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  1. i honestly not sure what u guys are complaining about. turkeys are weak and so easy to kill. i killed one with a trike just by knocking it away. also cant imagine how u guys would react to the old turkeys. now they were monster forces to be reckoned with
  2. try taming some barys, they small, tanky and pack a punch. also fairly easy to kill as all u have to do is kill some salmon and sickle them to get the prime fish meat, then knock one or a few out and tame them. have not been doin much lately. sorta forgotten what i have been posting about. with riley unable to play i have lost the will to play. been focusing on the new pokemon shield game. recently found a shiny colossal in a raid. anyway i have been curiously searching for mods that add pokemon to ark, preferably galar pokemon as well. i know mods are for PC but when i do get a pc
  3. which stream was this? i dont really watch the streams as i dont have time, i am guessing it will be used for some kind of special harvesting gimic.
  4. oh cool, so we will get an advanced harvesting tool, well we can probably forget bout ankies and doedics now ?
  5. have not played ark much lately aside from checking out the turkey trials. i lent ark to my friend for the weekend for him to try out. he is already complaining casue he tried to fight a trike at lvl 2. he also complaining cause the grind is slow. i told him before i gave it to him to look at tutorials on how to change settings. he said i can handle it.
  6. does anyone know how many gigabytes of internet it uses up to download
  7. hell yeah, be prepared to have based wiped and tamed torn apart, these things are beast, they aggro onto anyhting that is player related, tames, bases and players
  8. yeah dont need joe being salty o me. ok so yesterday i planned to tame one beaverm anky and doedic aswell as maybe some argents to carry them places. so i hopped on my new horse which still has no name and galloped off to first find a beaver. well got to the beaver dams and holy shoot it was over crowded. beavers everywhere. so to easily attract them i steal from a dam, bad idea as dawn of the planet of the beavers came after. had to jump onto a rock and stay there. after sniping them with a rifle i had 3 150s and left which i dragged into a trap i had made. left them to tame with
  9. if there ever comes a mod for it that adds dinosaurs that can be used on console i will completely ditch ark. i know there were bears cause when i watched my uncle play it for the first time he got mauled by a bear, oh hell no mode sounds hard.
  10. yes looks all too familiar, i considering getting 7 days to die. looks cool, yet i never eally beena fan of zombie games
  11. so today was quite eventful. logged on plannin to tame a kind of carnivore for meat gathering. i forgot about the giga so when i went down to the raft there behold the giga swimming right next to it, now for some reason the giga did not aggro onto the raft for the entire timehe was ther. yet when i was near it he aggroed onto me, so i panic and run, as i go to turn my controler stick stiffens and my horse is stuck running in circles. the giga catches up and well we all know what happens next. so i am now on like carrots III. this is getting all to redundant. so i am now sick and tired of loos
  12. so yesterday riley got beat up at school, had his arm broken and his nose badly broken among other things, he has always dislike fighting in real life. so he is in hospital recovering. some terds at school parently beat him up for him calling them out cheating in a math test, right thing to do but anyway. so he sadly wont be able to play ark for 2-3 months, or he should not play ark, knowing him he will continue playing for that time. for those who dont know riley is my best friend and the one i spent 90% of my online ark time with. so yesterday i posted about me starting a new world wer
  13. just wondering as i have never done it myself, can you grind things like saddle, weapons and armor in a grinder on ps4 and xbox, i have tried once but could not figure it out, i got alot of crap from gachas and beacons that could save me grinding for resources via collecting.
  14. u right there my brother, i recently started playing destiny 2, real good game
  15. i tried something like that with broodmother, it helps to have them in squads, the bleed only stack to a certain amount, so sending them all in at once otherwise they will all just die, send maybe 5 at a time in, it also means ton wont just be standign there behind other not able to do anything but get hit. so i made a new profile on my ps4 and started a new world on ark rag. the purpose of this one is to slow right down and enjoy the game from all aspects. i feel as though in present times we rush too much and try to progress to alpha within a week, a day for the real pros. with
  16. srry to hear that. i combined some more wolves today. i did not get screen shots though. i added 5 health, melee and stam mutations each. its sooo op.
  17. love the look of it. i also tamed another 150 with a white stripe. i wanna breed the white stripe into the red body. then call it lycarnroc midnight form.
  18. continued breeding my wolves today. so far i have a these mutations that i like red body with a health mutation cyan stripe with stam mutation red feet with melee mutation red stripe with stam mutation cyan body with melee mutation bright green with weight mut blue body with melee mut orange stripe with weight mut so far i have combined to make this wolf
  19. i suggest taking your tames u wnt to keep and unclaim them, then quickly leave the tribe and claim them. or depending on who the leader is you can kick them. i know i hard but it has to be done.
  20. did not do much, i have bben busy making a music video in ark for media arts subject. it pretty good so far. i wanted to do something like what syntac is doing on his latest patreon server. the server is a medieval like server where dinos are not tamable but mammals are. anyway me and riley joined the server over at his on hos 2 new gaming PCs. we started off pretty well. i wanted to do somehting like that on my singal player PS4 world so i made it so i cant tame any dinos. so i spent 3 hours yesterday collecting enough narco berries to make 100 tranq arrows and 100 narcs to feed tames. i them
  21. so i was talking my friends place and he got not 1 but 2 new gaming PC's. one for him and one for his little bro. so he downloaded ark on both of them and i told him bout how syntac has a new patreon server. he was flippin out bout it so he said as soon as we finish school this afternoon we will play on it. we are both patreons and are at the rank to access the server. anyway the server is like a medieval server were dinos are not tamable. the server also has castles and keeps, NPC and a few other mods that syntac never plays without like S+. i watched most of his vids and we figured we will g
  22. yeah i have only been playing on island lately to beat dodorex. in the last event alpahs always spwned as skeletons so it confuses me when i see regular alphas. anyway i have not seen one skele dino. also i suggest to wc to make event colours muc more solid and better. really hard to even tell them form regular colours sometimes. i spawned int eh dodo rex and killed it with a giga on god mode. when it died the dodorex did not give me much. aside form a dermis when hit with dermis tool. also kinda sad ab and ext did not get anything.
  23. have not been playing for a while, sorta lost interest. the halloween clours seem to be very vauge, not very soldid colours. aside form a few pteras i tamed near redwoods. also cant seem to find skele dinos. have spotted 3 alpha raptors but they ar enot skele ones. if i am correcvt all alphas like carnos, rexes and raptors should be skelton when fear evolved is active. anyway i am not gonna update ark till something good happens or till the christmas event appears. i wanna savour the fear event and to do that i gonna not update ark for a while. i also have had alot of assingments and my new jo
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