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  1. Come to the legacy servers We don't have to deal with the game masters anymore. We are free people lol
  2. Does it matter? It's raptoring with players time and progress. Wildcard needs to put a damn statement.
  3. I wanted to create an outpost on Crystal Islands with a friend. Sadly everything is pillared by box-tribes already and they even have tek transmitters. Well talk about fair play. Better wipe the maps and restart over with an ANNOUNCED DATE. Everybody else on this planet can achieve this but Wildcard can't?! Really?! Talking to people is not an option Wildcard?!?
  4. @lilpanda Hi Panda I'm a player of PVE 423 and I know you helped us in the past. I only demand one thing: information. If Wildcard wants to get rid of all legacy servers, tell us. If Wildcard is working on a fix, tell us. I will NOT except anything else. A LOT of players are pissed now and I will make sure that as many people as possible are not going to buy anything from Wildcard anymore. If this is the only option that we have so be it.
  5. I call this Fake News. You claim to treat all people equally, yet you do NOTHING to resolve the char transfer issues in the legacy cluster. You are nothing but a bunch of liars. I raptoring regret everything that I did that promoted you in any kind of way.
  6. we finally got 2 crystal island servers ... yaay .. and the famous box-tribes already pillared everything. This game is so amazing.
  7. If you lose everything you and your team are invited to legacy 423. Come and explain your situation to the server community, I will back you up. We can't bring back memories but unlike Wildcard we provide support.
  8. lol go open a ticket and wait for a response ?
  9. Nope it's not. You're wrong as is everyone who said that in the past 3 years. But I will cheer as soon as the first "official" servers will be taken down as soon as player count is dropping. Right now only the popularity of the game is saving you. Better move on to private servers now huh?
  10. I've seen this during aberration launch, extinction launch, genesis launch, ragnarok launch, valguero launch ... what a surprise to have it at crystal isles launch as well
  11. I already regret that I bought the Genesis DLC. I should have invested it into beer instead.
  12. How ironic. The true meaning of survival in this game is surviving the glitches and problems that are randomly thrown in by funky developers. I hope for everyone that all issues are being resolved asap.
  13. Ahh here we go again. The classic legacy hate. So you want me to ditch 8k hours and start from scratch in "your" cluster? Why? Seriously why? Once they ever take down the servers I'll the latest savegame and avoid dippoop assclowns like you. But please answer me why I should move to "your" cluster? What is the benefit? What do I get if I join "this other, apparently better", community"? Edit: Apparently I had a lag while posting. Feel free to erase the previous posts. My apologies.
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