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  1. Alright, thanks. Knowing how Wildcard deals with "lost dinos", not even going to bother trying to get this solved. Just the thought of providing "evidence" of thousands of dinos lost makes my head hurt. I guess my break will be extended ad eternum. Hopefully Ark 2 will come out less buggy than this mess.
  2. I took a break for about 2 weeks and just came back to see almost all my dinos dead on their Cryopods inside the Cryofridges. From what I can tell, the wirings decayed, which caused Cryofrides to loose power. This seems a bit weird, since AFAIK the cryopods are supposed to last 30 days outside of a fridge, or did this change somehow? Or is there some bug related to decaying? I don't know exactly how many days I've been away, but judging from the generator, it can't have been too long:
  3. When the server gets back up, you will get a spawn screen as if you have died. You will spawn naked and everything you had on you will be gone. Sometimes, you will also spawn without a tribe, which means no access to your tribe or any of your stuff unless someone on your tribe manages to invite you back in. Solo tribes are pretty much screwed unless people have back up accounts.
  4. Can't say much about traps since I've never used them for Manas. But I tamed a few basically just by face tanking them and shooting darts. They go down fairly easily, all it takes is a decent armor like flak to take the hits, and dodge when you hear the breath cue. It can take a while, because of the behavior you described, they keep jumping all over the place. But as long as you keep their agro, it shouldn't take too long. The hardest part of taming a Mana is that they tend to agro on anything and die easily to things like packs of mammoths.
  5. TBH, they should just make 4x the default and be done with it. Make events sure, but without any breeding rates. This would eliminate the FOMO effect that comes with Evo events, especially when they are short, which results on stressful periods both for players and the infrastructure.
  6. When a system is designed in such a way that it can be abused easily, the proper thing to do is to fix the system, not blame the entire player base for what a handful of cheaters do. The real reason why these limitations exist is because Wildcard isn't able to track what players have, and therefore have to rely on player provided claims and evidence. This is a technical design flaw on their side, let's not blame the players for Wildcards' incompetency or lack of will to invest time and resources into actually fixing the problem.
  7. If you're on Steam, you can try using Battlemetrics to see which servers your character has been to recently.
  8. I encourage anyone who is constantly impacted by bugs, performance and the attitude Wildcard demonstrates towards its player base, to voice their frustrations the best they can, by using forums or other venues, *especially* if you do love Ark [1] and want to see it in a good place in the future. I certainly do *not* encourage the "shrugging" and "it's just Ark" attitude, that only results on Wildcard not caring about investing in quality and stability in the future. This is true for Ark, as it is for any other game/company. Getting complacent is what results in poorly developed produ
  9. Agreed, but let's keep in mind that even thou it is a different game on a different engine, the company is still the same. Ark 2 will hopefully not have the structural issues that Ark 1 has, but this is still Wildcard. The same company. That has not changed AFAIK. When a company is very clear on their stance, how they handle issues, and how they (don't) respond to their player base when it comes to fixing problems, one can and should expect this to be reflected in Ark 2 as well. Ark 2 may not be released with the problems Ark 1 has, but likely will release with its own issues, w
  10. This is easier said than done. People that go official when starting, at the time have no idea what they are getting into. After a while, months, or even years, you are basically trapped. Invested too much, built too much, bred too much. People do get attached to things. It's not that easy to let go. On top of that, you have the community. You often create friends, some servers have a vibrant community, even across servers. it's really not that simple to just let it all go and go unofficial, especially when you have invested years.
  11. May want to mention in what conditions are you playing. If solo with/without SP settings, official, unofficial.. with what settings etc. Difficulty can be very different depending on that, and if you're taking advice from people, make sure you're comparing apples to apples.
  12. By save, you mean that they don't disappear once the event ends?
  13. With a 3x event coupled with a 80% steam sale for Ark, logically what we get is 3x instability in regards to official servers. Ours just went from the occasional one crash per day, to one crash+rollback every 2 hours. How's yours? Wildcard, if you're listening, if you're going to do Evo events like this, please consider at least beefing up the servers a little bit .. this is borderline unplayable. And I'm at the Island, can't even imagine how things are on Genesis and Extinction.
  14. I think you aren't considering how much of a difference a good saddle makes. The damage reduction even a low end saddle gives compared with prim is pretty high:
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