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  1. I agree with the whole changing the tek helm command key to something else. Its also buggy as well, where double pressing will instead turn off/on the helm instead of cycling through the mods, and holding e turns on/off the helm....
  2. Issue still going on here... Quite annoying
  3. Been getting random crashes as well on this map. Just now had mounted up onto a flyer and it froze, crashing a few minutes later. I hadn't even gotten into the air yet.
  4. Not all hostile dinos will attack while being carried. Only ones I've carried that have attacked my argy has been Tintaboa and Troodons, all others don't even attempt attacking while being carried.
  5. Am curious for the real life egg painting later if we can do other mediums other than paint on the egg?
  6. Sadly this isn't really an option if you don't want to disable placement collision
  7. Don't recall this being mentioned during the beta but its defently something to note with the Fence Supports. Currently been trying to use the Wood Fence Supports to do the nice even wall alignments and I noticed that when placing it on the bare ground and then placing walls on it.. there is a good size gap between the ground and the wall placement. This isn't what I want when trying to build a fence and I don't like using normal fence foundations since they don't make for even walls.
  8. Guys do think about it from a realistic point of view. In the real world, if you attempt this, the giant bird WOULD go for the more likely target to grab, the rider. It would take a LOT of training to get the bird to ignore the rider and pick up the dino under the rider and that's if you can even get it to accept that type of training.
  9. Only walk around I've discovered when I've encountered the issue on the PC version, is to manually spawn in the artifact through console commands. Not sure if its the same for xbox
  10. I know that using it while mounted effects the mount itself and not my character, yet god mode that i activated on myself before i mounted should not deactivate when i dismount Also, didn't notice till now that this is the xbox section XD had ment to post this in the PC section
  11. I had no issues with this until today as it was working perfectly fine prior to now and I've made no changes to my game. When in single player, normally I would activate god mode before riding a mount, and when I dismount the god mode is still active. This is how it has always been. But today, it cancels it when I dismount from the dino (i do not use the command while mounted) when it never done so before.
  12. Most likely that server doesn't have a rule against building like that, especially around starting locations.
  13. Do remember, unless one is using a mod, you cannot breed wyverns nor rock drakes, so those eggs can only be stolen from the nests normally so yeah.... They should have a 'few' more dinos for that list that can breed that doesn't require any of the DLCs to get (least with wyvern you can get Ragnarok for free and get the wyvern eggs from there!)
  14. This is when you take a berry harvesting dino and go crazy in an area with it. I can get up to 800+ berries within a span of a few minutes without changing any of the settings that affects gathering
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