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  1. Description: The Odontodactylus scyllarus (Mantis shrimp) is a formidable creature rarely found in the deep seas of the Ark's. Resembling an oversized mantis shrimp, it boasts vibrant colors and an imposing size, rivaling that of a Megalodon. What sets Odontodactylus scyllarus apart are its unique abilities and versatility in various environments. Abilities: Dual Keratin Shields: The Odontodactylus scyllarus most distinctive feature is its dual keratin shields attached to its powerful front claws. By bringing these shields together, it can form a single large shield, providing exceptional protection against frontal attacks. This ability makes it a formidable tank in battles but lowers its movement speed drastically. Shield claw Punch: In dire situations, the Thermaeostylus Pugnator can perform a less intense attack. This quick combo strike is used only when absolutely necessary, as it is not preferred by the shrimp. While it doesn't have the devastating power of the Heathed Punch, it can still deal significant damage to deter threats and create an opportunity for escape. Heathed Punch: The Odontodactylus scyllarus signature ability is its Heathed Punch. This powerful strike delivers a crushing blow to its target temporarly dazing the target. The superheated shielded claws are capable of pulverizing rock and extracting valuable metal ore, occasionally smelting the ore into metal ingots on contact. This makes the Odontodactylus scyllarus an indispensable asset for resource gathering. Aquatic Dash: In the water, the Odontodactylus scyllarus showcases unparalleled agility. Utilizing the immense power in its tail, it can perform a rapid dash, propelling itself across vast distances with astonishing speed. This ability allows it to outmaneuver predators and hunt prey with lethal efficiency, making it a dominant force in aquatic environments. Underwater Heathed Vision: The Odontodactylus scyllarus Mantis Shrimp is equipped with a specialized thermal vision system that allows it to see heat signatures underwater. This Heathed Vision enables it to detect hidden or camouflaged creatures, ensuring it never misses a potential meal or threat in the murky depths. Harvesting: The creature excels at resource gathering. Its natural prowess allows it to effortlessly harvest flint and stone from rocks, while its heathed punch can extract metal from ore nodes. Occasionally, this heated attack melts some of the metal, producing ingots. Additionally, the Odontodactylus scyllarus can gather small amounts of charcoal from underwater logs with its powerful punch. Aquatic Agility: The Odontodactylus scyllarus (mantis shrimp) effortlessly chooses between Swimming through the ocean depths with aquatic finesse or striding majestically along the ocean floor. Its rapid turning speed in water allows It to perform a swift dash both underwater and when breaching the surface, making it an efficient marine explorer and predator. Versatile Climbing: The mantis shrimp has the ability to climb walls and ceilings, both in and out of the water. To scale ceilings, it must have its front shielded claws unoccupied. While climbing on walls, it can use its shields to block frontal attacks. Taming Method: Taming the Odontodactylus scyllarus (mantis shrimp) involves allowing it to destroy structures, with stone structures being the most effective. you have to place a structure infront of the Mantis shrimp and lure it out with some honey. Dont stand to close or it might see you as a snack. when it has Destroyed enough structures it becomes stunned and you can feed it some black pearls to finish the tame. stone structures are the easiest to tame it with as he can use his normal attacks against it, metal gives the most torpor but requires Heathed punches to damage it. the larger the single peice of structure the more torpor it gets.
  2. Giant msquito Amongst the high skies Of extinction you might find the trampeacause, It Grab you off your Mount Lifting you high into the sky before sucking you dry of every ounce of blood your body once stored, Affruits feeding it'll drop youe Is lifeless corpes and fly off Find its next victim. Thr males are usually docile Only drinking nectar however the females are different,they will make sure that when you cross into the wasteland Better be looking up Females they're also very aggressive Is attacking any living order than the comes up,under or above it! Is quantitant by passively feeding blood (like a desmodus) These guys can harvest blood,oil and Other liquids Very well. The first attack of three times damage That's their sharp Probuscus enters the skin of there prey Why also inflicting bleed when enough blood stored in their abdomen It's bright colors allow for intimidation As well as A sort of healent For you and your other tames The more similer to a tapejara The flying pest can latch on the wall and ceilings And being able to climb on Most vertical surfaces
  3. introducing.... Lambeosaurus Lambei Simple Description: Lambeosaurus would be one very few of the apexes of the herbivores, with strength that matches its size. Lambeosaurus' defining ability would be a drawn-out loud roar that stretches on for as long as you're holding the specific button down. It drains stamina and eventually oxygen (when stam runs out, don't use it for too long!) The ability would be like a turret with no bullets. It would also have a stomp attack, which would be its most powerful. It would have a bite/chomp attack too. Lambeosaurus heals faster when near its own species (wild + tamed) but heal slightly slower when near enemy carnivores. In the wild it attacks all carnivores on sight (maybe even gigas?!) and naturally herds towards other plant eaters. It would be slower than a rex when running, but a little faster than one when swimming. Common Name: Lambeosaurus Species: Lambeosaurus Lambei Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: Discovering Lambeosaurus Lambei was a truly beautiful and breath-taking sight; and one you can survive as long as you don't hurt it or get too close! This gigantic hadrosaur is even able to rival Tyrannosaurus with its devastating strength and abilities. One of Lambeosaurus' many defenses against carnivores is using its booming voice, letting out a lengthy and deadly battle-cry that is able to make even the steeliest of minds tremble. It can reach high frequencies that can permanently damage and even deafen the creatures around it, and it is heavily suggested that you wear ear protection near any sort of Lambeosaurus or simply stay far enough away from it. Lambeosaurus also is unique in regards to its behavior. The creature naturally gravitates towards other herbivores, either its fellow Lambeosaurus' or other plant eating species, and even heals faster when it is resting near its own kind. Observing Lambeosaurus behavior and interactions with carnivores is another story entirely. Lambeosaurus is quite the opposite with meat eating creatures, and attacks them on sight out of what I can only assume is to be pure unnecessary hatred. Domesticated Taming a Lambeosaurus is more a test of your patience if anything. After watching many failed attempts and a few from myself, I have concluded that you should never bring a carnivorous mount to the creature. It is best to relocate or erase carnivores nearby entirely. I have also discovered that tranquilizers and narcotics are ineffective on this beast during the taming process, perhaps from the adrenaline boost it gets when in battle. The use of Lambeosaurus has been entirely for battles to the death, able to stand against Tyrannosaurus and other large apex predators with mighty ease, and due to this Lambeosaurus is an incredibly worthy and fearless addition to have in your tribe. Attacks: Stomp: Right Click (PC), Right Toggle (Xbox) Booming Roar: C (PC), Right Button (Xbox) Bite: Left Click (PC), Left Toggle (Xbox) Abilities Analysis: Shattering Stomp: An attack that deals the largest amount of damage, it sends raptor-sized creatures flying, and gives rex-sized creatures slight knockback. It shatters the ground and creatures a large dust cloud, blinding creatures caught in it. Booming Roar: An attack that damages all creatures (excluding tamed creatures or humans wearing ear protection like ear muffs) in a large radius, acting as a turret. If exposed to this ability for too long, players will start experiencing muffled noises and a blurry screen. This ability uses up stamina, and afterwards drains oxygen once stamina is gone. The roar will noticeably shift and become more hoarse if oxygen is starting to be used. The booming roar ability also encourages its allies nearby, though not as well as a Yutyrannus. Draining Bite: An attack that deals the least amount of damage, being a simple chomp attack. It also inflicts a small amount of torpor. Stronger Together: A passive healing ability that initates when near other Lambeosaurus', both wild and tamed. Weary: A passive decrease in how fast the Lambeosaurus will heal. This happens when its near 3 or more enemy carnivores. Although this can be countered by the Stronger Together ability with another Lambeosaurus present. How To Tame: To tame a Lambeosaurus is a unique feat. You must encounter the Lambeosaurus on a herbivore only, as if will attack your carnivore mount if you try to tame it. The Lambeosaurus will let out a loud bellow, and it will initiate a brawl. You must last for as long as possible and get the Lambeosaurus down to 30% health. Once it reaches that point, the Lambeosaurus will bow, and get closer to its herd (if there are any other Lambeosaurus') and rest. Once asleep, you must defend the Lambeosaurus until it wakes. During this time, predators will be attracted to the Lambeosaurus and try to attack it. Defend it until it wakes, and you will have successfully tamed a Lambeosaurus! Stats Analysis: A Lambeosaurus would be incrediblg beefy in health and have decent stamina, although that is what you would want to upgrade the most. It has a poor amount of Oxygen. It does decent/pretty good damage. Utilities: PvP: For PvP, it would be a pure battle mount and or possible boss dino. Due to its booming roar ability, it would act as a sort of turret with a large radius. It would be a truly devastating force of nature to encounter on the battle field; enemies beware! PvE: For PvE, it would be more a defensive creature/possible travel mount. It can scale many rocks and cliffs with ease, and can get you to point A and point B in a guaranteed safe manner. It could also be used as a gatherer Gathering: It would be a decent berry gatherer, and can gather thatch in large quantities. With its shattering stomp, it could crush rocks and gather flint. Saddle: For the design, it was mostly inspired off of the Parasaurs saddle. It would also have a customizable flag for your tribe! Colors: Regions up until 2 would consist of darker, duller coloes, such as browns, grays, whites, blacks, etc. 3+ regions would be mucher brighter colors!
  4. EL SEÑOR DE LAS LANZAS (UBIRAJARA) pictures: wikipedia + Dall-E DESCRIPTION The lord of the spears or Ubirajara would be a small flying dinosaur. This dinosaur has four spears in the shape of 2 "V", a "V" on each shoulder that when opening the wings can shoot them anywhere you order. In addition, this dinosaur is able to reproduce formations to facilitate its organization and improve its attack power both on the ground and in the air. DOSSIER Wild The ubirajara jubatus is a dinosaur that can be found in the coldest climates of extinción, they move in packs of approximately 8 individuals, when they feel in danger they shoot their spears from their shoulders. When they are ready to fire, they are placed in formations that improve their attack power thanks to their precision and organization. If you get too close, you can end up with large, deep wounds that can easily be fatal. Domesticated The Ubirajara Jubatus is a very useful creature both as a taming assistant and to fight against dinosaurs or survivors thanks to the various types of spears that they can shoot, also I saw some tribes teaching them to follow formations like they do in the wild, as well as being able to save the most clueless survivors that fall from their flying mount thanks to their ability to glide. ABILITIES "You can't ride this dinosaur" (see below) so in order to use its abilities you have to interact with it. Once you have interacted with the pack leader, it will follow you. FORMATIONS To activate the formations you will have to press the ability key (for example, C). If you are riding a Dino you will need to hold it down, this will bring up an interaction menu from which you can bring your Ubirajara into formation. ON GROUND : They will form a C like formation then you will be able to select the structure/dinosaur/player that you want them to attack with the left click, then they will start shooting projectiles at it. IN AIR : They will form a formation in the form of ">" while flying behind you, a circle will appear in the middle of the screen that will follow the enemies, and after two seconds they will fire projectiles all at once at the target. You can change the target priorities in the pack leader behavior menu (highest level). PROJECTILES It depends on what your lords of the spears have in their inventory, they will fire one type of projectile or another, they have four spears that come out of their shoulders, therefore, they will throw 1 every two seconds and when they are all spent it will take 6 seconds to draw them again all, the remaining ammo will appear on the left of the inventory bar (it will show the sum total of the pack). NORMAL You don't need to put anything in their inventory. Level 1 = 5 dmg | Level 150 = 75 dmg approx. NARCOTICS Raises the target's unconsciousness. You need 5 Biotoxin per projectile. Level 1 = 3 dmg | Level 150 = 15 dmg approx. EXPLOSIVES They stick to surfaces and after 2 seconds they explode. You need 30 gunpowder per projectile. Level 1 = 10 dmg | Level 150 = 95 dmg approx. INCENDIARY They set fire to what they hit. You need 15 oil per projectile. Level 1 = 5 dmg + fire damage | Level 150 = 50 dmg approx. FLIGHT This mechanic consists in that when you dismount from a flying dinosaur or jump off a cliff you will be able to hit the interact key (eg E) and the leader of the pack (the highest level) will be under your feet, being able to glide more or less like with the maewing, being able to fire their spears manually with the left click. Also your pack will follow you, it will use the ">" formation if ordered. TAMING You will find these dinosaurs in herds of 10 to 15 all individuals with a maximum difference of 15 levels between the highest and lowest level, they are aggressive, but they won't hurt you as long as you are crouching or lying down , once you get a little closer with meat / berries / chitin in the last slot of the inventory the leader of the pack will approach you, he will sniff you and then you can feed him, you will have to repeat this process until you tame him, when you do, you will tame all the pack. ORIGINAL DINOSAUR ILLUSTRATION
  5. Gravitholus is a creature that has been unrecognizably altered by the Corruption on this world. However, it's not a grotesque monster like the Velonasaur, or some mythical Drake like the Managarmr. It harnesses Element to do the extraordinary: Manipulate gravity. By increasing the density of the Element striating across the body, it can make itself Heavier, or lighter as it needs. But even more remarkable, a mighty charging headbutt from this can temporarily alter the perceived mass of whatever it knocks into, sending them absolutely flying for a short period of time as they become as light as a feather, until the effect ends and the plummet to the ground. Why bother to fight when you can simply fling your opponents into the sky? By increasing it's density, it can become immune to knockback and bleeds, sink underwater, and plow straight through Boulders and structures while charging. Unfortunately, this will also increase the weight of any materials it happens to be carrying, so make sure it doesn't have a big haul! By decreasing it's density, it can carry a massive load of resources at a fraction of their standard weight, jump further, and be immune to fall damage, at the cost that it also is easily thrown around now too. I wonder if there's any way its power could be harnessed to invert gravity entirely?
  6. abilities: m1 bleed effect, m2 charged bite attack that builds more damage the longer it's held (with a pack of 4 max.) You gain 15% bonus damage reduction, speed, and attack boost. While holding shift, you can leap out of the water to gain a huge amount of distance. To be tamed, you would have to ride on its back for a certain amount of time. It'll eat out of your hot bar but will not gain taming effectiveness; it'll prevent it from eating you (they spawn in packs, so beware if you're solo). To breed, they'd act like your average dino on land; they just lay their eggs in the sand like modern-day sea turtles. That's all. Please vote for Dakosaurus if you find it cool for the center. ❤️😄
  7. Good afternoon, survivors! After being stumped on what to do for this contest, me and a fellow 'Retrosaur' loving friend have imagined the perfect counter to that pesky airborne virus that plagues the safe zones of every map.. May I present the wonderful, splendid looking and immaculately moisturized hadrosaur.. THE ANATOSAURUS! The Hadrosaurs are a family of dinosaurs that I hold close to my heart, and as an enjoyer of older depictions of these animals I thought that ARK could really do with another duckbill in its roster - and especially one with a twist like this.. Dossier Common Name: Anatosaurus Species: Anatosaurus hiruphagus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Neutral (Aggressive towards bug repellant) Wild An oddity amongst its relatives ornithopods. They are native to the steamy swamps of The Center’s ring and possess an amphibious lifestyle, spending their days happily grazing upon aquatic vegetation and occasionally dousing their slimy bodies in mud to protect against the harsh sun. Coincidentally this behavior also acts as a form of medication, covering over open wounds and cleaning them of debris. This however is largely irrelevant, as at full maturity an Anatosaurus is too large to fall prey to predators with the exception of a lucky Sarcosuchus. Herds of Anatosaurus will often slumber peacefully upon riverbanks, their unique odor attracting droves of flies and other nasty insects. It is to be noted however that whilst a predominantly herbivorous creature an Anatosaur will never pass down an opportunity to devour its favourite treat, leeches - a craving that swamp dwelling survivors have learned to use in their favor. Domesticated Due to their apparent disdain of bug-repelling gel, the act of taming an Anatosaurus is one fit for only the most daring of survivors. These strengthened few have been documented allowing leeches to suck onto them and then wading around until one of the hadrosaurs is drawn to the scent. With one of the parasites latched onto their body the survivor will find soon themselves in the clutches of a hungry hadrosaur, eager to lap down their offering. It is a lengthy process, but by no means is it worthless. Once tamed, Anatosaurus can make for robust beasts of burden within the territory of a developing tribe. Their use as a mount both above and below the water allows them to be utilized in a variety of tasks, namely aqueous foraging and exploration. Whilst not impeccably fast nor strong the hadrosaurs are capable of dealing with a variety of threats by either being steered by their jockey to fight, or to simply flee into the nearest lake or river and make an escape. However the most notable service an Anatosaurus can provide is, oddly enough, its viscous saliva, the production of which can be manipulated upon the animal's consumption of silica pearls. This fluid can, in moderation, be used as a stand in for leech blood in the production of the lesser antidote - an item of high demand in populous areas. Due to the potential obscurity of the ingame dossier, I feel it is best to formally chronicle Anatosaurus' taming method and usage here. TAMING Not unlike recent additions to the game the method of taming an Anatosaurus is quite different than your standard "knock-out-and -feed" creature. The way the player goes about obtaining this buffalo-like beast is quite engaging, as it requires a fairly coordinated plan as to not perish in the swamp's murky waters. Anatosaurus is by default a neutral creature, however in the presence of a player wearing bug repellant it will quickly grow to become hostile. This is because in order to gain its trust, you must feed the hadrosaur its favourite treat - the disgusting leeches - and to do so you must let the parasites latch onto you. With a leech (or multiple) on you, any Anatosaurus within a certain vicinity will grow attracted and make their way over. They will then reach forward and pick up the player and pluck the leech(es) off of you, before dropping you to the ground and carrying on. The more leeches on you, the more the taming bar increases, and proportionally as does the cooldown between feedings. Similar to other passive tames if the hadrosaur happens to take any creature or player induced damage then the bar will reset, however their large size does make it so that usual swamp life such as Titanoboa and Kaprosuchus rarely bother going after them. They will be attracted to you, though.. STATISTICS Since it is ultimately the devs' decision in case I hit a stroke of luck and get voted through I will not be going over specifics in stats for the Anatosaurus. I will provide a rough estimation made by my friend for it's base stats and spawn rates however, but take this with a grain of salt. (Stats at Level 1) Health - 500 Stamina - 200 Oxygen - 400 Food - 2500 Weight - 300 (Spawns) Only in swamps with a rate of 1 every 40 minutes. Doesn't get targetted by swamp animals with the exception of Sarcos but will be attacked by other non-swamp life upon getting close to them. USAGE Anato is all around a fairly decent mount that will serve a middle game tribe quite well in the exploration department. Its running speed is slightly slower than fellow ornithopod Iguanodon, however it burns through stamina much quicker. In the water however the Anatosaurus is capable of swimming around as fast as the Baryonyx, and its stamina consumption is decreased immensely. As for combat, it is the epitome of average. If need be an Anato can defend itself from smaller threats and is by no means defenseless, but when it comes to a pack of Allos or other larger theropod it is best to steer clear. It is because of this reason that it is advisable to stick within a brisk sprint to a water source to make an escape if nescessary. Anato would also possess two mouse abilities; a simple arm swipe tied to LMB, and a pick up for RMB. Now, onto Anatosaurus' main three abilities; the serendipitous slobber, carrying and its skin care rituals. MUD BATH Being an amphibious creature it made sense to give this Anato the ability to coat itself in wet sediment to give itself the aptly named 'Mud' buff. Preferably requiring you to be standing on ground close to water, an Anatosaurus can be whistled to give itself a luxurious dousing of mud that will temporarily grant it a 50% resistance to bleed as well as increased healing. The buff will last around 5 minutes at most and have a 10 minute cooldown in order to even it out. This ability will give it just that little bit more protection out in the field, plus you cannot lie that it fits the whole rompin' stompin' aura that this hadrosaur emits. When mounted this ability can be activated with at default the C key, and will grant the player a temporary heat resistance buff - the perfect dino to cool down on a hot summers' day! One thing to be noted however is that this mud coating will wear off as soon as you enter water. This is to encourage land exploration with the buff active. ANTIDOTAL SALIVA Have you ever logged in to a server only to find the spawn zones plagued with beach bobs spreading Swamp Fever to every last person who enters? Ever wished that there was a way to make the tedious process that comes with making the antidote.. A little less so? Well, those days are no more with a tamed Anatosaurus in your tribe! Due to living in one of the most revolting places known to man the Anatosaurus has grown unbothered with the mere concept of infections, and its craving for leeches has made it immune to the nasty pathogens found in the parasites' systems. It is because of this that the hadrosaur is a living cure for the scourge of Swamp Fever. It's bodily fluids are revered by tribes due to their medicinal properties, and its saliva in particular, which can be harvested from a tamed Anato's inventory roughly 10 seconds after feeding it a proportional number of silica pearls, which is placed in the hotbar and fed with "E". The cooldown is short, about 30 seconds. It is to be noted that high level Anatos require more pearls whilst low levels require less, so fairly standard. This saliva can be used as a substitute for leech blood in the recipe of lesser antidote vials, making the Anatosaurus an impeccably useful tame even long after its days of exploration are over in an apex level tribe. CARRYING Tying in to its use as an exploration mount the Anatosaurus possesses the charming ability to pick up smaller creatures and even certain structures in its webbed hands and bring them along on your escapades! Of course there is a limit for both, with the largest creature able to be carried being the player, and for structures it is the small item box. This means that the Anato would be useful as a means to set up temporary camps along your routes, or even assist in the moving of small tames and storage from one base spot to another. Whilst (hopefully) self explanatory, I thought I'd disclose the fact that when holding an object/creature, the Anatosaurus will not be able to use its LMB swipe attack. THANK YOU FOR READING! I hope you like this unique take on a (relatively) obscure dinosaur!
  8. This is Leaellynasaura, the Center’s new all-terrain support Dino with applications for both PvP and PvE purposes. The medium-sized Ornithischian gets a size boost to be completely rideable, and hails from Prehistoric Australia. The Leaellynasaura is designed as an excellent forward scout and army-support, as well as an all-terrain alternative for Flyers. Let’s get into her abilities, shall we? Design Leaellynasaura are originally small, bipedal ornithischian Dinosaurs from Early Cretaceous Australia and Antarctica. Theorized to be covered in feathers of some kind to aid in temperature regulation. ARKs Leaellynasaura is similar. A naturally albino creature with light blue hues, the feather covered Leaellynasaura is hard to spot amongst the icy places it calls home. Unlike its real world counterpart, the ARK Leaellynasaura is larger, just under the size of a Utahraptor, and has significantly larger front limbs, boasting gripping claws. Dossier “Common Name: Leaelly Species: Leaellynasaura Aquambulatio Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Herbivorous Temperament: Passive” Wild ”Leaellynasaura Aquambulatio are unique little fellas, found in arctic regions. Since they’re lower on the food chain, they can oftentimes be seen by the coasts, where they are the safest. Their fluffy coats offer them protection from the cold, and keeps them relatively dry from chilly waters. They keep to the shores due to the unique method they use to escape predators: walking on Water! Much like Basilisk lizards, they can run on the waves, though unlike them, Leaellynasaura can move at several speeds and even drift! They can even clamber up sheer cliffs if need be. They can often be seen near to the Mammoth herds that wander the Tundra, as they often defend the smaller critters from the ravenous Direwolves and Yutyrannus.” Donesticated “Leaellynasaura Aquambulatio offer unique attributes few tribes out here can master. Particularly, their impressive mobility on both land and water allow their riders to move at significant speed across most terrains, acting as top-of-the-line forward scouts and exploratory mounts. Interestingly, some tribes have been able to coax out a frosty armor from the air trapped within the fuzzy friends feathers, coating their Allies in a frozen armor of some kind, greatly increasing their defenses. If one can master a Leaellynasaura, they can potentially master the entire region.” Ecology Leaellynasaura are found in the north and south arctic regions, particularly around the coast. They are (mostly) herbivores, meaning they are oftentimes on the run from stronger predators such as the Yuty or Direwolves. They have developed a unique taste for Organic Polymer however, and will prey on Kairuku is pressured. They have a unique relation with the Mammoths of the region, oftentimes using their unique abilities to boost up the mammals in defense of their territory. Taming Leaellynasaura are tamed passively, through gaining their trust. Survivors must keep hostile creatures (including tamed ones) away from the Dino long enough for it to develop into a calmed state. Once it is in this state, it must be fed berries, crops, Veggie Cakes, or their favorite, Organic Polymer. If a hostile creature enters a certain radius, Taming Effectiveness and Taming level itself will begin to decrease, and any nearby Mammoths will become hostile. Abilities Leaellynasaura have a wide range of abilities designed to aid survivors in both PvP and PvE environments. Firstly, they are adept at travel, being faster than most other species, similar to the Galimimus. Due to its claws, it also has notable climbing capabilities, identical to those of the Deinonychus. The signature ability of the Leaellynasaura however is it’s ability to run on water, much like the real life basilisk lizard, yet with fewer limitations. Leaellynasaura can move at either speedy or more controllable speeds, allowing it to effectively evade predators or forage for food. While they can’t properly stop on the water, they can quickly drift to get into a new direction. Their traveling capabilities are only supported by their fur insulating riders from both heat and cold. What’s more, is they can provide an icy armor to Allies, increasing defense significantly. This does not heal like that of a Snow Owl, but the Leaellynasaura remains mobile and can reapply the effect when out of harm’s way. Uses ~All-terrain Exploration Mount The Leaellynasaura is a must-have for traveling The Center on foot, and potentially even for caving. Its unique set of skills allow it to be an amazing land mount, where Survivors can quickly escape a bad situation and keep moving to find their next target, and due to its thermal regulation, survivors can worry less about the environments they chose to explore. ~Forward Scout Due to its small stature, natural camouflage, unique skills and impressive speed, Leaellynasaura works amazingly as a forward scout prior to a raid. Few creatures can keep up with it, and it’s capabilities allow its rider to get a complete view of the enemy prior to any assault. ~Bossing/Defense Support With its Icy armor buff applied, Leaellynasaura easily pairs well with Yutyrannus or Mammoth buffs for both Boss fights and Raid defense. It excels especially due to its mobility allowing it to dodge and weave through attacks, making up for it’s relatively small health pool. ~Caving Dino while not as physically powerful as contenders such as the Baryonyx or Thyla, Leaellynasaura makes up for it with its impressive mobility, only matched by Deinonychus and Megalania within most Artifact caves. Notes -I submitted the Leaellynasaura due to the lack of variety in most community votes. While many different species (some good, some bad) have made it into the top ten, the winners are mostly the large carnivores (Charchar, Fasolasuchus, Gigantoraptor) or flyers (Desmodus, Sinomacrops, Rhiniognatha) and I wanted to introduce something new. Specifically a herbivore, as the last herbivore to be introduced was the Amargasaurus on Lost Island (unless the Andrewsarchus eats berries but I don’t recall it doing so). -the Leaellynasaura was designed as both a PvP and a PvE tame to appeal to both crowds. while I’d generally expect more PvE use based on its abilities, It can almost certainly contend among other PvP support Dinos. -I specifically submitted it to The Center due to the map’s wide variety of environments and conditions and the lack of a proper all-terrain creature on the map (that isn’t a flyer). -While it is inferior in several ways to other creatures (Bloodstalkers, Deinonychus) I believe the Leaellynasaura is an excellent mix of several unique abilities that fits into a unique niche on its introduced map.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Therizinosaur Species: Therizinosaur Multiensis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: I’m not entirely sure how Therizinosaur Multiensis stays populated on the island. It is surprising slow for it’s size, and is a solitary creative (so no pack to back it up). I suppose the fact that it’s sheer power rivals Tyrannosaurus us the only thing that allows this very aggressive medium-sized herbivore to thrive on the island. The claws of Therizinosaur are some of the most versatile biological tools I’ve encountered, as adept at removing trees and foliage from Therizinosaur path as they are at piercing the thick shells and hide of the island’s most defensive creatures if backed into a fight. Domesticated: A tamed Therizinosaur is one of the most versatile mounts a survivor can have. It can be trained to use it’s claws brutally or delicately, allowing the rider to primarily harvest the specific kinds of resources that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme of resource that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme efficiency. And in combat, these same claws can piece straight through. The toughest armor. This flexibility more than makes up for it’s inability to carry the large loads of the islands many herbivorous pack beasts.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common name: Allosaurus Species: Allosaurus Therotribus Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressively Social Wild: Smaller but faster than tyrannosaurus, larger but slower than Carnotaurus, Allosaurus Therotribus is the island's resident pack-hunting theropod. While most aggressive theropods are relatively solitary creatures, Allosaurus lives in groups of 3-4. One Allosaurus is the alpha, while the others are its mates or a beta male. Like humans find value in forming a tribe, the Allosaurus has evolved to hunt in packs. Its saw-shaped teeth leave its prey bleeding and maimed, making escape difficult. Once an Allosaurus slows a creature with its cutting bite, the rest of its pack quickly close in for the kill. Domesticated: Not everyone thinks a tamed Allosaurus is ideal. Those who value speed generally tame Carnotaurus, while those who value raw stopping power tame Tyrannosaurus. However, Riders of Allosaurus tend to value the utility of its Alpha pack status, which along with its bleed-inducing attacks and relative mobility, can effectively turn the tide of a combined arms battle.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Troodon Species: Troodon Magnanimus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Nocturnally Aggressive Wild: Quite possibly the most intelligent non-human creature on the island, Troodon Magnanimus is an incredibly fast learner. It understands meaningful experiences much more quickly than other creatures (including humans), and its social nature means it also teaches its pack mates, making them more clever too. If Troodon’s cleverness didn’t make it formidable, than its tactics and biology do. It specifically pack-hunts at night when we are most vulnerable, and sees humans as its primary prey. This audacity is made especially dangerous due to its serrated fangs’ poison, which drains stamina from any creature, but outright paralyses humans. Thankfully, Troodon is fairly small. Were it larger, it might well have become the dominant creature of its ecosystem. Domesticated: I thought Troodon simply could not be tamed, until I finally saw a lone survivor with one. She told me that she let “Troody” hunt a few of her tribe’s smaller creatures for sport, and it eventually started following her everywhere. It seems that while Troodon is too intelligent to fall for the rote conditioning of ‘tranq-and-feed’, it can instead gradually gain loyalty from a social approach that provides it the opportunity to hunt. Ever since, I have wondered at the benefits that a pack of ultra-smart, bred-for-battle Troodon may bring to a tribe brave enough to earn the favor of these clever carnivores.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Pegomastax Species: Pegomastax Fructarator Time: Early Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: Among the bottom of the island’s dinosaur food chain is a small herbivore called Pegomastax Fructarator. It is content to spend all day alone, gorging itself on far more food that you might reasonably expect for a creature of its tiny stature. It’s beak appears perfectly evolved for collecting food from plants while avoiding the indigestible fibrous strands. Pegomastax is likely to ignore any nearby creature and continue foraging, unless it is attacked. At which point, it turns into a very aggressive (though rather nonthreatening) opponent, shrieking and wooping far above it’s actual threat level. You would expect a creature this small and weak to live in flocks, but Pegomastax seems to be fairly solitary in nature. Domesticated: While not pretty, and far too small to ride, tribes often keep Pegomastax around as a kind of farming aid. It’s skill at scavenging means that it collects an extraordinary quantity of seeds and berries, while also handily gathering the rare flowers, mushrooms, and other ingredients necessary to cool up unusual conceptions.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Iguanodon Species: Iguanodon vicissitudinis Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Reactive Wild: Of the many creatures I've yet encountered the island, the Iguanodon vicissitudinis has the distinctly versatile ability to change its primary method of locomotion according to its momentary needs. While bipedal, it can employ rapid stabbing attacks with its distinctive thumb spikes. In quadrupedal stance, conversely, it seems to have an endless supply of stamina, even while sprinting! Primarily a rather lethargic quadrupedal herbivore native to the island's many grasslands and forests, in situations where increased speed or maneuverability is called for, it will quickly shift its posture into bipedal stance and behave like a very different creature! Domesticated: Interestingly, the Iguanodon's thumb spikes also provide it with the capability to pick seeds out of fruits, allowing a farmer to handily convert stacks of fruits into stacks of seed for planting. Combined with its highly effective fruit harvesting and substantial carry weight, the Iguanodon's excellent mobility in bipedal stance makes it an ideal field-hand that can also pull off a quick get-away, or an agile defense, when needed.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Ankylosaurus Species: Ankylosaurus crassacutis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Unlike many of the herd animals on the island, Ankylosaurus crassacutis tends to live in small family units. I believe they can afford to stick with smaller groups because of their incredibly thick skin for which they're named. Despite not being among the largest of the islands herbivores, the Ankylosaurus is one of the more difficult Creatures to take down. Its thick, armored skin seems to make it more than a match for several of the mid-sized predators that would otherwise hunt it. Reckless carnivores are just as likely to hurt themselves on Ankylosaurus' spikes as they are to get hit by its tail. Domesticated: Without a doubt, the best trait of a trained Ankylosaurus is its enormously dense tail. This tail is powerful enough to shatter the resource-laden rocks of the island. One of the wealthier human tribes on the island utilizes a squad of Ankylosaurus in its mines and quarries.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Baryonyx Species: Baryonyx Aquafulgur Time: Early Cretatceous Diet: Piscivore Temperament: Passive to land creatures, but aggressive to water-dwellers Wild: Like the Carnotaurus, Baryonyx Aquafulgur is one of the smaller end of the tier of large predators. While not as powerful as some deep sea predators or Spinosaurus, Baryonyx is an extremely fast swimmer who is still nimble enough to threaten most creatures on the island. And yet despite being a fast, dangerous dinosaur, Baryonyx almost exclusively eats fish & other water-dwellers. The highly specific metabolism of Baryonyx seems to allow it to heal wounds almost preternaturally fast after feeding on nutritious fish meat. Perhaps this is why Baryonyx rarely attacks land animals? Domesticated: Baryonyx's natural affinity for aquatic predation means that once tamed, it learns to kill ocean-dwellers more efficiently. Between its speed and its power, Baryonyx makes an ideal choice for anyone interested in frequently moving between water and land travel with ease, and valuing speend and agility over raw strength.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Carnotaurus Species: Carnotaurus pressor Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Carnotaurus pressor is an interesting creature that falls between medium and large predator. It lives primarily on flat clear ground, where it can capitalize on its speed. Additionally, it seems to have no qualms about running from larger predators instead of fighting. The horns of the Carnotaurus seem to be used more for fighting rival Carnotauri (Carnotauruses?) than actual hunting. This doesn't mean the horns aren't dangerous, though; they can still eviscerate larger prey. Carnotaurus is one of the smaller and more compact of the large predators. If Tyrannosaurus is the "Lion" of the island, Carnotaurus would certainly be the "cheetah". The real threat of a Carnotaurus is not being able to escape it once it sees you. Were it not for the creature's extremely long down-time after sprinting, it might be among the most capably balanced mounts. Domesticated: Carnotaurus fills a very specific role. Larger and almost as fast as a Raptor, smaller but much faster than a Tyrannosaurus.
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    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Brontosaurus Species: Brontosaurus lazarus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Among the largest creatures I've seen on the island, Brontosaurus lazarus is larger than any sauropod I've read about. In fact, the dinosaur is so massive that it ignores most other creatures. I've seen a pack of Raptors tear apart smaller Dinosaurs while Brontosaurus continues eating, seemingly oblivious to the hunting pack. The Brontosaurus is extremely protective of its eggs and will attack if provoked. However, some may think this is an Apatosaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Argentinosaurus, or other sauropod - but this is a strange island and I'm the one doing the research. I'm convinced that this genus is Brontosaurus and no one can tell me otherwise. My study, my rules. Domesticated: Because of how docile it is, Brontosaurus makes the ideal pack-animal. Peaceful tribes use it to carry incredible quantities of resources, while warring tribes use it to mobilize their army. Unfortunately, its enormity means that most attempts to tame Brontosaurs can take longer than almost any other creature on the island.
  18. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Compy Species: Compognathus curiosicarius Time: Late Jurassic Period Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Curious Wild: One of the smallest predators on the island, Compognathus curiosicarius can be seen as a pet, a pest or a threat. While alone, Compsognathus is not dangerous or aggressive. In larger packs, however, it remembers its carnivorous nature. After a group of Compsognathus grows to a certain size, their pack mentality always seems to embolden them to "attack". For some reason Compsognathus is not naturally afraid of humans. Rather it seems to be quite curious of humans and their instruments of survival. They tend to be drawn toward humans out of this curiosity, and then call their pack mates to help explore their discovery. This usually leads to the aforementioned pack aggression. Domesticated: Compsognathus's can be tamed quite easily, so some tribes keep them for little more than friendly companionship. However they gain increasing significant attack power and speed when close proximity to other Compsognathus, as their pack aggression takes over their behavior. Additionally their distress call carries quite far, rapidly alerting the tribe and its pets to danger more efficiently, and increasing the likelihood of forming a so called 'Compy Gang'.
  19. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Dilophosaur Species: Dilophosaurus sputatrix Time: Early Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Skittish Wild: Dilophosaurus sputatrix is a strange creature. It stands at just over half the size of known Dilophosaurs, and runs from aggressors as often as it fights them. Dilophosaurus sputatrix has a few traits not common in the Dilophosaurus genus. It has a very shrill call, and a decorative ridge of skin on its neck. I believe these are used to attract mates, as well as intimidate prey and would-be predators. Instead of attacking its prey outright, Dilophosaurus sputatrix spits venom to weaken and paralyze it before moving in for the kill. Domesticated: Because of their shrill cry and their ability to attack intruders from range, Dilophosaurus seem most suited as "guard dogs". Due to their small size, they are not suitable as mounts.
  20. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Diplodocus Species: Diplodocus Insulaprincep Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Naive Wild: Despite being one of the Island's larger creatures, Diplodocus Insulaprincep is among the Island's smaller sauropods. Instead of the size and intelligence, Diplodocus developed faster maximum speed and greater endurance. When fully matured, it generally only reaches about two-thirds the size of the rather enormous Brontosaurus. Diplodocus is another creature whose continued survival on the Island confuses me. It's a very thick-headed and trusting animal, often to its fatal detriment. It usually doesn't flee from predators until after they've attacked it repeatedly, preferring instead to make numerous fruitless attempts at friendship. For some strange reason, Diplodocus trusts humans so much that it doesn't seem to fight back against them... ever! Domesticated: Due to Diplodocus' smaller frame, it cannot support the type of 'platform' saddle that other large creatures can. To make up for this, many tribes instead use a three-seater passenger saddle that allows Diplodocus to carry two additional riders. These passengers often use ranged weapons to protect the creature, or to attack nearby enemies while on the move!
  21. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Gallimimus Species: Gallimimus evolvelox Time: Late Cretaceous Period Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Skittish Wild: When someone asks me what the fastest creatures on the island are, Gallimimus is always a contender. Unlike the island's many armored animals, Gallimimus eschews strong defenses for the ability to outrun pretty much anything. A skittish herbivore, Gallimimus even looks nervous when eating in a peaceful clear meadow. Having no real way to harm predators, it simply runs away and uses its ability to stay safe. I've even seen wild Gallimimusoutrun speed-trained Utahraptors! Domesticated: There are two general camps on the use of tamed Gallimimus. One camp thinks that their inability to actually harm hostile creatures, and their inability to harvest most resources, makes them primarily a burden to the tribe. The other camp thinks that their extreme speed and ability to jump long distances is among the best for scouting and exploring... or just making a quick getaway!
  22. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Giganotosaurus Species: Giganotosaurus Furiosa Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Angry Wild: Giganotosaurus Furiosa is an enormous predator, larger even than the Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus. While greater in size than those storied predators, it can be somewhat less dangerous when encountered in the wild, due to its sluggish speed. Even still, getting cornered or run down by a Giganotosaurus means certain death for nearly creature! Fighting a Giganotosaurus directly is never a good idea, as its rage rapidly grows with every hit it takes. With this rage, it builds increasing reserves of energy to use, making its iron jawed bites progressively more deadly and enhancing stamina. Add to this the fact that its huge body enables it to take a tremendous amount of punishment, and you have a creature that is generally better avoided or outsmarted than attacked head-on. Domesticated: Taming Giganotosaurus is a dangerous prospect. Its rage reaction even when tamed, can sometimes cause it to briefly turn of its own tribe. Indeed it may even throw off its rider is it has been angered! And yet, The sheer size and immense power that the Giganotosaurus possesses means that some factions endeavor to tame it as a fear-inducing "Captal" beast of war even at great risk!
  23. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Raptor Species: Utahraptor prime Time: Early Creataceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Utahraptor prime is an incredibly aggressive species of Utahraptor found on the island. It tends to travel in small hunting packs, attacking smaller prey with its sharp teeth or enlarged foreclaws. One of the faster creatures on the island, Utahraptor often uses hit-and-run tactics against larger opponents. The large curved talon on the second toe of this sub-species seems particularly suited for attacking while jumping. Utahraptor prime usually kill their prey with numerous slashing and leaping attacks in rapid sequence. Domesticated: Despite its normally aggressive nature, Utahraptor has become one of the main mounts for roaming bands of raiders, as well as scouts for the larger collectives. Those who ride Utahraptor claim they are difficult to tame, but fiercely loyal once they are. As a carnivore, once tamed they require a steady stream of meat to sustain.
  24. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Rex Species: Tyrannosaurus dominum Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Among the deadliest creatures on the island, Tyrannosaurus dominum is a killing machine. Active mostly when hunting for food or defending its nest, a reasonable plan is to avoid every Tyrannosaurus. I've seen no creature on the island that can contest Tyrannosaurus for sheer dominance. It is pure power - from its bite, to its stomp, to its tail, to its arms. Despite being a different species of Tyrannosaurus, everyone I've met still refers to them as a "Rex" or a "T-Rex." I've long since stopped trying to convince anyone especially the few who I've seen wearing Tyrannosaurus teeth as necklaces. Domesticated: Taming a Tyrannosaurus is without a doubt a primary goal for any aspiring warlord or warring Tribes. There is a reason Tyrannosaurus is considered the king of the dinosaurs (or with this genus, the 'lord'). A Tribe that actually manages to tame one has almost nothing to fear to challenge their power.
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