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  1. Taming Kibble (for Beginners) from LARGER eggs than normal recipe ? Recipe do not produce eggs of any size except exceptional recipe for producing Wyvern eggs ( ingredients spoiled meat, human poo and organic polimer) cooked in replicator, no water needed but it produce not fertilized eggs, need to apply fertilizer or re-fertilizer if you want fertilized egg. Taming kible - You cant tame a kibble with knockout taming method. Look in trough of your herbivores. Food that do not get eaten and always remain in trough is best taming food. So armed with
  2. I also think that more role playing should be allowed in PVP including some acts as victory reward. Moto like "Better heroic escape than to die ashamed" should be in place as minimum. For that player should not be able to look respawn screen choice instantly but should have battle area and his dead body visible at least half minute as a pain factor as in Ark we don't loose levels or experience so at least to be forced to cry on his body and on enemy victory.
  3. Not a note in Ark wiki but personal experience, will be as you mentioned that les satisfactory food get eaten first. as if i full fill trough each time to 60 slots i end with trough full of mejorberry and no other berry in. Most carnivores prefer to eat fish and start to eat other meat if fish is not aviable any more in trough but i prefer to fill fish in no mater of how nutrient is other meat because fish last longer ( spoil slower). Also problem with daeodon how to force him to eat cooked meat in his inventory and not to empty all fish trough in his range when he is usd to heal.
  4. Most of herbivores like mejoberry as a food and also as a possible taming food - wiki lol. Only berry that do not get eaten except if herbivore tames start to starve in my trough is mejoberry -ty wiki. Spoilage still don't have seeds listed, ty wiki. Also fertilizer and re-fertilizer is not listed - wiki could predict that this will change after 5 years of playing. Argentavis still can pick up a lot wild creatures, except if you go read fine print or patch notes and similar to discover that it work only in PVP. And a lot more on wiki. Reliable wiki.
  5. Giga have disappointing and game breaking disability. He do not burp after he eat you. *well even most evolved animal spices like human cant dance and piss on dead victim body in Ark... I'm PVE only .
  6. As maewing is aparently abnormal big compared to squirrel or platyfus we can expect that shadowmane will follow this style and will be probably size of an meganeura. As shafowmane eat only seeds developers made seeds spoilable to kill shadowmanes by stravation before humans join in genesis 2. So safety at first place, ty developers. This is just an official story but real reason with seeds is in something else. Developer who created gachas dont work for ark any more and anyone else dont know to change gachas to ignore other gachas in their vicinity and to make no need of 12 foundati
  7. Its a PVP digital hollo sign and it mean here we and our tames are, come to raid us plz.
  8. FRM17 must have super connection. On start i normally died by starvation or because my water gauge went to 0. Latter i increased fortitude, food and water stats and stil died being afk. Later i was able to craft tek armor and still died if afk. Only good know how many armors and other gear including chibis i have lost by falling asleep. Al in name of holy breeding lol. In the end i was finally able to craft tek sleeping pod but still couldn't be long afk. In last case look like that server seem to measure my ping or something and kick me out. 9.9 k
  9. Tiredtitan thread was moved. So i don't feel my answer could be of any use here. Deleted.
  10. - Please show who owns them (use spyglass) What use is from this statement? I always had hard time to see other players, dinos or structures names even if they don't move and i stand close in front of them. Now showing video or pic of a player name or dino when he move fast with spyglass is practically impossible specially if it looks all full of squares. Random example taken from chat for demonstration only:
  11. Must be simple. if you want to draw an Argentavis you need to ask WC who gave them permission to use it or to consult some scientific bases to find out who first discovered its existence in far past in order to ask for permission. Same for big spaceship in witch Gen 2 take place, there are several models of such ships with possible life and living inside published by various groups of scientists. As i don't believe that WC is going to reinvent hot water - there should be other authors of base model spaceship and life in it to ask for permission. Also maybe could be idea to ask
  12. For me Ark is designed in the way that each boss require specific tames to kill it or technology (megamek on extinction). Which tames is on you to discover and breed that line form start to sickness. For that also rex ofc have his place and use.
  13. If ARK 2 is a sequel then we can assume that dinosaur life is already gone leaving place for mammal and such. Next gen of PVP weapons are mas bio weapons. Next PVE tools - genetic mutations on microorganisms, crops and other like your best mining driller will be some kind of mutated bacteria. Lets not forget that our ancestors have build big spaceship in witch Genesis 2 take place. (like ARK 2 with knowledge of terraforming and other technology ) A lot of negative things too like human race living in spaceship with artificial gravity and no magnetic shield degenerated by
  14. I used to hunt them by being a bait, riding on rex in flak armor. Once he jump on you is a mater to survive one or two tyla hits before your tame kill it. Well after i got giga same hunt was a lot easier as giga kill it faster. And you get a lot of keratin and tyla trofie needed to summon a boss. I tried to tame it too but with no success on island ( always some other mob to attack me or unconscious tyla, always too close to someone enemy structure etc. Well i found best way to tame it on SE as you can see it from far, but decent level tyla need ages to tame it.
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