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  1. Right? I really can't see how the Bison dino or whatever its called is going to be any different to what we already have? I have a feeling it'll be lazy abilities like give milk, or the shearing sheep for wool animation. I hope i get surprised, because right now, i don't have much hope for this Cardigan dino lol And it literally LOST TWICE and they are still adding it?? Like what is that? So dumb.
  2. ARK is one of the greatest sandbox games created, with such scope of a project i can deal with some bugs etc. But I would liked if Devs fixed some bugs that are fixable ( like Scorched Earth caves difficulty and bugged red relic drops spawn, its not a problem to fix them because you added extinction/genesis notes to many existing maps) Or explain why longneck reload bug exists, and why is it not fixable ( because our code is bit bad since ark1 was our first game, with ark2 we have a clear new start ) A bit more clarity would be nice to see from time to time. I don't play PvP so won't comment
  3. What makes me thing, Fjordur is going to be extremely big map about traveling around and you get a bull-cow that can't even jump or fly. Yet you promote a dino that preffers stationary game design. Fjordurr seems to be a big open map, where a big dinosaur roaming around would fit ( note we have only giga to be dangerous enough ), the armordillosuchus suggestion would be great addition for rocky-hills traversal of Fjordurr and surely iconic dino pick and quite fun. Or the flying insect one, also great idea. Since we didn't really had any big insects. But ya'all guys want some mammal to do giga meat runs on them. Well they wouldn't even be a good for meat runs because they would mostly drop Pelt/Wool and overcumber your dino pretty much quickly. There are so many great suggestions , im quite disappointed in this community votes.
  4. If Wildcard released giga today, it would be quite different. After genesis 1/2 they really outdid themselves with dino designs and their uses. Carcha for sure "wouldnt end up like another giga", meanwhile you have people who want a cow. Where cow suggests a stagnation and is completely opposite to that ARKs work like And game needs something more dangerous to be faced against.
  5. As long as Wildcard updates oceans and water ecosystem iam all in. He could be like underwater battering RAM, or be made into submarine with Metal Tier Saddle. Where it could mount 2 torpedoe guns on his sides. Giving him some long range attack along the tail stun/knockback. Where would be the player seated? Perhaps on top a small platform saddle in size of 4-6 foundations. Preff with no water inside
  6. Alright, so why do people vote for another Trike? We have 2 already and 1 is not even used at all ( Pachyrhinosaurus ), and could use some TLC.
  7. So far this creature sounds like it would put huge strain on server performance. A radar to sense various resources. A bigger radar that scans area to sense creature movement. Assuming it would be used in PvP too, it could cause quite big lags. Especially in high populated servers.
  8. Well If you rally want pack animals . . . you have Morellatops from Scorched Earth. Ohh does anyone even remember this creature? It fits exactly the same role, made for nomadic play of style with water-dispenser feature. No one uses this dino anymore. Yeah it will get the same treatment unless Wildcard makes her "milk" raise taming effectiveness or imprint %. Then instead of pack or nomadic playstyle you will have a dino with a single role dedicated to sit at base doing nothing. And will turn into major PvP creature to look for. There is so many interesting concepts and ideas for prehistoric dinos that could be pulled from archeology data and we end up with another mammal. . . cow . . . at least dinopithecus got interesting mechanics and sounds fun to use. For example water dino at this point, would be far better choice because it could at least consider Wildcard to revamp how ocean works in this game. And it surely needs more variety.
  9. Thats actually kinda true . . . What this creature will bring into the ARK, beside being a walking meat/pelt farm? People like overloaded dinos after genesis1. Bison doesn't seems like they will have lots of mobillity. oh cool can milk them, but for what oh cool pack creature, like many others While it would fit in Fjordurr perfectly, i doubt it will be fun creature to be added in. Since that map seems to be quite big and open a bigger dinos would fit better. Especially something that could traverse rocky terrain well like Armodilosuchus suggestion. It would be bloody perfect.
  10. This is absolutely great idea for new dino, definitely my votes goes for HIM But sadly you can't win against someone who made few maps and rallies people all over twitter and discord to vote for some boring furry cow.
  11. I agree with this ARK without tek is not an ARK. Iconic part of ark even with that/wooden/stone tier it was that in the distance "you could feel SyFy". It was map with crazy TEK elements spread across the arks. I could see ARK2 players spawning in their own cryopods in random places, which will run out of element and cease to function = can't download any blueprints/engrams so you have to make them up from scratch again. I would love and suspect we will see parts of TEK being reused in primitive way, look at santiago axe and spear skin. It has TEK part of blade and primitive rest. Looks like salvaging old tech will be big part of the game. I could see a lot of TEK stuff being scattered around the world, explorable like some ancient tech-ruins. Even tek stryders laying around. Instead of beacons you could have these life-boats to loot from It would add a lot of depth into the game too, scouting around the alien planet in search of original engrams. And element? Its everywhere, there are 2 moons who knows maybe 1 is full of element. Makes me wonder how creatures like Ferox will work there, maybe evolve enough to control this transformation or find alternative source of element on the planet.
  12. SE also have lots of bugs, devs claimed that they can fix it but to this day never did. Which could be done anyways when they added helena notes from gen1/2 across the all maps. Well even extinction notes.
  13. Spinos even with low HP , you have more chance to get good saddle and they out-dps rexes by a far. Also on some boss arenas you get water-buff. Their attack animation is very quick You can do bosses with reapers too. And they do surprisingly well with their natural build in resistances. Allos do work too even without bleed debuff, but would agree it should be hotfixed for them. Deino get like 5 stacks and it works on bosses? All you need is 1 deino to shred the boss, meanwhile allo needs to be in a 2-allo pack minimum. ( at least they do well in gen missions ) Shadowmanes are great boss combatants. Magmasaurs are great too, especially on dragon. There are plenty of choices, i personaly go with mixed in dinos. Carcha would add more dinos into the boss-dino pool, but we might end up seeing dinopithecuses too as a new alternative. By toxicity i mean how public voting system like this only sparks in-fights within the community for no reason at all. Votes should be anonymous and hidden. On 1 side you have team dino-monke which got baited by "monke with guns" in the end it didn't even got them. As you can see in this thread, comments and everywhere. Unecessary reason to split community even further.
  14. On survive the ark, just get like 170 movement speed, worst is first phase but you can cheese them with slingshot if you dont want to waste armour . If you do go for spear best weapon. If you are smart you can do first 2 waves with free weapon to conserve credits. My optimal setup was to get tekbow asap, it snipes everything and get allos only. Dimorphs are good since they are small and most of flyers will miss them and ground creatures will bundle under them trying to hit what they can't. Kapros have very smol hitbox and lots of creatures miss them. Ravagers are also good option, since they get bleed effect. Allos also have bleed which speeds up killing bigger dinos. All you have to do is to kite around and snipe big flyers, and dangerous dinos like magmas, reapers, spinos etc. Tek rifle/ rifle / are also good options if you can't spare credits for tek bow or dont like using it. Only dragon summon is useful, others are crap.
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