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Community Crunch 260: Eggcellent Adventure 6 and More!


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Español:Buenas a todo el mundo hoy he sido baneado por incumplir la norma de construir debajo del mapa estoy deprimido por saber que no voy a volver a jugar al juego por toda mi vida y ademas  mas desprimido porque iba a comprar el nuevo dlc.En fin en mis 5000 horas jugadas de play y pc me encontrado a mucha gente que incumplia estas normas y no habia sido baneada y pensaba que a mi me pasaria lo mismo.Bueno espero que al menos dejen de banear gente por hacer la base en un sitio que el mismo juego  te deja construir y al menos si baneas a alguien que la hace alli arregleis el susodicho bug.(Es bueno banear gente en vez de corregir vuestros errores)
Si no teneis el juego si quereis seguir adelante habiendo tantos bugs os recomiendo el juego o al menos sus mecanicas.
Un saludo

English:Hello everyone, today I have been banned for breaking the rule of building under the map I am depressed to know that I will not play the game again for my whole life and also more depressed because I was going to buy the new dlc. My 5000 hours of play and pc played I found many people who violate these rules and had not been banned and I thought the same would happen to me. Well, I hope they will at least stop banning people for making the base on a site that he The same game lets you build and at least if you ban someone who does it there, fix the aforementioned bug. (It's good to ban people instead of correcting your mistakes)
If you don't have the game, if you want to move on with so many bugs, I recommend the game or at least its mechanics.
All the best
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- Please show who owns them (use spyglass) 

What use is from this statement?

I always had hard time to see other players, dinos or structures names even if they don't move  and i stand close in front of them.

Now showing video or pic  of a player name or dino when he move fast with spyglass is practically impossible  specially if it looks all full of squares.

Random example taken from chat for demonstration only:



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I can attest to the situation as I am also one of the tribe members. My college semester is finishing up and ark has been a great break from the hard work. However, our servers not being online has not allowed me to enjoy some time off. All we are asking for is a little communication and, if at all possible, an eta on the situation. I really enjoy playing ark with my friends and we were extremely excited for this event this year! Just stinks that we aren't able to take advantage of it while other people in our cluster, on official, and small tribe servers are having a great time. If you are receiving too many forum posts to reply to, I'm sure a twitter post would suffice as I following some of the game devs and the official Ark account. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Happy Easter!

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With this recent mess of the official server crashes its near impossible to play. I cannot leave my base because I might die, I cannot go steal deino eggs to get event colors, I cannot even tame properly. There is very little to do, even feeding my dinos is absolutely horrible and took me now 20 years (5 crashes - one run). All because of the crashing mess. Its day 2 now of constant crashing - in the Easter Event ... I'm missing out a lot. I know they working on it but hell its taking dam long (I would have forgiven a day - sh1t happens) ...

I'm extremely disappointed in Wildcard that they can't find a fix to THEIR mess and we have to suffer for it, their statement at the bottom of load screen reads " thanks for keeping Ark competitive and FAIR - FAIR! I don't see this part happening in return - it feels like a one way train.

Is there an estimated time to this mess being fixed?

Will we be compensated for it? (Extra event days for example)

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Now day 3 of not being able to play the event.

Three days ago an announcement was given stating that WC is working on the crashing problem. There is no update, no response regarding it ... nothing ... Will we be missing the whole event? Struggle to feed dinos and not being able to breed nor enjoy the game in general???

An update of some sort will be nice instead of leaving us in the dark for 3 days.

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