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  1. ok, i was confused about your post before referring to mines
  2. ok so i am gonna list some of the OG creatures that really deserve a TLC. this is based off of my opinion and somewhat form the community's comments on this kind of stuff 1. megalodon: it needs to be the size of the mosa as in rl it was bigger that a mosa, allow it to swallow small creatures whole and gain a healing buff from i. a thrash ability that causes bleed would make it more deadly, sharks have the ability to sense blood form long distances, so it should get the same ability the wolf has where it can sniff out injuried creatures. also make them more badass looking. 2.
  3. so went to riley's yesterday and stayed the night as he lives close to school. i mentioned before that riley wanted to live in the ocean biome. well he had been grinding since i left the day before. he had leveled 40 times in just crafting structures. (we have nearly defualt player stats but you can get to lvl 200ish with players). so since he had taken all the hard work out of the grinding we deicded to travel over and search for a base location, well we placed a metal platform near a spot where there are alot of turtles, however eels and sharks are also pretty common there so we gotta be car
  4. but these features are intended and add more challenge to the game, they are problems if the player makes them a problem.
  5. i understand the ending very well my friend, i can fully explain it if you like.
  6. ok so this spoiler contains alot of story lore, but for those who want the full understanding of what genesis is, read on so tell me what you guys think of this, make sure to mark it as spoiler and quote or ping me to know you are reffering to this.
  7. i know they lose their dmg resistance, i mean the higher melee, the saddles can make up for lost HP.
  8. try using the X rexes from gen, they kinda better than the normal rex, but the downside is it will take time to mutate them again. anyway i agree on the afking and idle gameplay. when i singal player and mass breeding things like gigas, i just set the game to slomo 100 (i know it goes to 10 its an act of habit) and i use the players only cheat to prevent egg spoil or egg health loss and random hatching. know its cheating but i dont have the time to sit there. even with my current settings the breeding cool down is still like 20 mins to 1 hours, hell my mutation factory consists of 50 females
  9. so this weekend was pretty eventful and hectic. on the weekend riley and i were taming and breeding feroxes. we managed to get a ferox with slightly over 10k hp when transformed. the calculator marked it as too high for the tames level so we got lucky, the final stats were all extremely high. i think we have the best ferox stats on the server. me being the crazed ferox fan i was wasted over 100 element on breeding. luckily we have place on the server where you can breed feroxes. so i managed to breed out a few mutations and ended up with a fully dark blue ferox, a fully green ferox and my desi
  10. i have a question as me and some friends plan to go there soon, can you find reaper queens and get baby reapers. if not that sucks but understandable. also i have heard that to get magmasaurs you need something that comes from the lunar biome. can someone plz tell em what it is and what it does?
  11. for those who are complaining about genesis in terms of .its to hard to survive . i dont like a game new game mechanic . i dont like the new creatures . its not suited for one game mode more than the other . i dont like new concepts and ideas that brings a whole new dimension to the game like the missions if you are someone who is using these reasons as a way to complain about genesis then you are an entitled and dull minded. you wanna complain about a game , i am fine with that. but dont go getting angry at WC for something that is not their fault. you choose to
  12. i love your point, but i dont like people like afk discriminating others. i am fine with people not liking the map. but they have to be legit reasons, not just because they dont like the creatures, or that the biomes are too hard, or the biomes are not built well. if someone is going to complain about a map, it should be about something like bugs, glitches, meshing. stuff that actually ruins the game for everyone. so what if you die 100 times in the bog, so what if the missions aren't your cup of tea, so what you dont like the creatures or no build zones. grow a pair of balls and suck it up.
  13. Wc let me just say how happy i am that crystal isles is coming, also i bet it the brachi. cant wait for the TLC
  14. thye should add a teleportation log, so if anything happens you can look at the log. also it would be cool to be able to favourite certain teleport locations. that way you can just press a button and teleport there.
  15. i dont assume everyone does that, but arks official PvP servers are loaded with that kind of stuff. hell your an example of a toxic player. calling someone a moron because they stated the truth about arks community. i stopped playing official a long time ago, but that doe snot mean i dont know what the servers are like. i also know PvP ark players are making sad sob videos on how genesis is broken but like you they only play PvP. i on the other hand preffer to watch players who play both PvP and PvE as they have the best understanding and veiw of the game. that is why your post is pointless as
  16. so this happened a few days ago, but i have only had the past 24 hours or so to talk about my genesis experience. my first post happened on the weekend over the duration of saturday and sunday (around that time). i went over to riley's on tuesday to see how the bois were. well we had an attempted raid in the snow biomes. the actual alpha tribe of the server decided they wanted to try and test our forces. riley said they came with 1 yuty, 3 rhinos, 2 bloodstalkers and 1 ferox. skull had been breeding blood stalkers and feroxes during that time so they had disposable ones to use in the def
  17. so what if they done something different. it shows they are trying to do something different. be thankful they are not doing the same old bland map like valguero.
  18. i play PvP, i just dont play it the way others do, i dont troll, i dont grieve, i dont mesh, cheat or play unfair. i also play unofficial servers in nice communities. i stopped playing PvP on official when people became too toxic. i play both modes. but that does not matter.
  19. so i am only now just getting the time to type my first experience on genesis. i hoenstly cant remember whether i have already posted or not, last few days have been hectic with exams and other RL stuff. anyway so here it is. so i went to my friend riley's place (if you have read some of my older posts you know who he is). he has 2 xboxes both with ark on them. just to make it easy to remember the friends names where TIB, ducky, joe and skull (these are the fist parts of their annoyingly long names) so riley me and 4 friends log onto riley's cluster server which now and genesis. the
  20. the reaosn i have bought the DLCs int the past is because they have been enw and idfferent. abberation was a cave system that posed as quite a challenge and added new dangers, extinxction was new and different, having stuff like corrupt creatures and OSDs. i buy the DLCs for the new different and amazing content, i know i am not the only one. i dont mind if they have some things the same. but i wont buy the DLCs if they're not new in some way. yes genesis was a big leap. but honestly its worth it, it adds alot of new stuff to genesis. so what if this map is different, it adds a new dimesion to
  21. you seem to forget. fliers are tamable, just not capable of being ridden, meaning they are not useless, people can still do trips with them, i have 10 argents pumped mainly in weight. they carry around the resources and other carp i take form one biome to another. all they did is remove the riding aspect. we freaking have bog spiders and feroxes now to travel. WC done a good thing disabling riding fliers as it means people will use other creatures like the new ones. what people also seem to forget is that flier riding can be enabled. so stop whining about it as there is an easy fix. while the
  22. i can easily reply to most of these reasons as o why they can be countered 1. it was stated in the lore of the game that genesis is a simulation designed to test the survivors, meaning it would make sense to disable fliers. since most of the ark player population relies on fliers this was a smart move as it pushes people to adapt. i understand where you are coming from but the easy way to fix this is play on flying enabled servers 2. again the inesect swarms are a challenge to deal with, i honestly dont mind fighting them as it adds more challenge to the bog 3. i agree on
  23. X creatures have increased melee and decreased HP, wild ones have more resistance making them a real threat, they are not reskins. i know alot of adults on here who "This is what I want, this is when I want it, you're going to give it to me now, etc." infact adults tend to be more entitled sometimes as they complain about there money and other stupid stuff. get over yourself man.
  24. first off, the map is not too restrictive. yes it restricts building, but this is to prevent trolls and grievers. i like the idea of divided biomes, its a simulation . i have had no problem using HLN-A, so you must be doing something wrong. i am neutral on fliers as it has its advantages and disadvantages, however they have countered this with blood stalkers and feroxes. the tek suit was disabled to again prevent game braking. honestly i think flying all together is disabled on genesis. get over it, it adds a challenge, if you dont like it enable flying if you are playing single player.this DL
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