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Kentro saddle (Idea)


Yes i drew this and i know its poor! but! 

"I have seen many poor survivors try to ride the mighty Kentro, Which Mostly ends up with someone Hurt. well i have the Solution, The Kentro Saddle/Throne. you are High enough where the spikes can hit you and you can control it "-Udam 


This saddle would be unlocked much later then the stego due to its Odd shape, Know i know you're saying "Udam, due to all the spikes on the kentro it would not allow you to sit on it!" 

But the way its built Much like a Chair/throne so you sit on the seat and with the ropes you can control it! There is leather Straps on the neck, the 2 spikes next to you, and the belly! so you can stay up and stable without falling off! 

Crafting is in the smithy and needs 
350 Hide
10 Metal ingot
25 Silica
250 Fiber
Gives 10 Armor 

The Abilities you have while riding the kentro are 

Bite: Low damage but take little stamina to no stamina (can gather berries) 
Stab: A Lot of damage, Can implail Smaller Dinos and can smack them around. (also able to slam them on the ground) (Deals bleed damage to large targets like a dien) 
Run (run pretty fast!)


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16 minutes ago, Dinobros2000 said:

It’s too small and armor would be better. Also Thorny dragon saddle

what do you mean too small? like the saddle or the ketro?

because we can ride frogs, patchy's, Ichys, big seagulls? they are just the right size for a saddle. thats why its built like a throne so you have more space to ride it but it would make the rider more exposed.
the Reason why it would it should have low armor is to balance the Spike damage, if it did spike damage and took less damage that would make them stupid strong. Plus there is not much protection on the kentro where attacks would happen, Just Leather Belts.

and thorny dragon saddle? What do you mean.

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On 11/13/2020 at 11:01 AM, Qwertymine said:

Kentros are rather small though, I doubt a person could comfortably make a seat like that on one. Plus, if a dino is designed to be unrideable it usually stays that way(Moschops being the exception, that's because it's literally useless without being rideable). 

yeah it would be unconfutable, but hey at least you can ride it, i don't think riding a Stego is fun, or a Bloodstalker. Im working on 3 drawling of ideas of where you would ride it, the main one is half way where the plates and the spikes are, you would stick out though due to the saddle being elevated so you can sit on a chair like saddle kinda like a thorny dragon. 

Another is around the neck again its elevated so you can fit, but thats a maybe.

I think they are Just the right size to ride, not to big and not too small. Patchys, Moshchops, Frogs.

Plus with the dossier, Helana may not have found a way to ride it, but some Mad man or woman was able to ride it, (would not be the first time she was wrong about something)


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