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Community Crunch 214: Valentines Day 5, On The Horizon, and EVO Event


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On 1/22/2020 at 5:23 PM, Dreadlockninja said:

Refund requested on steam for Genesis, I can deal with it being delayed how ever long is needed to ensure its less buggy on release. What I wont accept is being given a release date, then a rough period for release, then total silence on the subject. Its obviously not coming out this month or they would have given a date in this feed. Ill wait and watch the reviews now, I wonder if they can redeem themselves.

28th feb they said now

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On 1/21/2020 at 6:12 PM, GrandpaGrog said:

How about, with this Valentine's day event, WildCard, show some "Love" to the Velonasaur and the Managarmr and fix what ya'll broke by nerfing them into the ground. Give us back like half of the power of the Velo's thrash/shake attack and completely get rid of the ridiculous limitations you've placed on the Mana's movement. Or, if you still want to kill the fun of these two awesome dinos for those that somehow still play official, then at the very Least put something in the INI settings so that those of us that play unofficial/private servers have the Option to have these dinos perform the way we want them to. I think that at least is entirely reasonable.

I very much agree!!! We need to be able to adjust the damage done by the spikes because the melee adjustment only changes damage done when the velo slaps something which is useless. Soooo many people would not be mad anymore if this could be adjusted

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