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  1. the island is a good place to breed them, in the volcano
  2. no like the actual stats are decreased slightly, not just by a decimal.
  3. ok well message me and i can invite you to our discord server.
  4. did mines eat the ingots then?
  5. should have said this earlier, i was on an unofficial xbox server
  6. half assing it would be them giving it their all at this point. their standard is using their ass to do the work, sitting on the keyboard and wiping their ass along the keyboard is their standard. at this point they can never actually fix ark, the only way to save it is to sell it to a bigger company, hell even then it would take alot of time and money to fix it. ah but that is where you are wrong my friend. my friend runs a server cluster and he is one of the best hosts i have ever played with. he runs a democratic system where if something is suggested he lets the server vote. he helps all players new or veteran, young or old. he accepts no levels of toxicity. he does not host the servers for his sake, he hosts them for the players sake. we both have played on a lot of clusters before he opened his. a lot of them were great and fun. unofficial hosts are honestly better than WC as they deal with situations.
  7. at this point the only reason it is making money is because it has no competition, i am hoping another bigger and better company will knock WC into their place soon. this may give them a wake up call and make them actually fix their game.
  8. if it was updated to require ingots that would be both PvE and PvP. i have tested it and it seems to require ingots, when having nothing in its inventory it cant shoot the lava.
  9. albertosaurus is a good one, gorgosaurus is another as it lived in snowy areas. the feathered rex was basically a rex that was engineered to be an effective hunter in the cold. one that was recently discovered in Canada that my friend is obsessed with is the reaper of death, the new tyranid found in Canada. we chose the wendigo because one of my friends lives in the area where its story is passed down and he had been working on a model for it. if you like i can message you mt discord tag and invite you to the server where we have been working on the maps.
  10. i am in a group with some friends of mines. we are working on a ocean map rn, but we planned to make a sky based map and frozen map. we had ideas for the frozen map including creatures. like a feathered rex, and the wendigo.
  11. well on my server it uses ingots, for some reason it does not say ingots removed for us, they just dissapear. maybe adding some sort if text like consumed ingots or removed ingots, also how many does it use per shot. it seems it doe snot require ingots when in the volcano, not sure if this is a bug or not but it makes this thing great for getting more eggs. so long as you have a lot of ambergris its fine. also i just thought of a way to use it as a tank. have alot of ambergris in its inventory, have a good saddle and high HP, melee and weight. Then just sit in turret range, and force feed it ambergris as it is being shot, maybe not constantly but something like that. then once the turrets are drained you just magma blast the turrets. anyway i want to know why it does not use gasoline or the other resources i mentioned that should boost its forging speed and why is it so slow when forging.
  12. anky, magmasaur and mining tool.
  13. wait so KO taming them was a bug?
  14. believe it or not i have actually seen negative mutations. i have gotten one or two that have decreased stats. also i have seen a few syntac vids where when mut breeding he has gotten negative mutations. they are just extremely rare.
  15. not sure what haven you livin in but it took me 300+ darts to down a rex. the rifle was asc at 500ish damage. honeslty i feel like crossbows are better, they take less damage so no chance of being killed. we need some kind of weapon that does full damage to x creatures and can use tranq dart and shocking darts. make it a tek item, possibly X tranq rifle. i would rather knock out a giga than a freakin rex if both were max level.
  16. Kodking194


    magmasaur??? so i am not making this thread to complain but to get a few of my questions answered that i think others would also be wondering. so here are the questions 1. why does it take longer to smelt metal in it than in an actual refining forge, why does it also not cook wood, mutton and prime 2. does feeding it sulfur, oil, gas balls or gasoline increase its smelting power (speed and amount per smelt) 3. why does its food decrease so fast yet not want to eat meat 4. metal, stone and the ingots seem to disappear when the magmasaur is hungry honestly aside from some PvP aspects this thing is kind of a let down. from how they described it in the upcoming months to genesis's release it sounded like it would replace or be better than the industrial forge. but it is worse than a refining forge. for something that is quite a challenge to get it really does not live up to expectations. and since they are only really useful in the lava and possible lunar biome (due to temperature in arctic and water and rain in the bog) it really is not worth the time. aside from its ranged attacks (which require ingots to use) its kind of meh. now if the forging time is reduced because it would be too OP to be able to speed cook =ingots then use them for the shots. then i would not mind them increasing the ingot requirement if it means they cook things faster, i also would not mind if they removed the ability for it to eat meat and replace it with needing to eat sulfur, oil or gas, hell even if it solely eats ambergris while forging i dont care. i just think its forging is useless as it takes longer than a refining forge. i really love the look and idea of the magnmasaur but its kind of a let down considering it was one of the most popular creatures first introduced months ago. btw can magmasaurs collect ambergris, if they cant i think they should. also can they collect element shards from the crystals and rocks in the lava biome and lunar biome.
  17. so played at Riley's again yesterday. after realizing something was up with the magmasaur and the metal disappearing and it taking forever to forge we decided the old way was best, shoving it into our industry forge room and letting it smelt there. me feeling a bit cocky decided to go to the lunar biome. but before that i decided to make a mining drill. we have this sort of currency on the server in the form of electronics, since its so common on most of the maps we made it a form of currency. riley had taken a ferox and an asc chainsaw and harvested a lot of tek dinos which meant we had a lot of electronic. grabbed 5k and zoomed off to the community market. we have this shop were you can trade in a primitive item and electronic and have it upgraded of sorts. its a bit too complicated to explain so i will spare details. i got my mining drill improved and went to the lunar. well bad idea, there were asteroids everywhere, drones and defense units everywhere. i harvested as much element shards as i felt safe to then headed back. got around 50K shards from that so was pretty happy. until i remembered the red crystals in the volcano gave them as well. so Riley and i went there. we took dud stalkers in case of an eruption. i would harvest the resources while Riley keeps everything busy. after multiple eruptions and a few hours we had cleaned out the volcano. we had somewhere around 1000 element worth. that is what 5x harvesting with an op mining drill will get you. we crafted it up and stored it away in out secret vault hidden in our base. we had a duo tribe asking for help to get magmasaur eggs so we volunteered. they wanted to do it the legit way so no teleporting out using HLN-A. we lent them blood stalkers as they had tame dthem but plannd to breed them to combine stats. as we took them in one of them spots the nest ares and dives for it, he is instantly killed and the stalker follows. so i painfully colelct his stuff and we head back out, riley and i inform them on how to steal the eggs and how its easy to dies. so riley and i head in first and draw the creatures attention away from the nest. they swooped in stealing the egg. as we were ready to head out the volcano began to erupt, as i went to deplot a web a bunch of onyc swarmed me making it hard. as i tried to back up i fell into the lava and got swarmed by magmasaurs. the volcano blew and well. rip. lukcily i had nothing of value on me and the stalker was a dud. the lava biome is nasty for even veteran players. as a form of repayment they gave us some cool ferox mutations. while nothing too good the colours are pretty sweet. well after that riley wanted to do something more chill and took the turtles down to breed. i decided to grind as we had somehow gotten low on resources. as i was sitting around passive grinding and breeding some theriz's and X spinos. now lately that mega tribe that is rivaling us has been quite active. raidng people and building up. as i was breeding the spinos outside i spotted a blood stalker near our base. i grabbed my op rifle and oneshot the rider. it was someone from the mega tribe. i also killed his stalker as it was a danger. later on when grinding bullets i get a message in global chat with the tribe leader declaring full on war. i thought they were joking or bluffing. but when someone attempted to kill me on a blood stalker while out collecting stone near the base i knew they were serious. so i called on the entire team and also called up a few allied tribes including the duo tribe we helped. i preped our forces and fortified the base. riley and skull transported all of our valuable tames to our hidden base (mega tribe i know you will read this at some point so my mouth is zipped shut). while i moved all of our resources to our warehouse hidden in the lunar underwater biome. about an hour after the war declaration we saw the first wave. a bunch of stalkers were scouting the base. we deactivated all the turrets to make them think we were not ready. i then took a few shots at them with my longneck, killed on and finished it off with a flamethrower. one player got me, but i had my shotgun ready and killed the player in 4 shots. i then flamed grilled the other. a while later we spotted a small group of magmasaurs, about 4-5. a few of the others started freaking out as they can wreck metal. but i reminded them that the colder it is the weaker they are. or at least from what i know. we had joe riley and skull mounted on turrets on the back of turtles and i was on my ferox (still no name) with 100% addiction. we easily took down 2 before they got to our walls. managing to make a hole big enough to get in, they then attempted to retreat. problem was they dismounted their tames so we picked them off easily. we soon killed the magmasaurs and took their loot. we got alot of C4s, so we decided to set traps on paths we figured they would come along, as well as narco traps. second wave came in the form of waves of X rexes. bout 20 of them. they came straight though the C4 trap. i set them off and got almost half of the entire army down to low health. riley mounted on the rocket turrets started laying fire down on the rexes, one by one they fell. i then took out my ferox and tore through the rest of them. they retreated and said in chat it wasn't over. btw it is now the b]next day and more happened yesterday. but i gonna type it in the next post.
  18. doubt they will. but would be nice to get some kind of rework.
  19. i heard about an exploit for this, how did they raise the kings on genesis?
  20. yes it is OP in some terms, it is Op for carrying around stuff as it can swing even when over encumbered, yes it is op for taming, yes it is OP for travel. but no it is average for PvP. this is due to its small HP pool. and since if you do play PvP it would be smart to always carry some kind of strong weapon around with you, mines is either a shotgun, pike or flamethrower. sometimes all 3. and people dont realise but you can struggle to escape, aswell as having low HP when low on health it eats its rider, so if you get it down to low health you can kill both by essentially just harming it. as of rn this thing is an effective support mount, taking out players or riders by dragging them away from the fight. it terms of pulling players off and up into the air, well that is where stuff like glide suits, grapples and parachutes come in handy. if you are a smart player you know or learn to counter these things. i apologize for the rant. overall it is an OP mount and very useful. but not really in PvP, or atleast to the way the majority of ark players like to play PvP which is big damage output and high tanking health.
  21. blood stalkers can be easily countered, i have stated this somewhere else. a good flamethrower, shotgun or pike and some Armour will easily take care of one. and since the player is exposed when you are pulled in you can easily kill the rider leaving the stalker even more defenseless
  22. if the only way to survive against them is running away then they are too op. if you are being raided you dont wanna run away, you wanan stand and fight, the mana makes this very hard to do. they should also reduce the freeze to like 5 seconds
  23. TLC include creature reworks, these are creatures which are usually old and in the game from the start. what the mana needs is a extreme nerf. in the server cluster i play on only 2 manas can be in a tribe at a time (this is for PvP) and if more than one is reported being used in a raid the tribe loses that creature and is fined. i agree manas are OP for PvP. but WC should not waste a spot in the TLC for the mana, what they should do is greatly nerf it and make it non breedable. something that would also make it weaker is it takes 3-5x damage from fire, and projectiles. this would make things like turrets and wyverns more effective against it.
  24. lot of my posts were helpful to both pvp and pve. especially spider
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