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  1. Mate, I play on legacy as well. I doubt there will be Genesis servers for legacy. It's pretty clever. This way they kill off the remaining population so they close all legacy servers for the releases of Genesis part 2. And even if they would open up 2 or 3 servers ... suddenly so many asshats would be pillaring the whole map for no reason. It simply isn't worth the trouble. I play my remaining time on legacy and Genesis on private and set up an own cluster one day.
  2. Legacy is running fine Have much fun with the Official Cluster
  3. "Certain servers" ? ... I have no words ...
  4. But this could mean there is a chance to get the minute right before the incident for a 99.99 % perfect rollback without any losses.
  5. The lack of communication from Wildcard is disgusting. Failures happen. However learning from incidents is not part of their concept. I already regret buying the DLC. Screw Genesis
  6. It's working again!! I'm logged in!! ........ hahahaha just kidding .. I'm starting to get tired and frustrated after 5 hours
  7. it's all up to everyone to put up reviews with your honest opinion on steam then
  8. Event is over. Chibis are still there and can be leveled. Still missing 3 though *It's something*
  9. I've been played PVE legacy for more than 7000 hours now and I've seen so many good and some bad things. The most frustrating things to me (right now) are decay timers and official server settings. While I know the importance for public servers I really dislike it and this is one major point why I would move away from official servers.
  10. No thanks ... I'll take the savegame and start my own cluster - with blackjack and hookers
  11. yeah did it this way, I got 2 vaults of chibis, 1 vault of candys and lots of stuff for the grinder. However I still don't know if the gacha level or gacha pairs are increasing the chance of getting rare loot or not.
  12. Does the Gacha Claus level has any influence on the loot ?
  13. Once you leveled one chibi with your char the information gets branded into the crystal in your arm. So you don't need the chibi later on anymore. On the island it is hard to level the chibis lvl 2+ as not so much alphas are spawning anymore. I didn't even see alpha tusos and mosas yet.
  14. yeah I got the same feeling. I've only seen about 20-30 alphas in the past 2 days on the island, not a single one around my base. Try to get some high lvl under water alpha. Might do brute cave a few times.
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