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  2. I definitely noticed this when I magically had some engram points free up, I only had 25 left and it magically went up to somewhere around 35, so I'm assuming they removed them in the last patch. Whether this is intentional or a mistake, well all I can say is thats wild card for you. Now to wait to hear whether this is was a bug or a feature, and for the arguments to begin.
  3. This is exactly what is happening now on my S8, my S7 wont even load the game anymore more detail in this thread :
  4. I'm having this issue too. I have a Galaxy S8 edge. The problem used to only be in caves where the graphics kept flickering on and off but if I looked at the floor it would usually be ok. It was only in caves and not the island itself. Now the graphics on the island constantly flicker when I move around. This is the same on all video modes and resolutions but I usually play with the lowest settings. Whatever video rendering is used in caves is now apparently been extended to the whole island as part of the improvements and fixes mentioned. This update has really screwed with the Ark experince. Also I also have an S7, that now completely doesnt work and the app crashes as soon as the game has loaded, even with HW overlays enabled.
  5. Seeking a trustworthy tribe! Hello people. I've been on the legacy servers for the past few months but I'm wanting to join a tribe on official servers! I'm very trustworthy , I'm a great grinder and I've got 2years under my name of experience on the game! I'm usually a solo wolf because I've been insided a handful of times which knocked my confidence down abit to be in tribes but I'm ready to join tribes again and hopefully build up with some new friends! I'll be starting a fresh new character as I lost one of my old characters (last year on rag), if anyones willing to help me level up and recruit me I'll much appreciate it! I work 30hours a week but on my days off I tend to play all day! I prefer being on EU servers on official! My Xbox GamerTag is : SgT x KnifezZ and I am 20years of age!
  6. I've recently gone back into my singlepayer world and have noticed the dome biomes are quite broken. When inside either dome, I can see through the shell and am able to clearly see Sanctuary, instead of the illusion of a never ending world. Also a line draws across the sky which follows me as I travel around the biome - it is very distracting, especially when it's night inside. It did not do this a few months ago.
  7. Posted in wrong topic#
  8. Why is it so hard to give us solo/duo/trio servers it amazes me how there not out yet... Wont be coming back to ark intill they do. A flashy new map still wont make the game interesting it's the game modes that do.
  9. Hi If you read the news section right after you open the game, it say that the Dungeons are under maintenance. Which means well have to find other ways to be killed in the game while waiting 😃
  10. This is a dumb post. Tell me why you clowns at wildcard claim to be closing down and no longer giving support to legacy but yet still giving them access to new maps and content? At the same time official no tame no tek is not getting any support or new content or new maps? Seems kinda silly @Cedric
  11. is 77 being moved also? it is down now for 40 minutes. this server was also running very bad since mondays move.
  12. Valguero freezes and then crashes Hello everyone, I have a big problem and the problem is that ARK crashes on the new map that came out yesterday. The game works fine for an ammount of 1 minute of an hour and then it just freezes in place and after like 10 minutes it just gives me a crash report. Look below please. Right before it freezes the game behaves like a car that makes one lust small push forward before dieng. I have been playing Extinction for the last half year without any problem, apart from a crash every new moon so I am not sure if the recent patch changed sometehing or if my pc/RTX 2080 Ti just does not like the new map. Playing on everything epic and haven't had any problems at all until now and those are the same settings that I use for Extinction too. If anyone has any idea or solutions to this problem please let me know. Thank you
  13. History of maps I never played I don’t look at my history very often. But today I checked it and saw activity on a server I never played on. Is there a way to delete that survivor and see if it reappears? Not sure what is happening.
  14. Hey guys wanted to stop in and let you know what's going on. I'm currently in the process of transferring the data of this server to a different machine as it doesn't seem to be working properly on the one it moved to on Monday. It should be back online within the next 30 minutes.
  15. I always thought some of the Aberration creatures were regular Ark creatures mutated by the radiation on Aberration. (Reaper Kings are mutated Rexes, Ravagers are mutated Hyeanodons, etc etc) So I assumed that, because the Deion and the Rock Drake look similar, and have similar climbing abilities, that a rock drake was a mutated deion, so that's why it isn't on the map.
  16. Classic Center PVP/PVE [6/16 US West Coast Server] [PC Server ] Miss the days of servers without mods and a sense of accomplishment? This is a server without any mods or multipliers. With PVE week days and PVP Weekends. Server will host PVP and PVE events with rewards to the winners! No rules on building, no help from admin. Bring your tribe and conquer the server. Any questions please PM.
  17. Not able to connect to EU-PVE-Offical-TheIsland345 Hi, since hours it is not possible to connect to the Server EU-PVE-Offical-TheIsland345. I filled out the ARK Offical Server Outage Report now the 3th time. I lost over 20 Baby Dinos, it is really annoying. This sever makes so much trouble in the last months....
  18. Hey sorry, but just to be sure. I'm not supposed to be having these problems right? I've seen more people with this problem. I don't mind waitinf for a fix, but if its my phone i would buy a new one. Thanks again.
  19. probably till patch rolls you cannot play then, happend before
  20. Cant download windows 10 version Cant download Win10 version of ark, yes i own the game i go to the game in store and it says "install on other devices". Is the game region locked from Australia.?
  21. Tribute server disappeare
  22. for who wants to read why they did not wipe after ea.. https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-survival-evolveds-design-lead-on-huge-server-wipe-reversal-and-new-structure-post-pc-launch/
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