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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Pacofou Pacofou 12/31/2016 Good trader, deal was quick and easy. Recommend. ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 12/31/2016 Good trader. Came to my server and delivered. Very patient with me not being able to get on much over the Christmas period. CurtBurt CurtBurt
CurtBurt CurtBurt 12/31/2016 Traded bps, everything went smooth, no troubles :) CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
Kershkbeer Kershkbeer 12/31/2016 Great trade. Came to my server with the Mistletoe and went first. Daleyboyjim Daleyboyjim
Daleyboyjim Daleyboyjim 12/31/2016 Good Guy , fast Trader , cant wait to trade with him again :D Kershkbeer Kershkbeer
Schelmixi Schelmixi 12/31/2016 Bought crossbow from comment, nice and easy trade. b0ender b0ender
Xaido Xaido 12/31/2016 Smooth trade Vad Vad
Vad Vad 12/31/2016 it was a easy and fast trade thank you :) Xaido Xaido
ArkAtlus ArkAtlus 12/31/2016 Friendly trader and a quick and easy item swap :) BottledBurps BottledBurps
BottledBurps BottledBurps 12/31/2016 Excellent trade A+++ Will trade again thank you! ArkAtlus ArkAtlus
Bollava Bollava 12/31/2016 Awesome guy, friendly, very quick and honorable. 10/10 would definitely trade again! bulldog1986 bulldog1986
bulldog1986 bulldog1986 12/31/2016 Great trader. Made a deal for a 420 rex and he upgraded me to a full grown male to breed with my bloodline free of charge!!! Great guy to buy from. Bollava Bollava
Vinhasa Vinhasa 12/31/2016 Very nice and helpful. Took some coordinating to get on at the same time but was great to work with! 10/10 would trade with him again. Bollava Bollava
Bollava Bollava 12/31/2016 Did a trade for a couple of saddle BPs with him. Took a while to complete cuz of conflicting times played, but he was super patient and cool and worked with me to get the deal done after a few days of playing "phone tag" in game. Vinhasa Vinhasa
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 12/31/2016 Pleasant, fair, and accommodating seller! Entire process went smoothly and quickly! ATalkingRock ATalkingRock
HHTippa HHTippa 12/31/2016 Traded eggs with HH. Will trade again. anirishknight anirishknight
ATalkingRock ATalkingRock 12/31/2016 Very fast trade, patient buyer, smooth trade, will happely trade again :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Zee Zee 12/30/2016 Trustable trader. Traded me a Dragon for a BP Daleyboyjim Daleyboyjim
Daleyboyjim Daleyboyjim 12/30/2016 Straight to the point trader, he's prompt and delivers fast Zee Zee
Piepnie Piepnie 12/30/2016 Very nice and trustful player :) Would always trade again. Schelmixi Schelmixi
Guntock Guntock 12/30/2016 Quick,easy and without scam. Recommend that guy. Sleiva Sleiva
Sleiva Sleiva 12/30/2016 Quick and Easy Guntock Guntock
FengAiRu FengAiRu 12/30/2016 Thanks for the deal, very smooth trade :) mhmr81 mhmr81
b0ender b0ender 12/30/2016 Really good trade and absolutely trustful player. I hope we can trade again :) Schelmixi Schelmixi
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 12/30/2016 Critical was a great person to deal with. Very straight forward and to the point, will continue to deal/trade with him. Was also very prompt for trade and I will be keeping in contact with him. Highly Recommended to trade with as I have had some bad deals previously. Thank you again and goodluck! Atrophical Atrophical
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