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  1. new missions are awesome so far 90% of what i have seen on the forums about genesis is complaining. well i for one an quite surprised at how good it is. after the extinction debacle i did not have high hopes for genesis. somehow it convinced me to buy it. this thread is one of the few times i will congratulate WC on a released product. i wanted to talk about the missions in this thread as they are amazing. it gave me something to do aswell as a reason to do it by gaining hexagons, which can be used to progress futher. i by far love dodo ballt he most so far (i have not tried them all) . how
  2. well i have been reading threads with people complaining about how its too weak compared to how hard it is too tame. they are still hard to tame as i tamed one only a few hours ago. just give them a slight stat increase or some kind of armour.
  3. one thing i think they should add into genesis is summoning the three bosses. broodmother, dragon and monkey. there are biomes that suite them well. monkey-snow, broodmother-bog, dragon-volcanic. this would allow for tek engrams to be unlocked. rn i dont want to transfer anything as it does not make sense to me, lore wise we are in a simulation meaning nothing should be allowed to be transferred in or out, hence why the bosses are placed in there. unlike summoning, you could find them located in certain area in the biomes. like of val. this would give genesis more flare and encourage people to
  4. X creatures have increased melee and decreased HP, wild ones have more resistance making them a real threat, they are not reskins. i know alot of adults on here who "This is what I want, this is when I want it, you're going to give it to me now, etc." infact adults tend to be more entitled sometimes as they complain about there money and other stupid stuff. get over yourself man.
  5. first off, the map is not too restrictive. yes it restricts building, but this is to prevent trolls and grievers. i like the idea of divided biomes, its a simulation . i have had no problem using HLN-A, so you must be doing something wrong. i am neutral on fliers as it has its advantages and disadvantages, however they have countered this with blood stalkers and feroxes. the tek suit was disabled to again prevent game braking. honestly i think flying all together is disabled on genesis. get over it, it adds a challenge, if you dont like it enable flying if you are playing single player.this DL
  6. (not a rant or complain) how to improve the blood stalker ok so over the weekend i went to my friends place and we played genesis. after spending 6 hours of blood harvesting us and 4 other players set out to find high lvls, i was riding on my raptor (the only tame we had at the time) and the rest were walking close by. riley (my friend) and i found a 145 and 150 chillin. i dismounted and walked up to mines, however my 150 latched onto my raptor and killed it. it then attatched onto me. we both had 1000 blood packs each, the tame rates were 5x taming, 2x consumption. however mines gained mor
  7. people use fliers as a way to make things easier. the majority of people who do use fliers for tasks like navigation, transport and other tasks most likely dont want to have to deal with that task. these are people who would rather spend time doing something else, and that is fine. you want a challenge, good for you, you do that, dont use fliers. i like to use fliers as it makes my tasks easier. i need to do another metal run, ok i will take my trusty argent and anky out to the volcanoe. i can then complete that task much quicker giving me time to do something i planned to do but could not do
  8. guys, its freakin Rockwell. the ugly son of a b*tch is back. cant wait to beat his ass again. I coming for you rocky. also guys, HL-NA is Australian, love her accent.
  9. I have heard of it and know a bit about it, could you enlighten me on what it does and how it works? so I logged on and grinded some structures for a bit. after that I decided It was time I got a flier. I scouted out 10 argent candidates. tamed all 10 and took them back. I then moved to the flat area near the caste just above the dams (I love building there). I made my new base and set everything up just fine. I built a few different taming pens and then went out for some tames. honestly anything that would be useful. I found a 145 anky, a high lvl pack of hyeanadons. now since I d
  10. @Ab0nos i have 2 questions 1. are you Australian? 2. secondly is the servers location Australia if this server is Australian i will have more of a reason to speed up the building of my gaming PC
  11. trike for defense and berry gather, parasuar for detecting enemies and raptor for travel and meat gathering. once possible tame a pteranodon for flight. if possible tame some dilos for extra defense, honestly i am surprised you are lvl 30 with no tames. anyway hope this helps @Srix
  12. so logged on and decided i was gonna tame some utility tames, recently i seem to prefer mammoths over beavers when it comes to wood gatherer, mainly cause mammoths can hold their ass in a fight, anyway i found a nice 130 mammoth in the snow and decided it shall be mines. 20 mins later i have my mammoth surrounded by spike while beating the crap out of every wolf who so much as looks my way. i managed to build a stone 3x3 pen and trap a pack of high lvl wolves in it. i had some mutton on my raptor so i fed them 3-5 each depending on lvl. i now had 5 high lvl wolves and a sweet mammoth. i checke
  13. so i recently got an xbox and my friend gave me his hard copy version of ark and also gave me a gift card with enough money to get all the DLC's (including gen). spawned near blue ob on rag, harvested the boxes, collected what metal nodes were there and made my way to viking bay. i get to the cool rock formation near blue ob and lo and behold in my way is a freakin alpha raptor and its goons. i say screw that and swim past them via the ocean (yes i am that lazy) . managed to get to viking bay to find 3 megalos, leveled 150, 135 and 120. they are of course scattered. so i make a house on the ro
  14. i the pachy is a pretty much useless tame, make it about double its size or at least as big as a raptor. give it the ability to destroy stone with a charging head but, give it a stun attack where players and dinos become stunned if hit by a special attack, have the other attach do torpor damage and cripples the opponent. have it take reduced damage to damage sources. pteranodons need a serious TLC, make them attack like morrelotops, they will only attack if there is enough of them. they can grab players and tames and fly into the air with them, however only wild ones can do
  15. people most liekly only played it cause they spent f*** tons of money on it and dont want that money to go to waste. also the game is dying, people are constantly complaining. people are reporting bugs and issues that are rarely resolved, the game is flooded with bugs (more bugs than content). second a lot of those people are players with no life and most likely make up the population of trolls, grievers and hackers, compared to other games 50K aint that big. the key to making a game popular and keeping it from dying is 1. constantly improve or develop it: whether this is removing bugs gl
  16. if you are on official try askign for help, if its pvp try braking into your base. in the future try and be more carful
  17. i cant wait for this to come out, even though i wont be getting it till i know its worth it. cant wait to watch the breakthroughs
  18. i'm not the kind of guy to take a brake because ark tried to whack be in the balls, i kept breeding and eventually got what i wanted.
  19. have spent the last few days breeding gigas. finally got a female with the 50 muts i wanted and a male with 50 different mutations. after a few hours of hatchign the eggs i finally got one with all 100 muts. then as i move it outside to give it room a freaking megalania came and killed it (it spawned in my freaking base). well back to the drawing board.
  20. hey @GP i sent a ticket, do i get notified when they reply.
  21. also @GP i have never reported a glitch before and am not familiar of the process. thx again
  22. thx so much @GP. my friend suggested one idea. i have my loot crate quality set to 100. i know that when u increase the drop qaulity some things u find in beacons dont start to turn up. anyway does this affect raptorclaus drops and if so if chibis are considered a low value item in the raptor clause drops the the high crate quality stat might be preventing them. ok so i started on this post right after GP replied. but i then went to bed cause i could not keep myself awake, after i woke up i tested my idea and it does not seem to be working. so i am going to report the issue.
  23. srry for the typo in the title, i talking on a small mobile screen.
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