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Add Crumble Decay Timer to all Foundations


Add Crumble Decay Timer to all Foundations

Decay timers help remove constructions that have been abandon.  For multiplayer pve this is great.  All you have to do is log in before the timers wear off.  If you are in render distance your timers reset.  

But there are still issues with landscape takeovers.   Most upsets are over pillared landscape.  But some upset is also over abandon warehouses.  For w/e unk reason people will continue to hold these constructions eternally even tho it is very obvious they are not in use.  

I want to question the game's original structure decay system:


Could this be changed so it has an age timer?  As in all foundations (only foundations) would age decay over time.  Requiring an actual physical presence to repair the damage with the required materials.  

Applying an age destruction to all foundations.  Keep the decay timers that are already implemented.  Just add an extra age destruction over time that appears on foundations only.  

It is to easy still for people to keep their constructions in multiplayer.  Once building is done no effort needs to be made.  Just log in once a week.   If people are going to keep their pillars and big empty boxes they should be forced to repair them.  

Also, please keep it simple if implemented.  As in no more thatch gets this time and stone gets that time and tek gets a different decay time.  Have the foundation only destruction decay timer be the same for all.  

If you do not fix your foundations they will start to crumble. 

I would want the crumble rate to be extreme but that will give everyone a fit.  I would want object to be completely crumbled within a week.  But a month would be less likely to cause a revolt.

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