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  1. I agree with this ARK without tek is not an ARK. Iconic part of ark even with that/wooden/stone tier it was that in the distance "you could feel SyFy". It was map with crazy TEK elements spread across the arks. I could see ARK2 players spawning in their own cryopods in random places, which will run out of element and cease to function = can't download any blueprints/engrams so you have to make them up from scratch again. I would love and suspect we will see parts of TEK being reused in primitive way, look at santiago axe and spear skin. It has TEK part of bl
  2. SE also have lots of bugs, devs claimed that they can fix it but to this day never did. Which could be done anyways when they added helena notes from gen1/2 across the all maps. Well even extinction notes.
  3. Spinos even with low HP , you have more chance to get good saddle and they out-dps rexes by a far. Also on some boss arenas you get water-buff. Their attack animation is very quick You can do bosses with reapers too. And they do surprisingly well with their natural build in resistances. Allos do work too even without bleed debuff, but would agree it should be hotfixed for them. Deino get like 5 stacks and it works on bosses? All you need is 1 deino to shred the boss, meanwhile allo needs to be in a 2-allo pack minimum. ( at least they do well in gen missions ) Shadowmanes are gr
  4. On survive the ark, just get like 170 movement speed, worst is first phase but you can cheese them with slingshot if you dont want to waste armour . If you do go for spear best weapon. If you are smart you can do first 2 waves with free weapon to conserve credits. My optimal setup was to get tekbow asap, it snipes everything and get allos only. Dimorphs are good since they are small and most of flyers will miss them and ground creatures will bundle under them trying to hit what they can't. Kapros have very smol hitbox and lots of creatures miss them. Ravagers are also good optio
  5. Whole underwater needs a complete TLC. They need to revamp how aggro of underwater dinos work
  6. Same feelings, missions are fun but majority of them are frustrating. I think hunt missions where you use your own dinos or survival are fun. Preffered artifact dungeon hunting.
  7. Community events like these only create more toxicity, as both designs were good and picking any one of those will only cause a major hatespeech for long time.
  8. Well, monke will end up like our other shooter dino Velonasaur. Nerfed to the state of being useless. Nerfed so hard not even full imprint affects its damage values. Meanwhile we could get a theropod carnivore in size of Rex to use for daily tasks, boss battles and adding another factor of danger in the ARKs. There was non since giga/yuty was added. A game about dinosaurs, literaly reason I started playing. Breaking dino meta quite bit and shifting potentialy giga powerhouse. Kinda sad. This whole voting only added more toxicity in the community and imo ideal solution would be
  9. I like TEK, it gives you a nice goal however getting TEK it latest DLCs is far too easy and not as rewarding as before. Fantasy dinos are great addition to spice up variety, but game could use more historical ones too in between. Reaper, ferox, rockdrake those are all great designs and honestly i couldnt see ARK without them or Wyvern trenches. It gave you a reason to progress. Though developers support for historical/primitive content was all about adding useless engram and using that engram 2 DLCs later for unique taming method because no one used that item. ( hello fish bas
  10. Id love if mission buffs from GEN2 were applied to GEN1 too
  11. Eh its hit or miss honestly for me. I quite liked Gen1 missions much more, some were racing, some were hunting which required you to have few dinos to back up. Also your own prepared gear, it was nice. Huge variety in mission for swimmers and land dinos it was only missing flyers missions which i hoped gen2 would add, to make our snow owls, wyverns and manas usefull. But instead they opted into instanced mission zones, in tek-themed locations. Honestly i expected these missions to be more "grounded up" taking place on different part of ring. Like stealing rock drake eggs mission
  12. Its okay they are useless X-basils are better. There is nothing to do in water biome, not even a single mission
  13. God damn, im so happy they finally added tek RD drops. Which drop colour was it?
  14. Best way to get RD bp is on surface, especially during xmas event you can get pretty sick ascendant ones. And it does drop you just need like to it daily during 90/50% night for few days. It will drop. I think i got mine on 3rd day of xmas ( ascendant one ) and journey/mastercraft x3 during normal escapades. Av 50 red drops to get one during my tests Never seeen RD saddle/bp drop in caves of abe. Also gen2 drops can drop bp and saddles ( got 2 already )
  15. I would bring wyverns into the fight but they get torpor dmg in 5 seconds. Whats even point of flyers then.
  16. Kazaanh

    Worst map

    Played a bit of this map and only reason it exists in some cross-arks is because of easy artifacts to use on other maps. Map is very flat, lighting is weird, biome transition feels like you would play some psx game, 0 spelunking for artifacts. Which is most fun to use your gear and dinos. Im very disappointed, each zone feels like "woah this is gonna be amazing" then you enter into that temple like no one with no challenge. A wyvern skeleton could make a nice miniboss there ( there are already bones of wyvern laying in the temple ). Boring map, its stretched out island
  17. Make ankylo auto harvest 50% less effective when not-ridden. 100% when player ridden. Or make their attack animations more smooth, like where you could move and attack at the same time.
  18. TEK and Flyers disabled, are best thing to ever happen. When you fly ( which most likely all of people who are complaing about small biomes did ), or creative mode. It of course appears small, when you try to walk on the foot or with dino you get a feel that map is really big. All Genesis biomes are absolutely beautiful, and hard. Which is what I expected them to be. Sure mission area where you can build and where you can't is annoying, but once you find that spot to make a base its not bad. It kinda restricts with cheesy tactics to block dinos with structures. So you gotta approach
  19. Map looks beautiful but those force-fields everywhere are very annoying. Imo these biomes should be connected together , even if it means by a crazy way with fractured chunks of landscape etc. Its a simulation after all, why wouldn't snow biome or ocean biome be connected into lunar biome? Talk about crazy stuff but that could work and put to use a lot of dinos, flyers and even engrams from others DLC to utilize here like tek bridges or ziplines. You can see a passion behind this DLC and a lot of work but honestly, this DLC feels like it wasn't created for "us" community. What community w
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