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  1. Then why did they change manas to take "flyer damage" a few patches ago? Managarmr Now take damage equivalent to flyers Fixed Managarmr’s forward dashing when walking off edges
  2. Turrets, plant x, tek turrets are bugged right now. Defense is really OP at the moment. Your best bet to get attention to this is to send your video to Ced on twitter
  3. Plant X are bugged to heck right now. They intantly deal damage, bonus damage, and do not deal poison effects anymore.
  4. You can post it on reddit though! Video evidence is allowed there. Devs look more at that anyway.
  5. Yes. Report these people with video evidence. They get banned FAST. The trouble is getting video evidence that actually shows the cheating happening. If you get something that just shows an ORP gate, the GMs still may investigate the situation - they can pass right through that gate and check it to see if there is an offending tribe behind. Wildcard is aware of this stuff and has been working on solutions for ORP servers. They just added some new features to ORP servers last patch!
  6. I think this is too far. They need to re-work them entirely at this point, as now they seem pretty useless except for travel and PVE. Maybe bring the damage back up to pre-nerf now that you can't really hit it from that far out.
  7. Happens lots on SE as well. NEVER use manas on those maps, it will eventually happen guaranteed.
  8. I've had baby reapers vanish into the mesh more often when NOT holding them with a crab. I find that even if they are overweighted, it is still much safer to keep them in a crab. They will often disappear or bug out during their transition to juvenile if they are not rendered at that time.
  9. Can't believe no one has mentioned that gigas are pretty much the only way to do legendary OSD and king titan
  10. Steam version is better for a multitude of reasons. Don't buy the windows store version
  11. Hard disagree. However I do like that in the new map you are unable to build in the titan artifact caves. Retroactively changing this on old maps would be so stupid though.
  12. Lost two kentros today to this. Food in inventory, in troughs, still dead :M
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