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  1. If u keep playing on the higher difficulty just stop using ur old dinos they Will never catch up to the new ones. U can only lvl up 75 times after tame.
  2. Once i lost 20 mutaded rex that i raised myself because the server disconnected while i was doind boss fight. I had a capture of it and they still didnt do à thing. In the rare case when people get refunded dinos its only 150 perfect tames , no mutation no raise bonus. When u lose something in this game its 99 % over u never gonna get it back. You are gonna lose something important everydays because of bugs u have to get used to it and play safer ( dont walk around with à lot of stuff, dont go near volcano or u will get killed by the anti mesh ...
  3. They cant hire her everydays. They are almost bankrupt
  4. Maybe raise the difficulty of ur game because lvl 70 dinos are very bad . The max lvl wild dino suppose to spawn is 150 so if u never seen one ur difficulty setting migh be on 1.
  5. Keep playing ase because asa is poop and Will take years to get all ase content
  6. Then its not because of that. Did u look on youtube how to rgenerate à dino spirit?
  7. 220 health 1000 weight
  8. Thats the problem . U only think u bought the mod. U need to be sure.
  9. Hé said they spwawn but the rod doesnt work on them.
  10. So we had x3 rate this whole weeks thinking u forgot to turn them off and on the 13th u tell us ( this week u Will get x3 ratés (May 29 th to 15 april ).
  11. Make ur own game dont waste time telling about it.Just make it
  12. Play bloodborne if u want to get à feel of what ark 2 Will be.
  13. Or maybe ur bad and only wear hide armor so you never get jumped by 4 troodon that can make u uncouncious in 1 bite but barely do any damage so u la there for 5 hours wishing à thery find u
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