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  2. I dont think primitive plus is another instance of the game but rather the normal version of ark but overwritten by primative plus files. Which is why it breaks so easy when updates occur. In other words, I dont think a rollback is an option for just prim with doing normal ark too.
  3. Extinction Serve 1023 Plataform: PS4. SERVE: Official 1023. Map: Extinction Since yesterday, 25/05, the server is unstable. It is no possible to play: DCs and constant Lags.
  4. Updates are pushed by VALVe's network, and Tuesdays are their weekly maintenance day. Selecting a different region can accelerate downloads in some cases.
  5. I disagree on wyverns. Breeding means mutations. I'm okay with breeding griffins. They're locked to a single map, they're not nearly as strong or as fast as a wyvern, so I don't see a real reason for not breeding them. Babies would be unbelievably cute, I bet.
  6. How much meat should I be saving up for the giga egg?
  7. Aside from getting stuck in the falling animation (happens a lot to me between dinos and walls, if I can whistle a tame over and mount it I will, otherwise walls get broke), I've never encountered any of these, and I primarily play on Val. Oh, I see my share of bugs, and others do, too (the Manticore failing to land during the boss fight is a common problem on Val), and generally it's met by swearing and swearing and then moving on with life. As far as inviso-wyverns go, I'd recommend a wild dino wipe to see if that solve the problem, maybe. Don't know, but it's something concrete to try. But Ark is a big, complex game that does a lot of stuff and sometimes it just acts weird. It'll be varying levels of annoying and frustrating and sometimes absolutely hilarious. You just have to learn to roll with the punches if you can.
  8. Questions about adding a map on Nitrado (pc) I can add mods and play DLC and Official maps just fine. To add a specific 3rd party map like Hope do I just install local on pc and load it up in single player. FTP to mod folder on server, folder and .mod file [ServerSettings] ActiveMods=869946022 and then choose map from drop down, or do I need to also insert all mods to be used now in the active mods line, which I did not before as I did not have to have that line in the GameUserSettings. Or can I just install the map, Hope, as the first mod in the Active Mods on the Mods + Workshop page?
  9. @MirageUK the crashes was my own failure. The file was locked by windows. So doesnt matter in my case. But another question: do you think about an API? Would be awesome to call something like: for the first draft. This creates a json-file for every tab (WildCreatures, Tamed Creatures, Player Structres,...) and also die Maps-Images on-the-fly for each wild/tamed dino and player structures.
  10. Game crashes while trying to load ragnarok_proxy Whenever I load ragnarok, the game crashes and closes down. It does this whilst trying to load ragnarok_proxy if that matters. and I’ve tried validating the steam files and deleting proxy files and then reinstalling them with no success. When this happened to me around 2 years ago, all I did was uninstall and reinstall the game which fixed it but it meant that my saves were deleted so what I’m asking is there anyway to fix the crash or even be able to uninstall and reinstall the game and be able to keep my saves thank you.
  11. Seconding the AC advice. Also, have fridges on hand already filled with meat and one dedicated to imprinting goods (a couple of each type of kibble, the various meats/jerkies, berries). Think of ACs as an investment. My tribe has a 14ish AC setup we use the raptor out of, well before we raised our first giga. These days, we never ride tamed dinos, only imprinted offspring. The incubation and baby area is the most frequented section of our base. We're always hanging out over there.
  12. Nope. You just move on and find another server. It doesn't matter how many hours you had on the server. You piss off the admins, and you're on your own. Privately managed servers are policed by their own owners and admins. Wildcard doesn't have any reason to step in unless they violate the ToS.
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  14. Ark wont update When I go to update ark on steam for some reason it shows that its download speed is 0 kb and it wont update for some reason
  15. Patches always take forever, any help? Per the title. Every new patch for Ark has taken over 2 hours for me to download and patch in. PC running through steam. I know it's not my DL speeds or HDD, because I just downloaded a 40 GB game and installed in less than 20 mins, but a 500mb ARK patch somehow takes 2 hours? Any help beyond Verify Integrity of game files (done this a few times now) would be appreciated.
  16. PVE Recruiting (island) Recruiting for the island on a PVE official server for Xbox. Add my gamer tag if you’re interested - Palacios 19D
  17. Discor do we chat her or in dicord ( only chat in dc ofc )
  18. It‘s always the last item in the loot table which can be journeyman (in this dungeon the helmet only), the others are only primitive.
  19. It says higher quality loot crates. Anyone get anything notable during their runs? All pieces have a chance to drop JM or just the helmet?
  20. I lost a rock drake that had several hours worth of loot from drop farming, all because I was up against a foundation while turning and somehow glitched underneath it. My question is simply this: Why would the anti-meshing ever need to kill anything, especially in PvE? If it can track the last known non-mesh locations of all the dinos and players, then why can't it just put them back there when they end up under the mesh? If there's a glitch that causes something to go under the mesh, like probably the vast majority of all cases recently, then making it jump back to the last location will effectively fix the glitch and pull them out. It could actually be a benefit and something of a workaround for the terrible, glitchy physics system. But instead it's insult to injury, where we get glitched through no fault of our own, and then get killed and lose everything because of that. Before the anti-meshing system we could potentially get things unstuck and even make it out with the stuff we have on us or our tames.
  21. Of my 4 main strategies for defense, only one is based around game mechanics. It's like thinking that your car's safety features mean it's OK to get wasted and drive 100 mph on the wrong side of the road. Don't do those 3 things, and chances are you'll be fine.
  22. XBOX One Single Player Tames not Working When taming on single player, the dino inventory will hold food, but dino will not eat. Its torpor still goes down, but wont eat so can't tame anything.
  23. I figured as much. I have played this game since 2015. I'm well aware of the CoC. I tried to give him a PIN code to some vaults to give him whatever gear was in his base but his response was basically telling me that the scheduled appointment I can submit my "evidence". I am breaking down his base and still storing the gear near an open transmitter for him to get it, but, I'm not gonna leave it unlocked for Joe shmoe to take. He has alot of pillars up that I'm in the process of cleaning up. No point in taking up unnecessary swathes of land. It's just gonna take me few days cuz of work and what not. Just don't want all the hard work we put in erased cuz of an overly problematic former member.
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