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  1. When a system is designed in such a way that it can be abused easily, the proper thing to do is to fix the system, not blame the entire player base for what a handful of cheaters do. The real reason why these limitations exist is because Wildcard isn't able to track what players have, and therefore have to rely on player provided claims and evidence. This is a technical design flaw on their side, let's not blame the players for Wildcards' incompetency or lack of will to invest time and resources into actually fixing the problem.
  2. If you're on Steam, you can try using Battlemetrics to see which servers your character has been to recently.
  3. With a 3x event coupled with a 80% steam sale for Ark, logically what we get is 3x instability in regards to official servers. Ours just went from the occasional one crash per day, to one crash+rollback every 2 hours. How's yours? Wildcard, if you're listening, if you're going to do Evo events like this, please consider at least beefing up the servers a little bit .. this is borderline unplayable. And I'm at the Island, can't even imagine how things are on Genesis and Extinction.
  4. Another day, another crash+rollback after traveling, resulting on loosing everything I had on me *AGAIN*. Traveling from Extinction 745 to Island 751. Server crashes shortly after arrival. Log back in, naked, everything on me gone, my tribe is not my tribe anymore. Not even going to bother with tickets, already know they can't fix the problem, and can't help players get their stuff back. I have no words for such incompetence. Ark 2? Yea, right, no thanks.
  5. I would like to see stats about breeding/cloning. How many eggs are being hatched, and what type of dinos. Same for cloning.
  6. Same. On my case, Genesis became completely unplayable. Almost guaranteed disconnects every 15 minutes on server saves, plus frequent crashes+rollbacks. Gave up on even trying anymore, not worth the stress and frustration. Ragnarok, too risky, lost everything twice there due to crashes shortly after traveling ( known problem if the server crashes between arriving and saving ). Extinction, historically the worst, seems a little better after event was over, but I suspect this is because people are moving their massive breed operations to Genesis. Unpopular opinion, but I hope Genesis 2 is hostile and not suitable/profitable for home bases/breed ops. Maybe we could, you know, just play the damn DLC.
  7. Wildcard, since you cannot fix your servers, at least could you please provide some sort of tag to warn players about "bad" servers? I just went to a server that crashed while I was on the wyvern trench. I had chosen that server because it showed on the top of the server list, as ordered by ping. Went to check Battlemetrics, and this is the how disastrous and pathetic this server is (multiple downtime periods of 20 minutes or more per day): It's amazing how people on this server can even play. If you can't fix the servers, how hard would it be to add some sort of tag on the servers list to warn people that those servers are unstable. Sort of "join at your own risk" kind of thing?.. Not that it matters, but server is Ragnarok PvE 434
  8. Eu Official Island 751 down for hours As title says, the server has been off list for a few hours now, I believe since 313.11 was applied. Please address ASAP. If there's another place to report such outages, please let me know, I could only find something from 4 years ago that doesn't seem to be functional.
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