours again, for another 1000 hours? Why? Once you move past the stone tier you should be stacking dino mutations and doing bosses. If you don't like that gameplay, how do you turn that into "they ruined the game"? What it is, is, "I don't enjoy this style of gameplay". If you wanna run around with norhing but bow and arrow and live the "Island" life for all eternity, nothing is stopping you btw. I guess at the bottom of it, I just don't understand your perspective.
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