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  1. Most likely that server doesn't have a rule against building like that, especially around starting locations.
  2. Do remember, unless one is using a mod, you cannot breed wyverns nor rock drakes, so those eggs can only be stolen from the nests normally so yeah.... They should have a 'few' more dinos for that list that can breed that doesn't require any of the DLCs to get (least with wyvern you can get Ragnarok for free and get the wyvern eggs from there!)
  3. This is when you take a berry harvesting dino and go crazy in an area with it. I can get up to 800+ berries within a span of a few minutes without changing any of the settings that affects gathering
  4. Raising a megalania and it asked for Kibble (Camelsaurus Egg) instead of simple kibble when it wanted care during the imprinting process. This makes it near impossible to get full imprint buff unless one uses a mod to return to the old kibble tier system or use admin commands to spawn in the required kibble. Please fix this major issue to have them ask for the new kibble, or remove from them wanting kibble during the imprinting.
  5. It is the mod itself that needs updating, as even tho the ini is set to false for the integrated, it has still altered the codes to the structures and thus the S+ mod no longer able to snap to the default structures for the most part.
  6. S+ the mod or the integrated version? I know the mod itself is current semi broken cause of the code changes dealing with the integrated stuff. Also, make sure to check mods that might be affecting them. I've had no issues getting in and out of the double doors but do still hate that my report about how they sit outwards and down was ignored.
  7. Not defending them, explaining a possible cause for why some new issues have occurred. I've studied in this and even have a degree in game design and the code altering between beta and live IS a thing. Hell I've beta'd many games in the past, one of which when it went live severely hurt it to the point it didn't last very long (When game went live, it was as if it was in Alpha all over again) I am sad to see that several issues that were brought up didn't seem to of been resolved prior to it going live which is a glaring mistake on their part as we were nice enough to report the issues we've come across and never got seen fixed so we can test the fixes.
  8. Do remember folks, the coding is slightly different between beta and live release. Such differences can cause a few issues when it goes live that cannot be test for
  9. I personally prefer this new kibble setup a lot more than I do the old. Hell, I never even BOTHERED with the old version after maybe 3 tries because its just too CHAOTIC to remember what tames prefer which freaking egg type kibble and instead just went the usual berry/veggie/meat route instead of attempting to do the kibbles. This new version I actually LIKE doing and using cause it greatly reduces the number of dinos I would keep around just for egg production. Now I need only to have 6 types of kibble to store and easily grab when planning on going out on a taming run and easily tame something and be able to tame then and there cause i already have one of the kibbles they enjoy without me having to recall which of the 50 types of kibble does so-and-so like best and hope I have the means to make it. This is why I think the new kibble system is easier. And true players will read update notes when the game does a patch/game update so that they can see the new changes, meaning only those stupid enough to not read said notes will be confused by the kibble rework and that's their own fault.
  10. Reason egg size matter is you have to consider which dinos the various kibble is for. The higher in tier you go, the LARGER in size (most of the time) the dinos that perfer it for taming. This means a lot more kibble is being made per serving and thus a larger egg is needed to bind it all. Imanaging trying to make 5 pounds of kibble with a tiny egg... Not going to work at all in keeping it bound together like it should be, and having to use who knows how many tiny eggs, when you can just use a giant egg instead..... Much easier
  11. The reason the egg is part of the kibble is stated in the recipe item ingame that says how to make it. The egg acts as a 'binding agent' to hold all the ingredients together into a 'kibble' consistency. The egg is not the primary ingredient at all, it is the meat/berries/veggies that are the primary for most of the recipes. Also, take a look at real world pet food for cats/dogs. They do include berries/veggies in there along side the meat so for carnivores it makes sense. After all, the prey they eat would have those nutrients from the plants they feasted on, if you give a carnivore 100% meat that has been dried out, a lot of those nutrients get removed in the process and thus the added fruits/veggies to make up for it. As for the herbivores, i do agree it would be neat having an 'all berry/veggie/honey' variant for them but they must still contain the fiber and egg as fiber is for digestion and the egg, as i stated before, is what holds it all together.
  12. Still not seeing how its more tedious. I just drop the entire stack of the crops needed into the cooker instead of a click per unit needed if i'm making more. If its so tedious doing 2 of the crops then why are berries perfectly fine at 5 and 10 amounts if your clicking for each one needed? Do you want those dumped down to a single unit as well cause to prevent it from being tedious?
  13. Those with industrial cooker doesn't have to worry about water containers as its part of the water pipe systems. As for being picky about the amount of farmed items needed for the recipes, how is it waste time and add frustration when there are two instead of one? I don't check my plots every few minutes to see if any produced, i just look in there whenever i remember to check fertilizer amounts and pull out whatever has produced, which often is up to 12 of them if not more, and toss them into a fridge for later use. When doing bulk making of the kibble people would just toss in however many they have of the items needed, not being picky that there is too many of one and not enough of the other, they can be reused later for another batch by putting the left over supplies into the fridge. Honestly, there is zero effort in raising crops. Make an irritation system, a thing of seeds per plot, and load it up with fertilizer and forget about it for for a day or a few days, check in on it here and there, toss harvests into fridge and keep going.
  14. Guys, the constant arguing isn't going to do anything. Instead of all these discussion/arguing, suggest ways to improve what is being tested. Its been suggested to add 'gateway' dinos into each of the egg groups on all official maps that doesn't require that group's kibble (example being a dino that takes basic kibble but can produce simple kibble). That's about the only suggestion I've really seen being made since the whole 'trying to make a point why or why not content is being removed' started. And also, people do need to remember that not all species exist on all maps outside of mods adding them into the maps. I myself only own the core game as I cannot afford any of the DLCs so things that don't spawn on The Island or Ragnarok arn't an option for me to use for gaining kibble (nor do i have a phone good enough to even attempt the mobile). The highest tier of kibble I feel should cover, in my opinion, at least 2 creatures across all official maps.
  15. In all honesty, nothing is getting removed. Its just being CHANGED, there's a difference there. If it was being removed we would have no kibble content at all anymore, instead its just being simplified, meaning its being changed. Do remember the difference between removed and changed please.