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  1. While i agree it is not racism, it is a form of discrimination. and i do think there is discrimination happening. when your point of origin means you will be at a disadvantage, then you are being discriminated upon. when entering a server means all you type will be converted to "cubes" then ofcourse the program is limiting you. then again how much of this can and should be overcome by the developers and how much comes from players?
  2. is any known way to aboid being kick out of the tribe when transfering between servers? this is happening more and more often and not everyone has tribemates to invite them again. is even worse in legacy we dont get support at all
  3. agree, like i said i hate the idea it is intentional. but until it is clear i can not plan ahead
  4. whenever you take a female out of cryopod , its mating time resets. is this a bug? i honestly hate that, so i do hope is a bug.. but i thought to ask in case someone knew more than i.
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