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  1. New Recipe and associated Buff: Omelettes and Hearty Breakfast Ok, so we know that Eggs are primarily used in Kibble, and can be eaten straight. But you know what will help players? Omelettes! The better the Omelette, the greater and longer the "Hearty Breakfast" buff will affect and last. This is based primarily on the size of the egg, and it's associated ingredients. Fiber is omitted, save for the Kibble. BUT, think what a good breakfast in-game might accomplish, 50%+ XP gain, better melee impacts, more productive harvesting, faster movement, etc. Now, if this were possible, it's better to test that feature as a Workshop Mod.
  2. Rather than ban undermeshing, why not let players manipulate the terrain in-game? With expendable tools, and such? I think there's a module for the unreal engine that allows it. And make it so players and dinos that clip into terrain die instantly. Why ban, when they can suffer a loss of progression and engrams?
  3. Neat guide you came up with, faved in browser! As for my inquiries I have but three: First and foremost, have you covered anything about Region parameters? Such as, what NOT to do when tweaking the biome origins and spawn region bounds. Second, is it a good idea to tweak the parameters that are affected by the randomizer for first-time ARK-tographers? Finally, suppose you are aware of the naming convention of PG ARKs, having no parsing, and being one word. Would it be better to just give the ARK a name in a fantasy or sci-fi language? For instance, Vashannithval: "(The) Mountain (that) Time Forgot" in Aldmeris.
  4. There's this one Giganotosaurus that I tried to tame, but resulted in a bloodbath of my other tames. He was an angry son of a glitch, so angry I dubbed this level 112 fury, "Mad Max". Mad Max was able to survive a direct jab from a Wooly Rhino, named Horne. I plan to slaughter this beast of hatred to put Horne and the rest of the fallen at rest. Then, here's another naming convention for dinos, the kind that shake the heavens, make them seem godlike. I'm talking about divine names. The first male Raptor I tamed went by Talon, after the Raptor God of survival from Primal Rage, whose spheres are that of the wind, the great game, and the chase. You probably have an idea by now.
  5. NickDaTiktaalik

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    Just some pictures I took of my More-Awesome-Than-Your's Procedurally Generated Maps.
  6. I'm glad you approve of my recommendation for Tiktaalik roseae, the biggest dilemma is whether to make this fishapod attack players when threatened or attack them on sight.

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