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  2. DLC FOR SWITCH Why are we not getting updates like we are a plague to ark?????
  3. would this kick you out the tribe and would it take away all the imprinting I did with everything I have?
  4. Increased breeding rates & reviving some of the old event bosses would be cool 😃
  5. If Steam find it in Store and download like a dlc.
  6. Yeah it is, I do actually like the weather systems. Got to be on your toes as not to get caught out by a sandstorm when raiding the wyvern trench. My problem is that it usually just results in people afking about their base.
  7. There is a highly upvoted topic for this already. Contribute there so proper votes can be tallied in one place.
  8. Merged your thread here, try what was suggested above (worked for me).
  9. will give it a shot thx That kicked off another large dl. I assume it is resolved. TY!
  10. I am having the same experience. I am also verifying files right now and seem to be getting another long write to disk at the same time.
  11. Or they could just update the game like they are supposed to
  12. You will have to contact whoever you bought your copy of the game from and see if you are eligible for a refund with them.
  13. I have no idea, I can't see what's going on in your game from here. Once the baby can hold a stack of berries or so if you think you need more you should be fine to go farm them up, you don't have to stay there and watch it literally until 10%. Just check on it once in awhile.
  14. Refund I would like a refund for ark on switch this is a disgrace
  15. Can't access Valguero map servers Is anyone else unable to access Valguero servers? Whenever I try to load in I crash to the menu screen.
  16. Valguero: Joining Server Issue Some people are in but quite a few of us select a server and it kicks us back to the main screen prior to the server selection screen. Any ideas why some of us get this loop and some are able to get in a server? Verifying game files did not solve the issue. Thanks
  17. Ark: Mythos Evolved! Ark: Mythos Evolved! (Server going through a name change, currently called Ark: Pokemon Evolved) Valguero cluster opening June 22! Main server map: Rag Come join our casual oriented, friendly servers! PvE base with PvP half weeks! Our goal in creating this server was to create a laid back, fun experience for everyone, with a little chaos thrown in every now and then. Expect sudden events, ranging from a colored dino week to a "Breed-Til-You-Drop" experience. Our server is a PvE/PvP experience. Every 3-4 weeks we will open the server for half of a week (Usually Thursday-Sunday) for a PvP event. Server settings: Taming: 5x Breeding: 7x Experience: 5x Harvest: 5x Crop Growth: 2.5x Hair Growth: 3x Wild Dino Max Level: 150 Mods S+ Classic Flier Pyria: Mythos Evolved TC's Auto Rewards v1.11.1 DarkEdge's Cross Extinction Other Settings Anyone Can Imprint: True Nanny Imprint Max: 50% Untameables Titanosaur Managarmr The Titan Titans More fun stuff (and us!!) on our discord! https://discord.gg/RzymvSY Server Access:
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