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  1. hell yeah, be prepared to have based wiped and tamed torn apart, these things are beast, they aggro onto anyhting that is player related, tames, bases and players
  2. form what i can tell u guys must be new, as in u have not experienced the thx giving event, seriously OP turkeys spawn on the island and they are extremely aggressive, they will attack bases automatically and if u attack them and there is wild creatures nearby they all aggro onto you, meaning it can be very hard. they caused a lot of problems as if i recall they can brake up to metal. they cant be picked up and usually u can aggro lead them away if they are attacking a base. yes u get wishbones and u can summon a tamed dodorex if i remember correctly, i bet they will add more new stuff in like maybe skins and decor. also possibly event colours
  3. pve is the same ark, just without the constant fight, trolls and wiping. it gives us time to not only focus on core of the game but also do other things aswell
  4. i am in a team working on an ocean map, what u seem to be thinking about when ocean map is said is raft life, we are focusing on underwater survival, what is the point of making an ocean map if u cant explore and live in the ocean, that mean almost the entire map is wasted
  5. not if u are generouse, when ever we raided we only took what we needed and we made sure it would not be something that takes forever to make like hard polymer. we were rarely ever rebound raided, and on the few times they only stole back resources. yes i played on multiple official servers and un-official servers back then so it was wide spread. the problem now is that we have too many OP resources at our disposal. so because we are givin OP weapons we think we need to use it to completely destroy things and cause havoc.
  6. rag kinda srewed up scorched, although rag is my fav map due to being able to tame all of the islands and scorched's creatures and its design. i like extinction as it adds alot of cool new mechanics, but map itself was really lacking, i think they pu too much effort into mechanics, creatures and engrams that they kinda just whipped up the map. abberation was really beautiful but laccked alot of stuff, only realy new thing aside from rockwell boos fight and surface was reaper and rock drake taming. genisis seems real badass and really cool. sadly i wont be getting it till i can be sure it wont be a bug fest. till then i will just watch syntac's playthrough on genisis. i still love scorched as it looks beautiful and really added something wonderful to ark.
  7. here is another post, australovenator this speedy Australian theropod lives in pairs. working together they hunt down small to medium creatures. capable of outrunning all other large theropods the australovenator relies on speed and strength, it can charge past creatures biting them in mid charge, causing a gnashed attack that drains the victim by 5% of their health. the australovenator also has the ability to slightly jump. while not in combat it passively heals faster than the normal therapod. the australovenator also has excellent turning, able to turn instantly, this can allow it to escape battles as soon as needed. while not a primary combat mount the australovenator is a highly valued mount. capable of quick travel and capable of easily traversing over terrain this medium sized theropod contains many uses.
  8. what wc does to fix bugs is what the english did with cane toads and cane bettles. they used an invasive species to remove another invasive species, both should not even be in Australia, and now we Aussies have to pay for it. W does this in the same way by adding bugs to cover up other bugs.
  9. creatures u would like to see in a mod adding additional dinos so one of my friends i play ark with has recently started working in the ark dev kit, he asked me to make a thread for him asking u guys to give him ideas or concepts for creatures u would love to see in the game. if you have a creature u would like to see post it here and i will send it forward to my friend. they can also have cool abilities as well. if you have also made your own creature up and would like to see it come to ark u can post it here. there is no name for the mod yet as he has not got a]much to work on. i shall post my own one to get it started. the velociraptor would work like hyeanodons. they work in packs and will not pick fights they cant win. loyal to their packs if one is injured others will protect it. they can pounce onto creatures and gain a healing buff when ever they attack, they cannot be hit by the target they are attached to but can be harmed by others. after a certain amount of time (5-10 seconds) they leap off. instead of an oxygen stat they have an intelligence stat, this improves their buffs and can allow them to learn new combat maneuvers. they gain a packs bonus like wolves and compies, they also gain an alpha boost. in the wild all velociraptors will have an alpha leader, they are not tamable and a slightly bigger than the average raptor. to be able to tame velociraptors u must kill the alpha. then u must feed the remaining packs till they trust you as their alpha. they are breed able and can be mutated. a small Armour saddle can be equipped to them to reduce harm to the raptors. so what do u guys think. i always wanted velocirapor to make it into ark and since it has not entered i suggested this idea to my friend
  10. yeah dont need joe being salty o me. ok so yesterday i planned to tame one beaverm anky and doedic aswell as maybe some argents to carry them places. so i hopped on my new horse which still has no name and galloped off to first find a beaver. well got to the beaver dams and holy shoot it was over crowded. beavers everywhere. so to easily attract them i steal from a dam, bad idea as dawn of the planet of the beavers came after. had to jump onto a rock and stay there. after sniping them with a rifle i had 3 150s and left which i dragged into a trap i had made. left them to tame with 100 potatoes each and off i went for an anky. found a 150 and 145 near the bridge. trapped them and knocked em out and left them to tame. so i made my way to the dead lands near viking bay. found a cool 150 blue doedic, knocked him out and left him to tame. an hour later when out looking for more doedics i found another one but this time it was all black and had red spots. tamed him up as well. i also tamed up some other doedics for the stats. so it kinda obvious on what i am naming the two doedics, sonic and shadow. so i now have at least 3 of each utility dinos. i still not sure where i am gonna build yet, i have the structures ready and waiting to be used. tomorow i wanna get some kind of good leveled argent.
  11. if there ever comes a mod for it that adds dinosaurs that can be used on console i will completely ditch ark. i know there were bears cause when i watched my uncle play it for the first time he got mauled by a bear, oh hell no mode sounds hard.
  12. yes looks all too familiar, i considering getting 7 days to die. looks cool, yet i never eally beena fan of zombie games
  13. so today was quite eventful. logged on plannin to tame a kind of carnivore for meat gathering. i forgot about the giga so when i went down to the raft there behold the giga swimming right next to it, now for some reason the giga did not aggro onto the raft for the entire timehe was ther. yet when i was near it he aggroed onto me, so i panic and run, as i go to turn my controler stick stiffens and my horse is stuck running in circles. the giga catches up and well we all know what happens next. so i am now on like carrots III. this is getting all to redundant. so i am now sick and tired of loosing horses so i drop the carnivore taming objective and focus on getting some good mutations into the horse. 4 hours later and i have gotten some cool colours: white body (H), white feet (M), red stripe (H), red body (S), cyan stripe (M), cyan feet (W) and a green body (H). i also got some other useful muts but the colours landed on dormant colours regions so they dont show. stacked them up and ended up with a red body and cyan stripe and feet. dont have a name for her yet, also bred out a fullywhite horse with red stripe and named it ponyta, once it is stronger i will call it rapidash. so after killing babies and getting 50+ levels pumped in the horse was at 9kish health 5kish stam 3kish weight 2kish melee 300ish speed she a beast aswell. she has 13 health mutations, 6 stamina mutations, 4 weight, and 8 melee mutations. so round 2 was on, i shot the giga and draged it all the way to the light house then jumped off into the ocean. with that done i returned back to base and prepared to find a carnivore. now i though bout wolves or sabers but they were my usual go to carnivore. i went to the desert and as i was crossing the bridge i spied with my little eye a 150 bary. so i settled for that. bolad him and kicked him out with my new horse. killed some salmon and fed him the prime fish meat. made my way back satisfied for the day. tomorrow its time for an argent and utility tames. i dont want to build my base in a place i have built before as i want to do something new. i also need a name for my horse, if u got any ideas on where i should build plz tell me. i feel like building in desert temple but that it quite far from everything else.
  14. true, but back then i figured the obilisks sole purpose was to spawn the bosses and produce the force field thing acting as the borders.
  15. saurian is not like ark, yes u can play as a dino, but ark is where u live in a world with dinosaurs. a pretty big difference
  16. u are all wrong, it was a dinosaur themedd survival game, but over time it developed into a sci-fi and dinosaur game. they orignialy planned for it to be a dinosaur game, but things changed. the reason i started playing ark was because it had dinosaurs in it. only those who have experienced original ark would understand. also vehicles make creatures obsolite, less vehicles would be better as it will promote tame usage
  17. so yesterday riley got beat up at school, had his arm broken and his nose badly broken among other things, he has always dislike fighting in real life. so he is in hospital recovering. some terds at school parently beat him up for him calling them out cheating in a math test, right thing to do but anyway. so he sadly wont be able to play ark for 2-3 months, or he should not play ark, knowing him he will continue playing for that time. for those who dont know riley is my best friend and the one i spent 90% of my online ark time with. so yesterday i posted about me starting a new world were i am taking things slow and progressing at a slow pace. first chore was to make some narcos, i have set up in the cave in highlands. safe and has metal, obsidian and water right next to me. so went out to the yellow flower patches with carrots my new best stats horse and collect 5000+ narco berries. next was to go ollect spoiled meat from whales, after 30 mins of harvesting and leting the whales respawn i had enough to make 1000+ narcos. so whiel they crafting up i work on building a raft to take to go hyaenodon taming. so finally made a reasonable raft to carry my horse on and return back on. arrived at the shores of the volcanoe and went up to look for some hyenas. they were all over the place. soooo many high levels. after what felt like for ever of pain saking taming i finally got them all. 14 all up. so get them all up onto the boat and i am called to go do some chores, i pause the game and g to do them. bout 20 mins late ri return back and carrots his dead, there are a horde or spider, scorpions and arthros attacking the boat. so i quickly mount onto the raft and zoom off. not sure how it unpaused but whats done s done. bred carrots the 2nd and leveled him up. i bred out 10 other horses to kill. got 40+ levels from them. went out to make some more narcos. found a 140 and 150 trike in a herd of 4 above the waterfall. knocked em out and tamed em using potatoes. went back out to find some sheep to laso and drag into teh pen i made. well i got 2 high lvl males and 4 high level females penned. i figured would find and trap some so whhen i do need mutton i can easily kill them, or if i need to tame some sheep i can easily tame them and not worry about finding them. so as i head back out to look for something else to tame i remember i left my pistol in the smithy, so i dismount carrots the 2nd and run back into the cave, as i am about to exit the cave a freakin giga drops down, i franticly whistle to carrots, but too late, RIP carrots the second. i am real pissed as that is my second horse gone in one day. so i leave the dumb giga to wonder away. i quickly ran out when it was safe and grabbed the saddle and other stuff. bred out a dud horse and leveled it in health and speed. i charged out and shot the giga in the face, next thing i know i running for my life from a giga, i led him into the water where he has stayed for the time being. problem is he fairly close to the raft. called it a day after leveling carrots the third. also got a nice red stripe form my mutation horses. tomorrow i plan to tame some kind of carnivore for meat gathering. and possibly tame a some utility dinos.
  18. just wondering as i have never done it myself, can you grind things like saddle, weapons and armor in a grinder on ps4 and xbox, i have tried once but could not figure it out, i got alot of crap from gachas and beacons that could save me grinding for resources via collecting.
  19. not sure what ark u played but back when ark was young and official was decent, pvp was more forgiving, you only broke into a base and not rip it apart, u only stole what u needed, not what steal everyhting, u only killed the things that attacked you, not slaughter everything in sight, and people were chill with being raided because it was not extreme, on the rare ocasion there was a base wipe due to a full throttle tribe war,
  20. u right there my brother, i recently started playing destiny 2, real good game
  21. i tried something like that with broodmother, it helps to have them in squads, the bleed only stack to a certain amount, so sending them all in at once otherwise they will all just die, send maybe 5 at a time in, it also means ton wont just be standign there behind other not able to do anything but get hit. so i made a new profile on my ps4 and started a new world on ark rag. the purpose of this one is to slow right down and enjoy the game from all aspects. i feel as though in present times we rush too much and try to progress to alpha within a week, a day for the real pros. with grieving in pve and trolling in pvp it kinda a must to speed progress. so the setting on the server are 2xXP, 5x taming, 3xharvest and breeding is fast. anyway i spawned in highlands and died a few times to allos and gigas, finally got to carrot farm and collected enough for enough to last until i find a horse. i quickly got some crystal and made a spy glass and went off, i had to doge soo many allo packs and gigas. so i finally find a herd of horses near the shore, a 150, 135 and 145. male female and male. now i am gonna be honest here, i have never really tmed a horse, i have attempted it, but failed, so i ususally ask my friends to tame the horses cause i that bad, the problem was i never knew how to tell when to feed them, anyway i finally learnt via practising on some lower levels. so i approach the 150 and jump on, 10 mins later i have him tamed, i run him into the cave and got for the 145, tamed it up and return for the third one, so i make my way back and i kid u not there is a 120 unicorn trotting down by the beach, i ususally dont bother with them as they kinda useless, but its a 120, so i run down and tame it up. i got an idea for it later on, so i tamed up the 135. i take the unicorn out to look for more, i get down to the wyvern area and there is like 10 of them. i scope em out and there behold a 150, 125 and a 130. my lucky lucky day. so i gallop down there and my luck runs out, a wyvern was flying around killing everything. so i freak out and try to think of a way to get rid of it, i make bed and place it down aswell as storing all my stuff on the unicorn, tamed up a low lvl horse and run over, my first though was "f*ck i gonna die" i shoot it with an arrow and run for my dear life, also it was poison which makes it even worse cause if it hits me i screwed. i managed to drag it into the redwoods. stupid thing got stuck in trees and could not get out, so i get cocky and do the horse's emote, really should not have, i got microraptored and then the wyvern shot at me and kill me and the horse. i did not really care about the horse and i also had the bed placed. woke up to find a mantis smacking the unicorn. so i kill it with a slither of health and continue taming. tamed all 3 up and returned back to base. i just bred them good stats into 3 sets of breeders. 1 pair has plain colours consisting of white and black, they are for mutation breeding, the other 4 have cool colour combos. i set for s black striped and orange bodied horse, it got to 100% imprint and its health, stam and melee are the best i have ever seen on a horse in ark. tomorrow i plan on making a small base.
  22. honestly i not sure what i wanna see, it looks cool and sounds cool. but knowing WC most of it will be over hyped
  23. there so many things in ark that have jump scared me 1. pegos 2. icthyornis 3. thyla 4. purlovia 5. raptors 6. kapro 7. sarco 8. nameless 9. reaper 10. megalosaurus the list continues, honestly WC could tag ark as a horror game if they wanted. it can really scare the sh*t out of you sometimes.
  24. srry to hear that. i combined some more wolves today. i did not get screen shots though. i added 5 health, melee and stam mutations each. its sooo op.
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