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Weekly wipe PvE specific on official - idea


Was thinking about this the other day, and I'm curious to see what would be the feedback from the community here.

This idea stems from the fact that there are maps that I would very much like to explore and play in, but I generally avoid doing so because they are notorious bad in terms of performance, turning what would otherwise be a enjoyable experience into a fest of stress and frustration. Good examples would be Ragnarok, Extinction and Genesis, judging from those where I had worst experience with.

As far as I'm aware, the main reason why PvE official servers have such terrible performance, is related to a mix of huge complex buildings everywhere and massive breeding/cloning operations pooping gazilions eggs every day.

Obviously, breeding and building ( aka "farmville" gameplay as I like to call it ) is very much part of the game, and people love it, so that's not going anywhere.

The problem of course is that this clashes with all other game activities, exploring, hunting, taming, boss fighting, spelunking, you name it, are all cool activities to do that get ruined by the terrible performance the servers have.

So.. I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if Wildcard could deploy servers part of the same official network/cluster but that have for example a weekly wipe?

These would be servers that we all could travel to from our "main" servers, and where we could do such activities without being plagued by the performance issues.

For example, if I'm in a mood to play Extinction for a few days, do caves, tame titans, do OSD's, etc. I could go to one of these servers and have some fun there. I would travel there, maybe build a small temporary outpost, bring my stuff, tames and what not. When wipe day comes, I would get my stuff and bring it back to my main server.

The fact that these servers would have like a weekly wipe, would of course disencorage people from using them as a home base/operations, and would instead be the ideal playground for all other activities.

For Wildcard themselves, this would also be advantageous. With a weekly wipe, they could easily adjust and scale the infrastructure on a weekly basis. Lots of players lately? Let's add a few servers more. Not many players? Let's remove a few servers.

So, what do you all think?

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Don’t know how long you’ve played ark , from day one ? Then you know it’s never gonna happen. If you like to explore without the confines of official then host or single player. Official performance has always been like this but tbf far worse pre launch and wc have tried to mitigate issues but such is the nature of the beast and how vanilla it is , so late in its life span with ark2 announced . Don’t hold your breath. Great game , great concept , maybe poorly executed but who am I to moan . 5 yrs and loving it

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Sorry I don't think it's a good idea either

Wildcard already struggle with keeping schedules for updates and even starting things like evo events varies from one time to the next

The forums would be full of posts about how WC didn't wipe at the correct time and related posts from players who lost tames, resources etc.  And because players will not have a permanent base on the server  players would leave tames on Obis and in caves impacting others ability to do anything.

Tickets would increase even further,  causing a bigger backlog on their already stretched support group. 

Plus they would have to manage these servers carrying out a reset every week, the server team barely seem to have enough time to carry out routine maintenance of the existing servers where would the extra man hours to carry out the wipe come from?

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