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  1. Pros: The community, making friends etc. Since it's a network of hundreds of servers, and you can travel between them, you get that MMO feeling that you're playing with thousands of other people. People come and go, but there's always people to play with if you want. Also makes trading a interesting activity for that same reason if you're into that. That's basically it. In my experience, everything else are Cons, and I'd highly recommend against it unless you hold the above to such high value that the torture is worth it. examples: - Constant lag and rubber banding. -
  2. Other than ASB which has already been suggested: 1) You can breed with them against another that you do know the stats for, and if you get a offspring that has stats that don't match the other one, those would be the target stats you're looking for. 2) You can clone it. The clone will have the original stats, unleveled no imprints.
  3. Same here, getting the usual "LinkerLoad" crash error. Normally I would solve this by uninstalling mods, but I'm playing Fjordur at the moment so .. can't uninstall that
  4. I would be curious to better understand how you think that is even possible. At the current official rate ( which is what the OP refers to ), it takes you almost 5 days to even fully raise a theri, and usually dealing with a 18-24h mating interval cooldown. Let's not forget that you need to: 1) Hunt and tame a decent m/f pair to start with 2) Merge stats, breed and raise your final breeding m/f pair 3) Breed and raising potentially dozens of clean females 4) Start going for mutations, raising each mutated, switching genders as needed, etc. 1-3 alone will prob
  5. Deinos, sure, I can see that, you don't really need much. But unless something changed in the last year or so, I seriously doubt it that a normal solo player can tame and breed from scratch a mutated boss army for beating alpha bosses in just a few weeks.
  6. I'm sure plenty of people here are able to give you pretty good advice on how to breed, but you may first want to consider why are you doing it, especially on official where breeding dinos will likely take you months if not years depending on how far you want to go. It's one thing to breed dinos to meet specific needs, like beating bosses. It's an entirely different thing to efficiently min max stat breeding via mutations and chase specific color combinations, which is largely just a hobby that people enjoy doing and not something you actually "need". On official, things take a loooo
  7. People that keep playing on the same save/server/official after have done it all, it's usual driven by a few things, such as breeding, collecting dinos and building cool bases. Chasing that perfect colors or perfect stats, is a hobby by itself for people that enjoy it and it's something you can do for months and years if it's your thing. This serves no practical purpose, it's just something a lot of people enjoy doing. You also have the social aspect that keeps people playing, but that seems to be outside of your scope. Other than that, you can always take a break and wait for a
  8. I may get some argies to carry stuff for me, but I'm just not going to mount them. I did something similar to this some time ago for a few days. It's amazing how much of the maps gets ignored, and adventures that never happen, simply due to how easy it is to just always fly safely from A to B and ignore everything in between. It completely changes the game when you actually have to use caravans ( dinos for protection, dinos for carrying stuff, utility,etc. ) on resource runs and traveling between outposts - sometimes these are mini-adventures by themselves. In any case, I will d
  9. While waiting for Lost Island, I'm thinking about doing a new playthrough starting on the Island, Scorched Earth and finishing in Aberration, but following a few self imposed rules: - No tek - No flyers - No cryos - No gamma I'm wondering if there any survivors out there that have done anything similar to this, have you found any blockers/show stoppers that make this non viable? I'm planning to go with 5x rates and cave building enabled. Any advice/feedback would be appreciated
  10. Official? Unofficial? SP? I've seen contradictory reports on that. Seen just a couple weeks ago a streamer doing it live on Official PvE. I tried that technique on Unofficial PvE and it wasn't allowed. Guess it's some server setting, so YMMV.
  11. Just finished doing tek cave and overseer battle, and when the cinematic is supposed to come, I get a black screen instead. Game seems completely frozen, can't do anything. Is this some known issue? If I just Alt+F4 will it still count as done? And what about my stuff/dinos?.. Edit: I decided to alt+F4 afer waiting like 30 minutes. It counted towards ascension, and I didn't lose anything.
  12. Does anyone know what this is and what they do? They look like large mosquitos and are triggering my Valheim PTSD At first I thought it was the regular swarms from gen1, but they are much larger and seem to behave quite differently. They don't show up on the Wiki as unique gen2 creatures either. Edit: They seem to be the same as Gen1 indeed, just bigger. Not sure if they do anything different thou .. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/File:Genesis_29.jpg "It is unknown if the size of the Insect Swarm in Genesis: Part 2 is intended to be larger than its Genes
  13. I don't think I'm mixing it up at all. I actually agree with this, except maybe for "Partly Dinos". I happen to think that a survival exploration game with Dinos is what makes Ark unique. The devs thought so too, so much that they stated that themselves. And by "Dinos", obviously we use that term as an umbrella for the creatures the game has. Everyone calls them dinos, even thou plenty of them are not. Some, as you correctly pointed out, are even just made up mystical creatures that exist only on fantasy stories.
  14. You seem to want me to separate one single issue. But that's not really a thing. For me it's the whole package. It's the direction the game took, with the combination of all those elements, from pew-pew lasers, arcade-y space ship combat, OP gear, missions, shops, etc. that turned Ark into a very different experience. It's not one single thing. Therefore Ark2, which has the same sci-fi background setting, is going to be that too? Right, so a new game, with the same sci-fi setting, with a connected story and known characters, will be very different in that aspect. How
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