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  1. Get at ced on twitter, he is answering questions there. Our feedback to him on twitter is what caused them to add the new command for admins to restore engrams. Agreed though
  2. This is not good information When they restore your character, they instruct you to create a new character. Then they boost that characters EXP and transfer the imprints. You might as well start working on a new character and get some bosses done and start some new breeds while you wait. This is from personal experience of having gone through this process 3 times
  3. Careful, I've had racers deleted by the devs for this before. You aren't supposed to put armor or skirts on them that goes below their back!
  4. With the massive volume of tickets sent in due to their rollback blunder, there will be quite some wait I'm afraid. I hope they have plans to bring on additional temporary support staff to help expedite the restorations. It's just a shame that they have not yet come up with a solution to restore ascensions
  5. Make sure you submit your ticket as Gameplay and not Account or Server, or it wont work
  6. I got a ticket response last night around 11pm. I think they brought in some overseas help to deal with this incident, as I don't recognize the GMs name
  7. I had to reinstall completely to fix this and the glitchy map bug
  8. Yeah passive tames are a bit buggy, its just the way it goes. Make sure not to de-render it
  9. Holy fk bud, that is a really nice stamina roll! Wow!! As for purpose, quetzels are very useful in many situations. For PVP they are very important in today's meta. They are great for picking up enemy players and dinos and dragging them behind your lines, lifting your own soakers to deal with high-up turrets, and more. There is also the whole hatchframe quetzel thing, but I won't get into that (google it if you want). For a PVP quetz you want all HP. For PVE they are great for farming and for weight. We use them to move loot around and carry dinos. For this case you want to level all weight.
  10. No, leveling them is fine. Look into Ark Smart Breeder and some mutation tutorials on youtube
  11. at least they are trying to make this right this time
  12. Install global font (google it) and take video evidence
  13. We have to continue to put pressure on them until they add a solution for this part of the problem. The ascensions are the hardest part, compared to doing a quick rag and center boss. Please @ ced on twitter mentioning this and respond to the dev's comments on reddit (they don't really read their own forums, have to use other platforms to get responses)
  14. We cannot let this situation blow over. Wildcard needs to implement a new command to grant ascensions now, and then work on a new system to prevent characters from being deleted so easily by rollbacks and transfer crashes.
  15. Hence why I said halfway. They added the engram command but not a second command for ascension. pardon typo in previous post
  16. same. and ranting on twitter and reddit until they add a complete solution to restore tek engrams and ascensions - they're giving up halfway from the looks of it.
  17. WC has added a new admin command to restore engrams - now we must push them to continue the good work and add a second command for ascensions. If they leave us with a half-baked solution we cannot be satisfied
  18. Those restorations were a coincidental side-effect of the second rollback they did to some servers. As many as were restored were deleted in this second rollback. For example one of my friend has a character back after but 3 more lost them after being spared by the first rollback
  19. holy fk all of my ranting at him on twitter actually worked
  20. They don't know how to roll back without mass deleting accounts, apparently, so whats the point lol
  21. It is not triggered by fall damage anymore. Try biting a kentro if you want to see it happen
  22. With the massive volume of tickets happening due to their blunder, it will probably be over a month. It was 3 weeks during a random deletion when it just effected me - imagine how overwhelmed they are going to be due to this.
  23. Sucks we can see our characters sleeping there, useless and helpless, and wildcard claims they can't do anything because they can't verify who lost what engrams and ascensions. Sad.
  24. GMS have the power to restore tek engrams and ascensions, but internal policy prevents them from doing so: playercommand Ascend3 playercommand AbAscend3 UnlockEngram [insert blueprint path] Wildcard needs to make an exception to their policy that disallows GMs from doing this.
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