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  1. ok ok, fine, how do i contact a GM in the game then? to ask for help?
  2. why are you guys being so mean to the developers, of course there is an unstuck button. This is clearly a common issue, there is no way to get immediate help from a GM and it would be silly for them to expect a GM to be constantly unsticking players, and there's no way wild card would put players through this and allow such an embarrassing issue to exist for so long. can we get confirmation from someone within wild card? this is just too hard to believe. also, on a somewhat related side note, what is the button for autorun? is it another one of the unlisted unbindable c
  3. playing official pvp btw i was running back to my body yesterday and got stuck between a rock and the side of a cliff. it wasn't an obscure location, right along the beach so i'm sure it happens to people all the time... of course i tried anything i could think of to get out, but since my food was barely going down and i couldn't even eat my poop, as i was considered to be in mid air, and for some reason this fantasy world dissallows eating while in mid air or underwater despite it being entirely possible irl... also, i thought that if i put it in my toolbar to maybe mash the butto
  4. Events are ruining the experience. I'm leveling WAY faster than i can make things, early game has become nonexistent. Before i have a chance to make any thatch i already have wood building. before i have a chance to make a parasaur saddle i can make a raptor saddle. I'm trying to introduce my friend to the game and there is no way to give him a normal official pvp experience. It's super hard to find normal dodos to get an egg supply started, and the party hats obviously break any kind of immersion anyone wants to have. The taming and breeding times actually seem good, this is
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