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  1. Never-ending Titan Battle Music Are devs every going to fix the never-ending boss music that plays after someone summons the Desert, Ice and Forest Titans on Extinction? @Cedric The only way the boss music stops is if servers restart, so the music could play for days or weeks potentially. I don't blame people for summoning the Titans to kill or tame them, I do it as well, but if you have a base in one of these zones you're forced to turn music volume off. Minor inconvenience, but certainly not an intended feature, right?
  2. there's a number of carnivore babies (rex, yuty, giga, quetz, etc) that will stop eating when you're out of render, and sometimes will just stop eating while you're in render. The latter is very rare, but it happens to me once or twice a month and podding/unpodding tends to fix. The former is likely deliberate and was either to stop some kind of exploit back in the day, or because of optimization reasons the server calculates that raw meat rots first before determining whether your baby ate the raw meat (logically it should be in reverse order, but it simply isn't for whatever reason). There is one workaround, and that is to cook up piles of basic kibble (or any tier of kibble if that's easier for you) and stuff babies full of kibble if you're going to be offline or out of render for an extended period of time. crumplecorn doesn't show the correct numbers for kibble since the kibble overhaul, and it is more effective now for feeding babies. Jerky works as well, but that's quite a bit more expensive than basic kibble imo. The other alternative is to micromanage your babies, and between that and having a good basic kibble factory setup, I personally find the latter to be easier and less time consuming. edit: I should also add that you personally don't have to be in render range, any player will do. If you have neighbors that are close enough, or your base is in a busy area with lots of traffic, you can leave your base and babies will be fine with enough raw meat, so long as someone is in render range of them and they don't get the rare bug that I first talked about.
  3. careful OP, you're writing troll food here. On that note, ARK is what it is because it's not monetized to the potential that it could be, therefore you get what you pay for. Anyone playing on an official server should always be aware that WC is providing a barebones experience, and if you want a more premium experience then you have to step into the waters of unofficial dedicated servers. There are some clusters that have been up for as long as official itself, and have all the maps, more enjoyable rates, structures plus, and a gazillion other mods that fix what the Devs can't or won't. Honestly, the only reason I play on official is for the community and persistent economy, but with all the box players that have migrated over onto NA servers it's becoming increasingly more unfriendly. Is ARK dead? no, its just that you're a beta tester if you play on official, end of story, hard to argue otherwise unless you don't play. Until ARK runs and is maintained like a properly released title, the game silently still carries that Early Access experience, especially on official servers. Best to know what you're getting into beforehand, and keep expectations at zero over the long term.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised of it's because there are players in China making more money off of ARK than Wildcard. Apparently, according to a Chinese player I spoke to a few days ago their servers are now behind a subscription paywall. I don't see any of these servers on Battlemetrics, but if they're not through Steam then they wouldn't be.
  5. The official servers desperately need region locks
  6. Maybe its time to start considering region locks? @Cedric It's bad enough Asian players flood NA servers during events and cap the tame limit on servers, but the fact we can't even communicate with them because all they say is [][][][][][] makes it impossible to coordinate with them.
  7. That's why it's called a deterrent, like the legal drinking age or a no trespassing sign. Some people are going to ignore or circumvent a deterrent, but most will not.
  8. Reduce Tribe Tame Limit Simple suggestion: reduce tribe tame limit down, as many servers get global tame capped during event, at least on PVE official servers. I've discussed this with many people ingame and we're all surprised the tribe tame limit is still at 500, given cryopods are obtainable by anyone who can access the obelisks and gather a few resources. The consensus from what I've heard is that 250 is more reasonable, and I'd agree. It's easy to tell people to get along and for everyone to be respectful of others, but that doesn't happen unfortunately in all cases. Often, large alliances will deliberately unpod everything they can to cap a server and deter people away if they're looking to tame something.
  9. It's possible, but that's some pretty shoddy coding if true. The logs don't need to be stored in memory, and the issue is very likely related to insufficient memory. I dunno, in a recent post they admitted that they're having RAM issues with the servers, and are deleting event candy/chocolates on the 25th to free up memory. You're likely correct, and WC would rather keep their anti-meshing in place at all costs, even if its gobbling up server resources. Like, its definitely on a server by server basis, as some servers are just fine while others are suffering not only from bad ping and excessive lag, but are out of sync to the point where you can set a timer on an imprint for 8 hours, and after 8 hours your tame still has an hour + left before the next imprint. This kind of sync issue is reminiscent of how older games used to hard lock physics and gameworld time progression together. It's all speculation on my part, but it bugs me when it seems like someone is being lazy with code. I've played other online games that use Nvidia PhysX for server side physics, and I've never this kind of weirdness. You see it all the time with Bethesda physics, so maybe someone in WC is writing custom physics code and pulling a Bethesda, who knows.
  10. This is very true. The improvements that would come to subscription servers (like bug fixes) would also benefit non-subscribing players, which is how technology improvements tend to work in the real world as well.
  11. I just about passed out laughing at their latest update where they're deleting chocolates and candies on February 25th. No stacking, no transferring, and now can't use past the event... I get the reason why but still its pretty crazy they have to go this far. Might as well make them stackable and transferable again if they're all getting deleted after event is over, which would be less taxing on server memory i might add.
  12. This is a great idea, not sure why anyone would oppose this or contest it. I love ARK Smart Breeding and use it constantly, and I also will name my dinos with the stats if necessary, but the latter is a workaround to a missing feature that most breeders would love.
  13. official NA valg 556 during afternoon/evening hours. That server gets seriously laggy without an event running, but the lag and crashes with 1-2 hour downtimes + bonus rollbacks during the past few days has forced us to abandon ship and relocate to a better server. 556 seems to attract A LOT of box players during events, which probably doesn't help the already terrible performance on that server.
  14. Very true. It might be too big a risk for them to take given all the unknowns, and I suppose it would also cut into the profits of server providers. Who knows, they may have some kind of non-competition clause in whatever deal they have with Nitrado.
  15. I'd be down for a subscription ONLY if it was for new official servers that were not connected to the current official clusters. It may seem bizarre to people that play single player or that play on unofficial servers, but the appeal for official servers is a large community and a persistent economy, plus a sense of the developer/publisher having a vested interest in maintaining that "official" community. The litmus test for ARK is its official server health, and right now its not exactly healthy for reasons that are apparent but not acknowledged by Wildcard. One advantage of having a subscription tier with its own server cluster is that Wildcard could create an admin position to monitor these servers and crack down on exploiters aggressively. A subscription would raise the cost for ARKs version of "wow gold" sellers enough to make it unprofitable for them, even if they could conceal their activity from an admin and avoid player reports. With a subscription tier, players themselves would have a much bigger stake in seeing that dupers and cheaters get banned, and the many a$$hats that frequent the non-DLC maps on official would be less apt to troll global chat for obvious reasons in a subscription cluster. The only downside I can foresee is if there weren't enough people subbing, leading to the servers getting shut down. The thing is, that is what happens to the official servers over time when people aren't buying the expansions, and new players aren't buying the base game at full price. People who have xbox game pass for windows 10 already get the base game free, so they don't really count unless they're buying expansions, and a lot of new players get ARK at a deep discount during a Steam sale. Subscriptions generally don't have discounts, and are a much more stable revenue stream. Some don't understand the value and sense of stability that comes from knowing a developer is well funded, and that's fine, this isn't for you. As for the current buy-to-play tier of official we have now - we aren't getting much support anyway, and the server performance is great on some, unplayable on others, and very little direct feedback is available for players to address the myriad of issues with the core game, let alone the chat trolls and exploiters. Basically we're getting what we paid for right now, and a subscription tier done properly on a fresh cluster of high quality servers would get rid of a lot of problems for people that are willing to pay for it. It wouldn't leave the current official servers in the dust, as we're already treated like we don't matter for the most part anyway. Some would complain anyhow, but their sense of entitlement is unfounded imo. Wildcard really isn't obligated to even keep official going, and if barebones is all their budget allows for, thats all were ever going to get. Plus time is money, and the amount of wasted time on official dealing with bugs really adds up. nothing is free.
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