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  2. Put everything in a dino next time, there is a bigger chance of tames making it back than players making it back unfortunately. Also do not move, open anything,do anything, be away from anything that can possible move/interact with you, but even then you can be instakilled
  3. woke up early to try again same thing happened. Day 5 still cant play
  4. What do you think the devs should add in later updates?
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  6. Drop killed my dino Drop killed my dino burned a 10k snow owl in a instant why is this happing
  7. Died after successful boss fight After killing all 3 Alpha bosses on Valguero, I collected the element off the tames (because a youtube video said so) but on teleporting back to the obelisk I died. All but 100 element taken with me, all other team members and tames survived. None of us were on our tames, all on the ground stood still. Is there a way to avoid this?
  8. Difficulty 6 not working So I had a recent problem where ark uninstalled and reinstalled, and that automatically reset all of my settings. I’m playing SP and I previously had SP settings on AND had difficulty 6 (180 dinos). When I reconfigured the settings to how I wanted them, the max level was 120. Why is this? I’ve changed my ini and put in “OverrideOfficialDifficulty=6” and it still doesn’t work. I don’t want to turn SP settings off because my dinos will have very different stats (when ark uninstalled, I lost everything so to replicate my previous save, SP settings needed to be on). Any help or feedback would be appreciated.
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  11. I remember when it used to be a 30 minute warning... Most recently, we got the notification so we podded up then when it came back up we threw them out then the server went back down again without a second warning. The time before that was when the messed up the update and everyone spawned in without moving... Imagine my surprise when WildCard "Messed" up an update... Shocker The time before that was a small update that lasted several hours and stopped me from being able to refresh my ark tribute timers... (I work office hours there was no option to refresh them sooner) My point is, their failed updates have cost me both Dinos and items and the only thing I can do is complain on here and Twitter because submitting a ticket is pointless. The most recent ticket we submitted was for a Golem trapped in a cryopod over 2 months ago with no response as of yet. The least they could do would be pause the servers or actually roll them back to the save point after the update. "so basically it's your fault hahaha" - So no I'm 99% sure it's WildCards fault. 1% my fault for throwing them back out straight after an "UPDATE".
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  16. He say achievement from find all dinos dossiers in island,no the new notes from genesis
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  19. Update: still no reply from wildcard to my ticket..im not holding my breath waiting to hear back from them...it will be like all the other bugs > swept under the carpet...typical wildcard.
  20. I just hope winter wonderland 4 has 2 x Maturation,egg hatching,farming..i couldn't careless about all the other stuff.
  21. WC Enforcement team allows cheating and using exploits. And thats a fact.
  22. No stress , just make like me , always walk with an owl , and everytime you see accessible freezesd babies ... well unfreeze them with yours .... and watch them die You won’t solve the problem, but it’s fun as hell
  23. @VaculityI have reported countless people when this bugged got more and more famous. Nothing ever happened, look on Twitch, streamers stream themselves using the exploit. Wildcard just simply doesn't know how they can fix it and at this point would have to ban way too many people if it got enforced. The exploit 100% originated from PVP but I have never seen Wildcard do anything against those big popular PVP tribes that make youtube videos unless they would blatantly show themselves using a cheat/hack/dupe and then it would only ban that single person instead of wiping a mega.
  24. Implant swap machine Alrighty just a idea for a update. A body swap machine. While it may seem strange, because it is. It would swap the implants of 2 people swapping it would swap your luv stats and you would lose all your Engrams and gain all of the person your swapping withs engrams. I know this could be used to swap a lvl 100 player with a lvl 1 but it won’t be accessible to low levels. Because it would be extremely expensive. also maybe it would use amber to swap depending on the lvl of the person you are swapping with. or maybe your stats and engrams get transferred with your implant I don’t really care. I just wanna swap with someone and give them my really ugly avatar. (Also you need to actually have the person there) while it can be done without consent of the other person they would need to be unconscious for the procedure. Sorry about my poor grammar.
  25. Just because they don’t eat doesnt mean their food doesn’t go down, or the server isn’t busy keeping the attack ongoing permanently. The animation, syncing the information with every player. It all counts towards cpu load. Even if they don’t need to eat because of the effect. I hatch 100s of eggs all at once occasionally. Other players on the server definitely feel it. You get everyone doing the same thing we can easily get back to tame capped servers as everyone ramps up production.
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