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  2. grizz900

    FOV slider for ps4/xbox one

    Just toggle third person? Third person isnt good for pvp. I have been using the fov glitch on official pvp and ever since i started using it i never wanna play without it. It makes the game look way better than it actually is. It makes first person pvp a lot easier and less of the feeling of having your face 2 inchs away from your monitor.
  3. BubbaCrawfish

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    Like, just google it... Mind mapping... X Mind is a good cross platform client.
  4. Kodking194

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    how would i do this mind mapping thing?
  5. Lowly

    More decoration items

    Can we see more decoration items for the role players and singleplayers and the base decorators We see so many decoration items on ark mobile, like being able to skin a Dino then use that skin on a wall or floor Being able to use a dermis inside a wall trophy mount to display that creatures head on the wall A Tek hologram pedastal to display dermis in variable or even full size and full color Being able to put weapons on trophy mounts to make it look more like a medieval armory
  6. BubbaCrawfish

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    While you are looking at things, check out xmind. Mind mapping is a very good method of making flow diagrams and showing interactions with other points on the mindmap.
  7. BubbaCrawfish

    Official Orp needs server settings changed

    Sorry, but my points still remain. Just because you think that small tribes abuse this, it doesn't forgo the points made regarding governance and how it's used, when it's designed for this.
  8. Scorched earth introduced the idea that for collecting an artefact we can also collect a skin to equip to something. A sword, a spear or pike and a torch. Just to give more reasons for people to visit the caves. Can we see aberration loaded with the crossbow, pick and hatchet skins that where in the devkit. This can go further, unique Dino costumes or player skins, maybe wall mount trophy decorations or more armor skins. Something that encourages more exploration to collect a full set of skins to wear and make your character look unique
  9. Lowly

    Add giant Tek hatchframe/trapdoor

    Boy here is right on my wavelength but I'd have it as a Center engram, see my thread, add exclusive Tek unlocks to maps center and scorched
  10. Lowly

    Wipe official servers.. its been almost 2 years.

    Every single server? PvP Pve Primative+ Notek Crossplay Crossark Beginners servers Smalltribes Notames Arkpocalypse Come on, be more specific. Most PvE and primative players don't want a wipe, most crossark and cross play do not, arkpocalypse has just been wiped, beginners servers probably don't need wipes PvP may be the only place to benefit from a wipe but why wipe it when you can set up a ... Wait for it Year 2 pvp server cluster. The introduction of a yearly PvP server cluster that gets wiped every 12 months. Who will rule the arknet for this years rotation Yea don't ask for one thing when something else will do just as well
  11. Maybe as exclusive SE engram, but can be added to regular or several bosses too.
  12. TroyBoiGaming

    Idea for TLC pass

    TLC passes I feel should be more abundant or at the least Wildcard should do ALOT of changes, bug fixes and such if TLC passes would take time in between. We all know they're not Microsoft or other big name publishers and I am patient but here are some glaring issues that bother me both as a gamer and lover of prehistoric animals. Ideas: • Biggest one is obvious. Some of the models of the creatures look...dated to put in words nicely. Hideously stupid to put harshly. The older creatures clearly look dated and even out of place in a game like Ark. Pteradons to me are the biggest offenders on land. And then there is that one guy we all know but dont want to talk about...the Plesiosaur. If you ever seen such a vile model or yet to see one, look no further. Its face alone is just so damn goofy and unrealistic and even looks lazily put. I know Wildcard had thought their creatures to look great and some do after small updates but...yeah. it's just hideous. My list of creatures that seriously need a model update or even new textures are the following: • Pteradon • Megalodon • Ichyosaur • Spiders • Onyc • Wooly mammoth • Rhinos • Monkey. • That Plesiosaur! Animals that just need a slightly update skin look or body shape are IMO the piranhas, dragonflies, ants and mosasaur. Function wise they've fine. I can see piranhas having more natural coloration and look, dragonflies and ants can look more natural and thinner look IMO. Make them more insect built. The mosa's tail for some reason always looks like fur to me texture wise. Something similar to JW would be cool. Behaviors. You ever watch the ocean to just take it all in or to make a screenshot of an awesome sunrise and stare at awe at godrays and all of a sudden...an Ichy jumps out to high and dies. And is stuck. In mid air. And that megalodon is stuck there biting at air. Forever. Enjoy that screencapture dude. Now I'm no student in biology but I'm pretty sure that prehistoric reptiles could BREATH. AIR. A manta, a fish, jumping out and takes damage doing so makes since. But an air breathing reptile just jumping out and just instantly dying is also just silly (funny but sill). So here are some mechanics and new little tidbits I think players in Ark could enjoy playing with or even watch. • Megalodons should go down deep underneath a target then bolt straight up and grab something in their mouths just like real great whites. I know cinematic kill animations would require rewriting coding and make it too cinematic but who doesn't want to see a giant shark leap out the ocean? • All sea animals you can tame should have a "leap out of water" feature. Air breathing animals should always have their heads up above water when not moving in water. A nice detail like that usually catches the eye of some extremely observant people (my self included). • Ichys should have a passive ability to push players either above or out water if said player is drowning or sinking due to exhaustion. They could also have an echolocation like real dolphins and parasaurs in game. • Megalodon and Piranhas become faster and more aggressive if player is injured or enters the water hurt.
  13. Weiss

    Add proper stone ramps

    We have wooden, adobe, metal and tek ramps. I habe no idea why stone ramps don't exist, but I really want them added - actual ramps, not the homestead stairs/roof combo.
  14. LukDyC

    Juegos del hambre en ps4

    Ya está a la hora de implementar los juegos del hambre u otros Minijuegos en el arca, hemos pagado 60 € más los DLC y los que somos ps4 tenemos que aguantar él LAG, Ataques DDOS a nuestros servidores, raidean undermap, Se te crashea él juego , cuando se dispara un animal para tamearlo le das 20 dardos y solo impacta uno y puedes ver como los demás dardos están clavados en él. Tienen que arreglar muchas cosas en consola ps4 estamos cansados
  15. Maybe even a Tek trip wire, that reports an enemy or enemy Dino detected to a central terminal or to the entire tribe, and pings it like a parasaur? Perhaps the Tek version has the option to not alert the detect player that they have been detected, unlike the parasaur, so it may be used as a detection mechanic or a deterrent to let people know that they are noticed This could be expanded on, it could be used like a Tek turret, where you can set it to only detect certain creatures or ignore certain creatures from detection
  16. GP

    Wipe official servers.. its been almost 2 years.

    ARK is no longer in Early Access, therefore wipes should not really occur.
  17. Kodking194

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    i am working on a huge post on word doc then copy and pasting it here so i have it saved.
  18. Kodking194

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    half of the group is working on the map as ina ctual work, i do not have the dev kit for reasons. however i am working towards getting the devkit. the original forum was filled with idiots just coming and commenting without thinking if it is needed on a large scale base and not just them selves, yes we are cordinating, the forum was for the people to give us ideas sort of like democrascy in a way, we let them decide and then we filter through for the best ideas, and since there were already so little in the ocean we figured it would need more added to it than what is usually added in a new map.
  19. Lowly

    Remove personal marks from the map

    I thought there was already an option for this
  20. ForzaProiettile

    The Body Count

    Fantastic. That's the proper way to dispatch those who bother you. Nothing quite like a complete wipe or a hard reset as I like to say. Excellent work.
  21. ForzaProiettile

    The Body Count

    Well that is the base game/full game. There are however various derivatives out there.
  22. GameFra22er

    Oceanic Servers Forgotten?

    Throughout my journey in the vast world of ark, I have realised the little to no attention to the oceanic servers. The majority of the few OC servers are either very laggy or are completely taken over. My suggestion for a resolution to this issue is to possibly create a few more servers which are oceanic in a majority of the maps.
  23. ForzaProiettile

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    If you know what you are doing you can get to level 66 in a short amount of time.
  24. AngelVroni

    Dinosaurs, survivors and weather

    In all honesty I really love the game being a large fan of dinosaurs myself and fully addicted to it to the point its my coffee and dessert, it has come a very long way since release but like a fine wine it has a long way to go. Keep up the hard work Devs and heres a few pointers from me, a hard going never rage quiting fan and player! The dinosaurs are what draw people to the game and the environment so thats where you ought to start off with. Better AI and accurate dinosaurs would bring the game a lot more players. You have touched on some and walked off on others. A fully feathered Utah Raptor that can jump and latch to larger prey would be awesome as well as changing the rex roar from pooping to a fear or stun would be better. The plesisaur, carno, dimorph and others need to redone. . . The megalodon is a powerful shark but has hardly any use... I could go on and on about how some need a complete revamp but AI and realisim would make it a better game... yes there are mods but they oftern get abandoned making them buggy. A lot of the dinos could get much better skins, something along the lines of the Isle would look great for a game like this. Environmental weather is awesome and beautiful and we have some a good deal of it but it can be touched up a bit more for ragnarok map. Wind storm does nothing where it can act to slow flyers down and rain storms could slow ground dinos down and a lot of effort put into meshing. Survivors from the start seemed to be ignored and very cut copy and paste no matter how you dye and tweak them which is sad due to the fact the survivor notes are in different languages. Egyptian, Japanese and western. It would have been nice to have been able to pick from these and then costomize the character having each race have differences from the next instead of cookie cutter people that are as blan and regular as cornflakes. Taking in a few mods that arent craftables would be a good start, immersive taming, zoology, wild dino babies for starters would make the game feel a little more natural and help out. Dealing with poor AI and a real feel for natural wild life is sorta a downer on it.
  25. MykTronic

    Timekeeper Base

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