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  1. I will message you on Xbox Live when I get home as I do not have my steam profile synched with Ark.

  2. All of these are extremely relevant. Is it just me or can anyone else hear the Spino one with Mr. Fruit's voice? Also 15fps... I would probably die from the elation.
  3. Well said. It just means that instead of grinding for 5 hours to get enough metal to build a largely defensible base, you only have to grind for 2-3. Time can be better utilized and it's not as much of a pain to achieve large goals. It's still a grind and you have to put effort in, but your effort is a little more rewarding. Especially on those evolution weekends By the way, just wanted to say that I've read a bunch of your stuff and I think you're doing a pretty good job as a community mod. Keep up the good work. I've been in that position on other forums before and your effort is
  4. An app would be fantastic and if it was something that just pulled directly from the API, the devs of said app could easily make this Xbox and PS compatible.
  5. As much as I was apprehensive about this change, after playing the game for a bit with it, I'm happy with the outcome. More people are logged in daily, which makes for a more fun experience. At least in my server, anyways. I knew I would appreciate the higher harvest rates because who really wants to grind for 2 hours to get 3k-4k ingots? Granted I'm also on SE, but still. Much easier now. And taming efficiencies are better, the higher the multiplier is, so it just means tames come out higher on kibble! Bravo, I like the change. Platinum
  6. Edit: I should read better, I see it's been asked. I hope that maybe in the future this will see functionality with XboxLive.
  7. If you read this and are looking for trades, looking for a handful of saddles.  Or breeding partners.  Have materials or wyverns to trade!

    1. Frxsco


      what you wanting for a wyvern ?

    2. PlatinumCore16


      Well funny story, this was before we got wiped.  So no more wyverns to trade.

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