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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Varekai Varekai 12/26/2016 Fast trade, good trader and trustable. Willing to trade again in future Razen Razen
ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27 12/26/2016 Great and reliable, I've done over 6 trades with him would recommend DoomedTruly DoomedTruly
bulldog1986 bulldog1986 12/26/2016 Good and fair trade, Reliable. ta66744 ta66744
DoomedTruly DoomedTruly 12/26/2016 Good traded, Trusted. Have made multiple trades. Recommend ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27
De1lici0us De1lici0us 12/26/2016 Good trade. Went smooth with no problems. Recommend ShackledFob27 ShackledFob27
Razen Razen 12/26/2016 Great trader, very fast and fair. Highly recommend. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
KittyB KittyB 12/26/2016 Good Trade, Went Smoothly! LastMeheecan LastMeheecan
LastMeheecan LastMeheecan 12/26/2016 Traded a BP for a wyvern- smooth trade, cool guy. Will trade again. KittyB KittyB
FxMatador FxMatador 12/26/2016 Baught fert eggs, transaction was quick. would absolutely trade with person again in the future knucklehead knucklehead
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 12/26/2016 Perfect trade, very good trader! Anytime for a new trade! Varekai Varekai
TKingPaintball TKingPaintball 12/25/2016 Awesome buyer. Transfered to his server and conducted the deal. If he ever wants business with me again I will never turn him down! 10/10 will trade with again! SteveIrwin SteveIrwin
Razen Razen 12/25/2016 Perfect, fast and good price! Varekai Varekai
Varekai Varekai 12/25/2016 Very fast trade, polite player, everything went very smooth ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
SteveIrwin SteveIrwin 12/25/2016 Fast and Easy deal! Would Highly recommend to any one! TKingPaintball TKingPaintball
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 12/25/2016 Great trader, willing to come to server if necessary, even if our timezones doesn't match. Willing to trade more in the future Razen Razen
TheEliteHitman TheEliteHitman 12/25/2016 Great seller ClimaxFX ClimaxFX
ClimaxFX ClimaxFX 12/25/2016 Quick negotiation and straight forward transaction! TheEliteHitman TheEliteHitman
docknex docknex 12/24/2016 Nice and trustworthy trader Presator Presator
Presator Presator 12/24/2016 Great guy, fast & easy. docknex docknex
Godan Godan 12/24/2016 Excellent trade! very smooth. Seller is trustworthy, prompt, nice, and reliable. Recommended! Alevia Alevia
Alevia Alevia 12/24/2016 Very friendly and trustworthy - thanks for a smooth trade. Highly recommended! Godan Godan
xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx 12/24/2016 Bought a rex off this guy and the deal couldn't have gone smoother I highly recommend him. InfiniteMean020 InfiniteMean020
daxter336 daxter336 12/24/2016 nice smooth trade Genma Genma
KodakSuzii KodakSuzii 12/24/2016 Great trader. I recommend Pacofou Pacofou
ThunderxCatsx4X20 ThunderxCatsx4X20 12/24/2016 DOESNT KEEP HER WORD Player messaged me saying she had 2 fert tapa eggs could trade. i asked what she want for them and she ask about mantis eggs. i asked if she could do 4 tapa eggs for 70 eggs. she countered asking for 80. we agreed. a couple days later after collecting i gave her the mantis eggs and she gave me only 2 tapa eggs. i asked about the other 2 and she said she misunderstood but would get us the other 2 eggs in a couple days. its been 5 days now and she hasnt responded to my mesages ishi ishi