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Events are ruining the experience.

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Events are ruining the experience.

I'm leveling WAY faster than i can make things, early game has become nonexistent.  Before i have a chance to make any thatch i already have wood building. before i have a chance to make a parasaur saddle i can make a raptor saddle.  I'm trying to introduce my friend to the game and there is no way to give him a normal official pvp experience.

It's super hard to find normal dodos to get an egg supply started, and the party hats obviously break any kind of immersion anyone wants to have.

The taming and breeding times actually seem good, this is what 1x should be. 30 minutes to tame an ichthyornis or a pteranadon is PLENTY, 2 hours is a cruel joke. Wild card, i know this might be hard for you to personally understand, but some people actually have to work for a living. Those people don't want to spend their limited after work time taming two things that are just gonna be killed in 1/10th of a second by a 7 year old griefing everyone he sees with a 400+ mana someone gave him.

make non-event server clusters, don't increase regular xp during events, and make 1x taming and breeding time more like 4x or make all official servers 4x all the time. seems like common sense to me...

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I agree the XP part of the events is OP. also that taming and breeding at 4x seems about right for regular rates. Switching to 3x for the the Summer Bash is gonna feel slow and pointless tedium.

I wouldn't put the blame on the events though, they are far more than just rate increases, they just need to take a fresh look at what standard rates should be and adjust.

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