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  2. I've just watched task manager on my server for a few minutes. There are irregular peaks in CPU activity while people are active. The only regular peak I get is during the autosave (approx. 35 minute intervals), which does cause some lag for people. Which operating system are you using? I use Windows 10 Pro. Do you run anything else on your server? Like a web server, or other game servers? If you're using windows: It might be worth running sfc /scannow in an administrator DOS prompt to check the windows system files.
  3. Isn’t it technically a suffix and not a surname since their names are mononyms and the different endings are denoted by hyphens (like suffixes)? Food for thought. 4...
  4. I definetily think this is a great idea. especially considering how all the mega tribes use crabs to do metal runs now, this would be a GREAT buff to help the littler guys on ark trying to play on PVP. 10/10 idea
  5. It also happens with ice bears. My girlfriend wanted to bring me some of them to my ragnarok base and since she transfered them with pods, she cant deploy. Also, her beloved ice wyvern got lost in the beacon/obelisk inventory. So bad this bug is still here. Did WC say anything about it?
  6. I still think this is a good buff idea. If you guys think the idea is good too, hit that like button and comment on here some thoughts!
  7. Question about hosting dedicated server Do I have to keep the command prompt open in order for it to stay up? If so does it mean that everytime I want to run a dedicated server I have to wait for the server to set up again?
  8. Yeah seems that things are quite grievious for PC... On the console it was perfectly fine. Sigh. This is such a shame, Ark is an awesome game imo and there really is not anything similiar enough. I found out about another that people say is very similiar, but that one involved, well, too much violent pixel porn for me to even consider it. It's just not what I'm looking for I guess. But I still remain curious if some stuff can be "fixed" with Ark by just a humble player, like the storage space... I have never tried to run a game that's not in the computer itself but maybe it could be done? Not only freeing the computer's space but also because of it maybe it would run better, I don't know, still waiting for a wiser computer person's opinion about that. What "The Clash" said sounded a little worrying though. Maybe Ark should just have warning labels on it at the Steam store.
  9. HavitArk 5x PVP ORP /Cluster / 7-Maps / No Mods / Stacks + Boosted Weight / Long HavitArk TrioTribes 5x Rates |Offline Raid Protect| 7 Map Cluster| Hello Survivors! I'm James. Server Settings Rates: 5x Harvest, Experience, 5x Breeding & Egg Hatching. 5x Taming. 6x Cave Damage. 1x Loot Quality. Max Wild Dino Level 150 Max Wyvern Egg Level 190 Max Rock Drake Egg Level 190 Tek Dino's Max level 180 No Mods just 10x stacks and weight. Disabled items include: Sleeping bag, Wooden Rafts, Benches, Chairs, Managar Saddle, Titan saddles. Untameable Dino: Managarr, Titans, Titanosaur. Connection Details Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Our Website: https://havitark.premiumark.net/ Server Rules 1) English only in global. 2) You must have a legitimate character name. You may not call your character "Human", "Survivor", "Player", "123", "321", "OneTwoThree", "□□□" or anything similar. 3) Do not prison or cage offline players. 4) In siding is forbidden, e.g leaving a tribe and taking dino's or valuables without consent, If you wish to leave a tribe disclose it to the tribe first what items you want to take. 5) No meshing including hitting or biting through walls. No destroying things on the other side of a wall illegitimately. 6) All structures must be able to take damage e.g no meshed structures. 7) FOB'S and taming structures are allowed but clean up after you have used them. You can pickup any repaired structure. So use it. Dis-used structures can lag the servers. 8) Don't block access or build on the following area's: Obelisks & city terminals, Map Spawn points, Wyvern Scar, Portal south West surface entrance in Aberration, Aberration Biome entrances on Valguero, Artefact spawns you can build in artefact caves but make sure the artefact is accessible with taking damage from turrets.*We have very active admins and extensive server logs you will be caught if you cheat* Please visist our website for more info at https://havitark.premiumark.net/ if you have any question please dont hesitate to ark. I mean Ask. =D
  10. all my maps are max level/difficulty and i made sure of it, and i dont need to do force kill the dinos because the bug is on every single map i play on and even after i play on one map, then delete the saved data and play on it again its still there
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  12. Honestly, there's no advice anyone can offer when it comes to this game lol. It's always ran awful. Either uninstall it and wait til they fix it, or look for something similar. I hated deleting it, it's one of my favourite games, but couldn't play it any longer.
  13. hey! pls add me on disc, its under how to join, ill be on for awhile so i should be able to add u today : )
  14. my 2060 RTX turbo uses 4 out of 6 gigs of its memory when i run ark, its insane. 80% usage.
  15. I mean like run the sever and play at the same time
  16. I also made a topic. my raptoring items and dinos are gone too. i cryopodded all my dinos to move. they all died in the pods. i upvoted both of you.
  17. I’m having this issue as well on ps4. It’s somehow tied to my server profile as I logged in through a completely different PS4 and it does the same thing, so not on my local copy. anyone figure out a fix?
  18. cryopods dead from server xfer in the same map. well it looks like its time to take another hiatus from this horribly designed game. this is the 2nd worst rage quit and ive spent months building and taming and breeding. put my dinos in crypods for easy server transfer. i go to another spot my dinos. theyre all died in the pods. wildcard, pease make your game enjoyable and dont grief your players. _______________________________________________________________________ **added later** I have to add, after looking through the forums, i had no idea other people had this issue. upvote for crypods and items disappearing.
  19. (I'm new here, sorry if this is the wrong place... feel free to move.) I used to play Ark on PlayStation... oh how one appreciates things they no longer have. No problems whatsoever back then. I actually just played the game. Now I've wasted this whole day just trying to play Ark but not actually playing it almost at all... Not sure where to even begin - installing the game again after a while was a mess of its own. The game requires so much space on my computer there really is no room for anything else. This has not been the case with any other games I've played. My computer also gets very hot running it and way too often it even freezes so that I have to restart the computer because nothing else can be done at that point. After I managed to actually install the game, I knew that the Primitive+ loading time was coming so I just sat back and did other stuff while waiting. I've noticed that not only finding boosted unofficial servers on Primitive+ is quite difficult, but joining them is even harder. I've heard that the game needs to download any mods used but it seemed that some servers I probably would never get in. Not sure why. When I finally got into one server that seemed to be everything I wanted, Valguero map with some boosted settings to it, I saw that the ground was yellow in some areas and well the game just looked pretty bad in general. I thought there was something going on with that spesific server... but nope, went to another one and there the yellow scene was again. No change of graphics did any good. I wonder if I have to reinstall the whole game or just the Valguero map? Also, the huge space required... is it possible to play Ark if it was saved to a storage outside the computer? (Hope that makes sense I'm not an english speaking person.) Does anyone have any info or tips to tell me? All I want is to enjoy the game again without huge pains. The computer is pretty new and does fine with other games like Far Cry for example. I think I checked if my computer could run Ark before I even bought it for PC and all seemed alright. I'll do my best to put some info here but the letters for sizes for example are different in my languange (I think what's Gt for me is GB for you), and I'm not very familiar with those anyway, so let's just hope here are no mistakes. Intel Core 15-8300H NVIDIA GTX 1060 8 GB DDR4 256 GB m.2 SSD Windows 10 64-bit Here's the yellow world: https://aijaa.com/fLEhU9 https://aijaa.com/OokNGx https://aijaa.com/0asXzU
  20. Just a little home to get me started
  21. Bring Full S+ features for Private Servers I'd like to start by saying this topic has most likely been brought up, but I looked through the first five pages of most voted, no where to be seen, so this is an attempt to rekindle the topic So let's be honest when S+ was announced to be an official mod, the outcome was extremely underwhelming, we only received a fraction of what the mod has to offer, I understand it's meant to keep Official Servers balanced, but that doesn't mean Wildcard can't give us the full mod for Private servers When I heard S+ is going to be an official mod, I imagined making bases with the stackable foundations, or placing Vacuum Compartments out of water and in the irradiated zone, snapable crop plots, making my base float up in the sky, different sized pillars and walls, and countless other features that didn't make the cut (((((PLEASE VOTE GRAB THE ATTENTION OF WILDCARD TO SHOW YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, VOTE ON OTHER POSTS YOU AGREE WITH THE TOPIC, WILDCARD MAY ACTUALLY DO IT THEN!)))))
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