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  1. it was awhile ago, like last year, but they posted a crunch showing the brachi, people speculated it was coming in the next dlc or free dlc.
  2. i get your point, but i have always wanted ptera to be somewhat aggressive or neutral, as well as being able to grab creatures and beings. if i recall the icthy can swoop down and pick up small creatures including your tames, i have had many small tames die to them but never find their bodies including bag. so i assume they pick them up and fly off. anyway they would only attack you if there were multiple pteras, if alone they would flee. however adding a mechanic like that of the hyenas where depending one if you have tames nearby or other player they may not attack you.
  3. here is the second part of my TLC list mammoth: these things need a platform saddle and a better model bronto: this thing needs a major reskin aswell as some sort of attack, maybe a stomp that cripples targets or stuns then, also it should not get attacked by some creatures like allos diplodocus: this thing is in dire need of a reskin, it also needs to have the ability to do damage, the real diplodocus was a strong fighter with its whip like attack. it needs a whip attack that stuns and does massive knockback, alos they lived in herds so it should spawn in groups a
  4. its kind of obviouse, they showcased the brachi in a offifical post a while back, we got val and the deino (which was from ark additions mod) so we will most likely be getting the brachi, i really want the brachi as it is gonna be a couter to gigas aswell as a sweet ass tame. plus another long neck based herbivore. btw they said they were adding one new real life dino, they never stated whether the map native creatures like the wyverns and crystal griffin will be in the map or not, so we may actually get multiple new creatures, aswell as a TLC.
  5. i use pegos and icthy's for PvP when stealing items. also icthy is really useful starter tame, can collect prime from small creatures like dodos and can bring you fish corpses when taming otters and hespironis, yes they annoying, but they die easily.
  6. so i went over to riley's again yesterday. riley had been planning to get magmasaur. riley had bred out 4 dud stalkers each. we went in their and spent the first bit killing all low levels, there were surprisingly little low levels, most of them were over 156. as we stole some eggs the erupting icon appeared so we scrammed out of there, our first run had gotten us 174, 174, 168 and a 156. but we spotted multiple 180s and wanted them eggs. while waiting for the eruption to stop we found a cool blue 180 X anky. as i was cryoing it a freakin lavaball smacks down and kills me. luckily the anky was
  7. a few things that help breeders on ark. 1. magmasaur can only breed in lava 2. female forexes only breed when fully addicted (must be 100 no less), this means you need to feed it to full again when it drops, i think they can only breed when in small form 3. turtles can only breed in the vert deep parts of the ocean, eggs can only be hatched in the same location. 4. blood stalker eggs can not be moved so plan where they lay 5. magmasaur apparently consumes all resources to feed them while smelting hope these help
  8. ok, i was confused about your post before referring to mines
  9. ok so i am gonna list some of the OG creatures that really deserve a TLC. this is based off of my opinion and somewhat form the community's comments on this kind of stuff 1. megalodon: it needs to be the size of the mosa as in rl it was bigger that a mosa, allow it to swallow small creatures whole and gain a healing buff from i. a thrash ability that causes bleed would make it more deadly, sharks have the ability to sense blood form long distances, so it should get the same ability the wolf has where it can sniff out injuried creatures. also make them more badass looking. 2.
  10. so went to riley's yesterday and stayed the night as he lives close to school. i mentioned before that riley wanted to live in the ocean biome. well he had been grinding since i left the day before. he had leveled 40 times in just crafting structures. (we have nearly defualt player stats but you can get to lvl 200ish with players). so since he had taken all the hard work out of the grinding we deicded to travel over and search for a base location, well we placed a metal platform near a spot where there are alot of turtles, however eels and sharks are also pretty common there so we gotta be car
  11. yes very expensive
  12. but these features are intended and add more challenge to the game, they are problems if the player makes them a problem.
  13. i understand the ending very well my friend, i can fully explain it if you like.
  14. ok so this spoiler contains alot of story lore, but for those who want the full understanding of what genesis is, read on so tell me what you guys think of this, make sure to mark it as spoiler and quote or ping me to know you are reffering to this.
  15. ghillie and bug spray, aswell as croushing, honesly i just use torches or flamethrower, easy peasy really.
  16. its funny, blood stalkers are much like thylas in the sense that they dismount you and attack you, yet i never heard people ranting about that. infact people liked the idea as it made redwoods more dangerous. so whats the difference here?
  17. i know they lose their dmg resistance, i mean the higher melee, the saddles can make up for lost HP.
  18. they need to add in an actual loot system, like beacons. loot crates are just useless
  19. allow me to list ways to counter bloodstalkers, (i have sued these myself in pvp) 1. flamethrower: blood stalkers have small hp pool and no armor, meaning flamethrower, especially good ones can burn right through them. i have killed quite a few stalkers this way, all you need is good armor to survive the attack and a flamethrower on stand by 2. melee weapon: again they have low hp pools making them weak to melee, pikes, swords even picks and hatchets can get you out or kill them, strong armor also allows for higher survival chance 3. shotguns: my favorite way to kill these thing
  20. try using the X rexes from gen, they kinda better than the normal rex, but the downside is it will take time to mutate them again. anyway i agree on the afking and idle gameplay. when i singal player and mass breeding things like gigas, i just set the game to slomo 100 (i know it goes to 10 its an act of habit) and i use the players only cheat to prevent egg spoil or egg health loss and random hatching. know its cheating but i dont have the time to sit there. even with my current settings the breeding cool down is still like 20 mins to 1 hours, hell my mutation factory consists of 50 females
  21. so this weekend was pretty eventful and hectic. on the weekend riley and i were taming and breeding feroxes. we managed to get a ferox with slightly over 10k hp when transformed. the calculator marked it as too high for the tames level so we got lucky, the final stats were all extremely high. i think we have the best ferox stats on the server. me being the crazed ferox fan i was wasted over 100 element on breeding. luckily we have place on the server where you can breed feroxes. so i managed to breed out a few mutations and ended up with a fully dark blue ferox, a fully green ferox and my desi
  22. i for one am having a blast, the missions have brought together the community on my friends server, even though its pvp we are more focused on the missions. i do admit there are a few things that annoy me, one is the races, creatures, trees rocks and more stuff makes it really hard. we now have people who run through on golems and clear the track before we race but it takes way too long. we done the bog beat down on the weekend and boi was it fun. gotta be my fav one so far.
  23. the creatures are not reskins, they have different stats and resistance. they are better and stronger.
  24. apex mean it has no natural enemies and usually means it a strong and powerful hunter.
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