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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Crowbar Crowbar 12/15/2016 Fast trade. Nice communication. Proof with pictures. Dreads Dreads
Dreads Dreads 12/15/2016 :) fast and proof with pics Crowbar Crowbar
NeDeX NeDeX 12/14/2016 I was buy from him 4 giga eggs for 40,000 ingots, he gave me all 4 eggs after 20,000 ingots and then we was going to bring more 20,000 ingots. Seller is awesome and trusty. Sleiva Sleiva
DoomedTruly DoomedTruly 12/14/2016 Great person held up end of deal and look forward to lots more trades with this person Gigaislife Gigaislife
Raheem Raheem 12/14/2016 stole my item BAMNative BAMNative
daxter336 daxter336 12/14/2016 Safe, Quality Gr0knik Gr0knik
daxter336 daxter336 12/14/2016 Good trader, Done a safe trade worth 50k bulltes Blackzilla Blackzilla
daxter336 daxter336 12/14/2016 Fast and safe trader. DragonRaid DragonRaid
Haku Haku 12/14/2016 Went smooth good guy Pearless Pearless
DigitalRej3ct DigitalRej3ct 12/14/2016 Amazing buyer! We did a good clean trade. Very recommended to do business with! KingBonea KingBonea
Mozzyy Mozzyy 12/14/2016 Trade went well, handled safely and quickly, will be trading again soon! MeatRam MeatRam
OJSHELPER OJSHELPER 12/14/2016 Very respectful, patient and trustworthy. Would be very happy to trade again. HughMungus HughMungus
taylor2570 taylor2570 12/14/2016 Very helpful, nice to speak to, polite TheTastyGoat TheTastyGoat
ldemiurg ldemiurg 12/14/2016 set up a tie and traded quick would recommend DoomedTruly DoomedTruly
HughMungus HughMungus 12/14/2016 Trust worthy guy, great deal! OJSHELPER OJSHELPER
SpCowboy SpCowboy 12/14/2016 NIce Trader. Even occupied he managed to make the trade with help of his tribe, wich are all friendly and helpful. They helped me build a shack so i could put my transferring stuff inside. Will definitly make other trades with him/them Razen Razen
Maximus3950 Maximus3950 12/14/2016 Good person to deal with. Transaction was very smooth. He is very trust worthy! ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755
Zee Zee 12/14/2016 Super Easy, trade with again anytime, Thanks again. HOSS602 HOSS602
ShaftAgain ShaftAgain 12/14/2016 2 days after agreeing with the trade he didn't need my stats anymore but proceeded with the trade anyway and on top of that was really helpful on his server to ensure the trade went smoothly ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
StupittMonkey StupittMonkey 12/14/2016 thanks 4 trade HHTippa HHTippa
Zee Zee 12/14/2016 Great trade. Traded one of my grown gigas for a wyvern and am very happy. :D PixxieCat PixxieCat
HulkJesus HulkJesus 12/14/2016 Great trade. He came through on his end. Would recommend and trade with again CheapDatezz CheapDatezz
CheapDatezz CheapDatezz 12/14/2016 Cool dude. Let me claim a wyvern first. Would definitely trade with him again. HulkJesus HulkJesus
ColtonM420 ColtonM420 12/14/2016 Smooth deal FxMatador FxMatador
ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755 12/14/2016 Slight issue trusting each other as can be expected but everything was smooth and he even threw in a couple of jerboas for me! Maximus3950 Maximus3950
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