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Community Crunch 186: Introducing Valguero


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47 minutes ago, AdamV said:

Friday is Approaching so for the 10000000000 Billionth time!! What server types please?


Offline Raid Protection? 

New crossarks to combat the duping? 

Please just list what server types will be released on console? Really can’t see this being to much to ask!!!!!

You’ll find out. Friday. 

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Well, as in the game, it is true in real life, Get ARKED son.   So what, the "will begin to roll out on July 19th 17:00 UTC" means that SOME systems will begin to be updated then.  Here it is 4 hours after and I've done all the things, restart, force update check restart, turn it off and back on, and it says up to date, and still no download.  What's up with that WIldcard?


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This update has messed up imprinting big time idk how but for example pteranodon gets 2 imprints 50 percent each on official same with rhinos now its 25 percent but imprinting time is still the same making it impossible to get to 100% before its fully grown messed up 3 of my mounts needs to be fixed fast 

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