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  1. this happens to me too, specially ac and egghatchers they become unpowered. often have to place a new electric junction for them to sudenly work again
  2. with 8 thousand hours in the game i can atest that while the game can be a lot of fun, wildcard treatment of its players is.. at best lacking, but more often than not simply bulling. they just, dont care. dont care if you like it dont care if you dont. and sadly that makes it easy grounds for bullies and comunity destroyers. More often than not i imagine wildcard as the angry landlord that would prefer to close all servers , official or not and let people pay for their own. and i must said if they had invested the time to make single player and non dedicated hosting "Usable" then probab
  3. best way to see it is binary. if it has 0 to less than 20 . then is a one, if it has any other number is a cero. and then you can reduce mating to 3 kinds . no mutable (1,1) half mutable (99% of mutation search is here) (1,0 or 0,1)or super mutable (0,0) sometimes when you want a specific trait convination or are trying to get a very specific color you may en up doing a lot of no mutable pairings (1,1) until you get the parent you like and send it back to half muatble breeding to improve it further the number ends up in the billions becouse it grows exponentially. duplicating whenev
  4. there have been another 3 updates since, yes it is a feature
  5. you are legacy? legacy servers get a huge FU from Wc if you dare to make a tiket.
  6. someone told me it was a method to stop people selling them, but just as with the skiff, you can still sell them, if you join another server and the tribe of the seller there , then you can transfer the stryder into your acount. so it simply made them more profitable if at all. as for beds. to be honest i prefer to unclaim them than them being walking beds. and if a lot of beds would mess a server why then create a creature that is a bed? dont they realise how many dinos every tribe has?
  7. i can not express how much i disagree with this desition. i thankyou for your answer. i just found another reason why i wont buy another wc game
  8. is anyone else having this problem? the option wont even apear on the wheel. there are 2 "back" options but no unclaim. anyone knows how to deal with this?
  9. there is no option to do it, someone else unclaimed it for me to see and now i cant unclaim it back
  10. i am not good at missions, i am horrible at them. i am not good at shooting, and reflex or timing.. what i am good at is harvesting, collecting , building, breeding. i am in heart a PVE player. this means officially people like me needs to ask for help ( in the good pve spitrit) from those who enjoy shooting , chasing, running timing puzzles and so on). this is what makes the game coop, this is what means to be in a tribe and play WITH people and not just against them , where everyone has their strong point and helps others to become better survivors i can understand when something is gat
  11. are you all people aware of what you are asking for? genesis 2 is the cheapest map for generating element, it already is unplayable from the amount of lag the tribes with 50 cloning maschines runing all the time. if not more. imagine all the dino factories move there too. Imagine now they not only clone those but also bring all the other animals they want to mass breed. what do you think it will happen?
  12. and dont come to legacy, we have no code of conduct there. wildcard wont support you at all
  13. in legacy pve all servers mission terminals are build over, or bloked by dinos. people is bullied , dino bombed , insulted and there is no one single day in which the code of conduct isnt broken. if you are not to do anything about it, if you still going to treat us like second class players then gives us the power to do something ourselves. When legacy was founded was becouse we liked the game was becouse we didnt want to loose thousands of hours. and we agree to live with the bugs that it would case. but not having support for the bugs never ment to be left without any laws nor rules.
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