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  • Community Crunch 175: Classic PVP, Console Patch, Eggcellent Adventure Returns, and More!

    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

    Classic PvP Begins Tomorrow!


    Last week, in conjunction with Snail Games, we announced a new game mode called “Classic PvP as an exciting large-team competitive experience for ARK. As a studio, we want to explore fun, new ideas and we believe large group PvP has a lot of undiscovered potential. With Classic PvP we'll be looking for your help to suggest balance changes throughout the seasons, while we strive to make this mode fun and competitive for everyone. Over time, as the game mode receives its adjustments and tweaks, we will be connecting the isolated clusters to each other so that they form a more extensive network.

    Although Aberration and Extinction aren’t available in Classic PvP, the development team is actively looking for opportunities to re-include the content into the mix with balance changes that are in line with the new Classic PvP game mode. While we hope to re-add this content to expand on Classic PvP, there is no specific timeline or timing on this.

    The Classic PvP game mode will also serve as a test for new experiences to come, and we’re excited for all the possibilities it can lead to. To start, we'll be working with the community to actively seek out tribes and tribe leaders to be representatives in a new type of broadcasted competitive Classic PvP event. These representatives may be sponsored; therefore they must ensure that they’re upholding fundamental values within their tribe which promote clean and fair play. By doing so, they'll be playing a significant role in expanding ARK’s competitive PvP gameplay and helping us shape the future of large group PvP.

    Look out for the launch of our Classic PvP servers tomorrow at 10 AM PST!

    If you missed the Classic PvP details last week be sure to read up on them at the link below:

    Upcoming Console Patch!

    Xbox and PS4 will both be receiving a patch to fix a number of issues tomorrow at 10am PST. The update version for these patches is: Xbox: v785.11 and PS4: v534.16. The patch notes are listed below.

    Stay tuned to our Twitter account for up-to-date information regarding the patch release(s) tomorrow.



      • Fixed double door pickup after pickup timer has expired
      • Disabled structure pickup when inventory is full
      • Fixed bug preventing Triangle Roofs from being placed on Large Walls
      • Increased health of Fence Supports
      • Added Homestead Tek engrams to the boss dinos on Scorched, Aberration, and Extinction
      • Kibble
        • Set Yutyrannus eggs to be usable with Extraordinary kibble recipes
        • Fixed imprint requests on Scorched Earth
        • Fixed imprint requests on Aberration
        • Icon alterations
      • Dedicated Storage
        • Fixed potential crash
        • Disabled Withdraw Stack if your inventory is full
        • Now drops full inventory in all scenarios
        • Removed mention of fridge, as storage does not function as such


      • Fixed issues with forge crafting.
      • Fixed issue with crafting new kibble.  
      • Fixed issue with beeswax production in beehives.
      • Fixed crafting issues with hazard suit.
      • Fixed misc issues with coal harvesting


      • Now take damage equivalent to flyers
      • Fixed Managarmr’s forward dashing when walking off edges


      • Reduced speed gain per level


      • Oviraptors are now allowed in via Obelisk transfer


      • Added Hesperonis spawns to the Desert and Snow biomes
      • Fixed a water volume in the Desert biome that was not set to trigger on collision
      • Adjusted Desert water spawner values to have more fish 


      • Speculative fix for infinite trike ram


      • Boot armor now matches other pieces

      Non-Homestead Tek

      • Added more Tek engrams to various bosses

      Platform Saddles

      • Re-disabled C4 placement
      • Disabled High Wall placement


      • Fixed exploit related to Enforcer
      • Fixed exploit related to Basilisks
      • Fixed exploit related to Fence Supports
      • Fixed exploit related to Tuso
      • Fixed exploit related to platform limits


      • Fixed crash related to mounts and walls
      • Fixed crash related to Managarmrs


      • Improved server performance when turning on and off electrical/water networks in certain circumstances


      • Fixed Disconnect related to Flex Pipes

      Explorer Notes

      • Fixed Explorer Note menu display bug

      ARK Community Team Changes!


      We've recently made some changes small changes to the Community Management team that you may have noticed!

      The purpose of any community team is to make sure the community is being heard and that the feedback they are receiving is being relayed to the developers and management. The Community Management team is a middle point of communication that is employed by the company but works for you, the players! In order to do this effectively, we have expanded the existing team to include Cedric, who is joining Jen. While Jen has been on the Community Team for over three years, Cedric is a newcomer to the team. With beginnings as the developer of Primitive Plus, his active experience on the ARK development team makes him a prime candidate to move over to the Community Team, and provide a new perspective.

      We have many more ideas for ways to get the community involved in our roadmap as well as different ways for you to create and share ARK content. It is because of our community that we have been very fortunate to work on and build this game we have all invested a lot of time in. The community matters, conversation matters, and open dialogue matters. While we have always been watching and listening, we’re excited to have another set of eyes to better include you into that conversation. 

      Be sure to send your community ideas over to Cedric or Jen!

      Undermeshing Concerns...

      Last week it was made very clear by the community that meshing remains a critical issue in ARK. Without going into extreme technical detail, it is complicated to show our internal efforts to combat meshing, which is something we have continually been working on. Since it is such a hot topic, ARK developers have been more vocal on social media about ways we've tried to detect and circumvent those who do mesh. If it's one thing we know - players are ingenious and creative, which extends into how they approach meshing, and exploiting the game at large. Giving up too much of the internal working of changes we have made and continue to work on would compromise these efforts. With that said, here's what can be said definitively:

      • We'll make an effort at being more transparent about what we’re doing in regards to preventing undermeshing partly by calling them out in the patch notes going forward
      • We are actively seeking out people who use mesh exploits and banning them

      As you might imagine, crafting a solution that handles all cases of meshing on all of our maps is challenging. Beyond fixing the sources of meshing, we're continually refining the methods we use to detect players under the mesh. We've made significant strides in this area recently by developing an approach that lets us know sooner than ever if someone is where they shouldn't be, which enables our Enforcement team to take action more quickly. We started issuing bans based on this new method on Friday and will continue to issue bans against anyone who intentionally meshes and exploits the game.

      Code of Conduct Changes!

      The Enforcement Team are back again with another important notice regarding the Code of Conduct. We'd like to make Official Players aware of the following revisions:

      Small Tribe Server Specific Rules


          Building bases together to provide mutual defenses

          Old: Joint raids against one or more tribes (including cross-server)

          New: Joint raids against one or more tribes (12 v 6 etc)


          Sharing tame breeding lines between tribes

          Sharing tames between tribes

          Moving characters back and forth between multiple tribes

          Using non-tribemember bodies to store and transport items

          Bringing players from multiple tribes into a Boss Fight

      PvE Specific Griefing

          Old: Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, etc)

          New: Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc)

          Old: Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames and/or rafts

          New: Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames (such as Dodo, Jerboa, or easy to 'tame and maintain' dinos) and/or rafts

      You can find the Code of Conduct here to keep up to date!


      ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 4 Coming!


      You’ve guessed it, Eggcellent Adventure is back later this month! And to encourage everyone to get into the festive spirit, we’ll be holding our egg painting competition again this year.

      During the event: after you've managed to hunt down a Bunny Dodo or Bunny Oviraptor and find yourself an egg, place the egg down on the ground and take out your paint brush and dyes. You'll be able to paint select regions on the egg as well as free-hand paint it with the brush to paint any design on it. Be creative!

      There will be three competitions with a prize to the winner of $100!

      • PC Egg Painting
      • Console Egg Painting
      • Real-life Egg Painting

      The first two are self-explanatory and make sure in your entry to state whether you're a PC, Xbox, or PS4 user. PC players will be in one category (using a mouse) and console users (using a controller) in another category to make things fair. Players are expected to paint their own designs and downloading templates or images to use is not allowed.

      In the third category, we're looking for you and your tribe mates to get together and paint some eggs in real life that somehow reflect the world of ARK! Screenshot or photo quality won't be taken into consideration but try to get a picture that best shows off your egg.

      The entries will be judged by our community team. Submissions are limited to three eggs per survivor, so choose your best egg! You'll have the month of April to enter! Submit them in the provided thread later this month when the in-game event begins, and we'll pick a winner at the end of the month!

      Conquest Server Backups!

      Along with the closure of the Conquest servers, we’ve made backups of these server saves available at the link below for any players who wish to maintain their progress on their server.

      Conquest Server Backups

      Creator Feature - UpFromTheDepths!

      This week we're excited to feature a videographer known as UpFromTheDepths! You may have seen his documentary-style ARK videos featured in the past on Twitter or dev livestreams. We invite you to check out his series 'Paleo ARK', which follows the creatures of ARK through the days in their lives.

      We have to applaud UpFromTheDepths along with the rest of his cinematic filming/acting team for their dedication to providing beautiful and moving films featuring the world and creatures of the ARKs. We look forward to see what's next!

      Evolution Event!


      Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 5th of April at 1 PM EST until Monday the 8th of April at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

      • 2x Harvesting Rates
      • 2x Taming Rates
      • 2x EXP Rates

      That's it for this post!

      As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at:

      Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
      Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
      Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
      Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
      Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
      Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
      Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark

      All the best,
      Studio Wildcard

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      Has there ever been a thought on giving every creature in the game a sleep and rest animation like the megalosaurus so when you get back to your base you can put them to sleep and it will cause them to heal faster but not take up as much food just saying I think it would be an awesome feature to the game 

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      Am I the only one who thinks that hit for hit PVP combat is boring, stale and pointless? I mean the only strategy for that is 'biggest health and damage pool wins'. What Wildcard needs to do is refine their pvp so it's a more interesting and unique style of gameplay with dodging and combo mechanics for both players and animals. They need to have secret animal ability combos that animals can do together for devastating effects example: Managarmr and Poison Wyvern are a great combo, one freezes, the other poison bombs.  As it is now I never play PVP. I don't see a lot of fun and enjoyment in standing on a paracer and soaking bullets, or just mashing the  attack button till a wall breaks or something similar. PVP in this game has been dead since day one. The only thing that is keeping this game alive is the fact you can breed, tame and ride dinosaurs. PVE should get a lot more love in terms of things to do and style of progression. More dungeons, world bosses, exploring and areas of interest. As it is it's just, get some good dinos and enjoy the view. This game is only good because the initital idea of the game was new, unique and interesting. Awesome idea for a game Wildcard, extremely poor execution of said game. If you truly love your game Wildcard, then give the rights to someone who can make this game better like what Epic did for Paragon.

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      Posted (edited)

      On 4/6/2019 at 3:18 AM, Dakronik said:

      Did you catch the last sentence where I said "and I still can't bring myself to play it anymore"? Or before that where I said it's been hard to quit with so much time invested and lots of friends that still play?

      This is a niche game. If there were another option (besides Conan, which....lulz) I'd gladly play it instead. Hence my very real desire to lobby a competent team to rip it off and steal their entire player base.

      And I need a better system? I'm not on PC. The game was released on X Box One before the X was even a thing.  I have this weird mindset that if you release your game on a certain console, it should work on said console.... Crazy, I know. Check around and you'll find everyone on X box has all these same problems. The One X solves some crashing and lag issues. Some. 

      The game is a dumpster fire and the devs are incredibly inept as they've proven over and over. I haven't even touched on meshing, or all their terrible responses. Including the one in this Community Crunch. As we speak our cluster is doing whatever they can to defend against a group of meshers who already robbed the largest tribe and have been quite vocal about hitting every tribe on the cluster. Anyone wanna make a wager on anything being done in a timely manner? lol....

      Read thoroughly before dropping your pithy response. 

      Oh no I read you're first post. But go ahead and try to make something as complex as this game and when you do, let's see it. I played ark roughly around when it started. Having to deal with the boring island map. I left around schorched earth because my friends decided they wanted to do something else, as well as the host for a dedicated server decided to be a sausage and give his Xbox to his wife already knowing how much hours we spent on it. I get your frustrations, but all in all, well, this sounds like a you problem.  And tribe robbers? I've never even heard of them. Not really from anyone but yourself. But it goes to show how mature people want to act over this game. Ruin it for others who just want to have a decent game. 

      So find a different game if you're so hurt over this one.

      So that's my 'pithy' response.

      Edited by Xylom
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      Rather than ban undermeshing, why not let players manipulate the terrain in-game? With expendable tools, and such? I think there's a module for the unreal engine that allows it. And make it so players and dinos that clip into terrain die instantly. Why ban, when they can suffer a loss of progression and engrams?

      Edited by NickDaTiktaalik

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      Am curious for the real life egg painting later if we can do other mediums other than paint on the egg? 😃

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      Please can someone tell me when the eggcellent adventure is happening Easter is next sunday

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