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is the Mating cooldown reset intentional?

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I was under the impression that the breeding CD on the ladies after being podded was a bug.

But from what I read in my home server "intentional" and I doubt that.

I desire the official word, but I was unable to find an official post that confirms or denies what the breeding CD is.

I maybe speaking into the void, but I hope someone in Wildcard takes notice and confirms or denies what looks like unsubstantiated rumor to me.

Edit to add:
Ok so servers restarted, and I see more added to patch notes. I got back on, tested a lady , and no breed CD. Looks like this may have been a bug, they fixed. Thank you WC team!
Patch notes
"Cryopods will now remember (but not display) the mating interval time and count down correctly"

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