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Legacy: Crystal Isles and Manas

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Legacy: Crystal Isles and Manas

Ok, Chrystal Isles is live and since then direct transfer on Official Legacy servers is broken. You might be able to upload items to the cloud and retrieve them at the destined server using a clone or a toon you created on the same account. But if you don't have either ... well.
This kinda sucks already but it's getting worse!
Since last Sunday, yesterday, there's two Crystal Isles servers available to Legacy players. They just popped up at some point
without any notification. Sure enough you can not transfer over as transfers are broken (see above).
But you CAN transfer items, any kind of item, including cryo pods but excluding the usual stuff like trophies and tributes etc.
As of now the servers are being populated with low lvl players riding on end-game gigas, manas, rexes, argies and so on.
It really is funny to explore the map and find metal pillars everywhere most belonging to tribes and players hiding their names behind lego blocks.

Yes, this is Legacy and I know there is no support. But this is not a support issue. It simply is Effed Up.

And this is not about the advantages or disadvantages of playing Official or Legacy or Private. This is about a broken mechanic and not about player XY who lost his beloved dino glitching into the mesh.

And please don't tell me that Legacy is going to be abandonned. Officials will be too sooner or later. And if WC really things
about stopping Legacy then they simply can flip a switch and don't need to add servers for Genesis in Feb or Crystal Isles just yesterday.

Dear Wildcard, please fix the broken transfers for Legacy, and wipe the CI Legacy servers clean after to give all Legacy players a fair chance to settle on CI



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I wanted to create an outpost on Crystal Islands with a friend. Sadly everything is pillared by box-tribes already and they even have tek transmitters. Well talk about fair play. Better wipe the maps and restart over with an ANNOUNCED DATE. Everybody else on this planet can achieve this but Wildcard can't?! Really?! Talking to people is not an option Wildcard?!?

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