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  1. Bump. We'll most likely attempt the boss again tomorrow and will update how that went.
  2. Right. Short and sweet, my tribe and our allies attempted the The Final Test yesterday and all went smooth until the Master Controller was invulnerable at 20% health. We turned in the final turn-in of keys to make him vulnerable again, he started the animation to become vulnerable, but simply never ended up actually becoming that. We turned in another set of keys in a desperate attempt to make him vulnerable while we were slowly getting overwhelmed during the wait. Still nothing. As a result we lost all our tames and good saddles and wasted a ton of resources on a boss we would have otherwise killed with relative ease. Here's a quick image from the recording of the fight where you can clearly see the mission prompt come up alerting us that the boss is now vulnerable to damage - and his healthbar stating otherwise at the same time.
  3. Glad to hear it's at least an acknowledged problem. The only thing that seemed to even remotely help at all was wiggling our whole dino army from one end of the arena to the other continuously to bait him. Which is kind of difficult when you have 14 rexes with only two riders.
  4. Manticore in Boss Arena Right. Long story short, did arena, unbeatable because Manticore in the whopping 30 minutes of the fight refused to land more than twice. Dragon and megapithecus both died within 3 minutes, manticore was not even half health at the end. The pathing and landing mechanics really, really need fixing, badly. And this was GAMMA.
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