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Valguero Manticore not landing FIX IT


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Sucks worse on Legacy cluster, WC refuses to assist or support Legacy players in anyway. Even if they have lost everything, TWICE, to an ignored bug...no replacement dinos for Legacy, no help with lost dinos, no admin action on toxic players...and a bugged out game that steals your time and makes you crazy...when is Ark 2 coming out?

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As stated, the bugged out Manticore fight is making it impossible to obtain element from Valguero map. I have lost almost 40 dinos, ascendant saddled, to the last two fights. I am on Legacy, so the limited support WC chose to retain for Legacy actually prevents a GM from giving me any help! Salty!

Anyway, can someone suggest which Legacy Cluster map has the most reliable game mechanics?

I am aware of gachas, i have 2x males and 2x females already, too slow. Legacy NA Extinction servers are so full of lag, they border on an "unplayable" state for me. Valguero Mantiroe that cannot find the ground is just a means to a culling of my favorite dinos, NTM, all the time it takes to breed and saddle armies.


Still feel like it would prolly be in everyone's best interest, if the Manticore could figure out which way is down. Hey WC, know any coders that can fix a HUGE game bug that has been reported for years and years? Can we finally get an end to the Eternal Flight of the Manticore mechanic? How many dinos have to die before WC addresses this bug?

#Ascendant Saddled Lives Matter!

# #Tired Wings!

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did alpha and beta val boss several times and luckily never lost any fight.

i go in solo with 8-9 top rexes one yuti and on the last 2 alpha fights and brought a top mana in

in my experience the manticore bug starts once the 2 others bosses are dead i always saw the manticore lands at the beginning of the fight, the problem starts once it is alone, then it would spend much of its time flying around and doing touch and go

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