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  1. so glad I moved to unofficial last year. Vanilla ARK is bad enough, but the official servers are unplayable by comparison with box tribes everywhere. WC runs their servers on hopes and prayers. Do yourself a favor and find a good unofficial cluster. The best and nicest communities exist there.
  2. raptor claws presents this year are utter garbage. gachaclaus are broken. This is the wildcard we all know and love. Can't wait for the broken mess that will be Ark 2!
  3. Let's see how long it takes after launch for Gen2 to be stable. Gen1 is still buggy AF.
  4. or incoming angry players who cant transfer in and out of Rag because WC broke more things.
  5. whats the deal with ragnarok and not being able to transfer a character in? This is affecting official, legacy, and who knows what other servers as well. I realize ARK is complex, but if I had a dollar for every time something got broken that didn't need fixing...
  6. already submitted a bug report, but just for the record I have to say not being able to pod crystal wyverns is a huge facepalm. servers will be tame capped within weeks I'd imagine, massive bases are already being erected to store them all in, and because they're wyverns they have a tendency to get stuck in floors and other geometry. This is probably something that should be addressed asap @Cedric
  7. Think I saw a couple wildcard employees out looting. RL pvp?
  8. Can PVE Official Dupers Announce Which Servers They'll be DDOSing? Since Wildcard @Cedric seem to be ok with dupers on official PVE (as they only implemented anti-duping on PVP), maybe the cheaters who are DDOSing servers at random to dupe stuff could start a forum thread to announce which servers will be crashed. You could post it anonymously, thats fine. It would really help people plan for bosses and other events more confidently, instead of every transfer, trade and boss summon being a roll of the dice. Thanks in advance.
  9. any word when duping prevention systems are coming to official PVE?
  10. probably in relation to the patch they announced an hour ago, then forgot to go ahead with.
  11. If this is a problem with server load and player count, then why are servers continually crashing and going down with 10-20 players online? I've seen servers crashing with less than 10 players on a regular basis. The argument that this is increased player numbers causing the crashes is preposterous in many cases, and plausible in others.
  12. It pays to have small bases across multiple maps and servers unfortunately. On official you follow this pattern: 1. move to quiet server with small active playerbase. 2. build base, get setup. 3. wait a month and box tribes move in 4. server performance tanks, becomes unstable. 5. rinse and repeat. On the plus side I've never had so many bases across so many servers. On the downside half of those servers are down during events because everyone thinks they're special.
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