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  1. I'm still confused why Easter doesn't have a breeding event, especially given that the easter bunny is a symbol of fertility and sexy times, even more so than cupid and valentines day. Honestly, I'm just running low on boxes of chocolates, i wish we at least had something similar for easter, i dunno... like a chocolate bunny that does the same thing as a box of chocolates.
  2. Servers tend to all have their own culture and established rules that the alpha tribes enforce, and when you work against what everyone else wants for the server, like say building on top of a metal node area, or blocking a beach and forcing other players to navigate through the forest, then you're going to get some angry players at your door step who will first ask you to build elsewhere, and if you refuse then they will continue to pressure you to move until you do. From what I gather, you are being sent a message to stop building where you are building, and its not because they are jerks, but because they perceive you as someone who doesn't care about the rest of the players on that server. I'm not saying this is always the case, but when you play on a public server you cannot treat it like your own single player game where nobody else matters. If you can't get along with the alpha tribes of a server, then move to a new server. If that doesn't work and you keep running into players that don't like what you're doing, then the problem may be you.
  3. Your sentiment towards Wildcard sounds genuine, but not all of us make excuses for others when we're not obligated to. It also sounds like you might be the disagreeable type. That's fine, not everyone can distance themselves emotionally from a discussion. The appropriate action by Wildcard is to acknowledge existing bugs and work with the community to eliminate them, or to explain why they can't be fixed. In the end what is worse? Pretending that various bugs from small to game-breaking don't exist (like they've done for years), or be proactive with the community? I get what you're saying, and I'm not discrediting how much effort has gone into the game or how good it is, I'm getting close to 4k hours played so I'm obviously a fan. But, I know that while you and me might play ark in spite of the bugs, new players run the other way when these bugs are encountered, and because ARK doesn't have a subscription model or an item store, once a player has purchased the game then wildcard doesn't have any motivation to keep them playing. In fact, it's financially counterproductive for Wildcard to keep new players, as that ultimately increases hosting costs to maintain an adequate number of servers. ARK's business model (in theory) is to sell as many copies of ARK as possible, while retaining the least number of players, especially at this point in the development cycle. ARK will never be more than a niche game, and part of that has to do with Wildcard being an indie developer that struggles to keep their game even functioning 100% of the time.
  4. not bugs that have existed since early access, and that have existed for years after launch.
  5. With those dinos and MC 80 saddles You **should** be just fine for alpha ape and alpha spider. I would not bother doing Dragon at all on the island with that setup, even with gamma Dragon you will likely lose some/all of those dinos. For Dragon you want herbivores loaded up with sweet veggie cakes. Theris work quite well, we've beaten alpha dragon several times using Theris that have 21K hp and ~1100-1200 dmg. But regardless of what herbivores you use, 21k hp is currently the magic health number to get the most healing from the cakes. until carnivores get an equivalent to sweet veggie cakes, they'll roast alive against the island Dragon.
  6. "we're working on bugs" Guess we're still in early access...
  7. Swordguy

    Epic settings are not so epic?

    I've always noticed that in DX10 mode ARK looks sharp AF, but not nearly as photo realistic. It likely comes down to tessellation, Ambient Occlusion, and all the post processing effects being done that are overlapping one another. There's also Resolution Scale in the settings that can sharpen or blur what you are seeing, but i can't recall if epic settings max the Resolution Scale out or not, as I run custom settings in 4K.
  8. Swordguy

    I don't get it?

    except this homestead update also includes other changes that have broken the game, which were clearly not tested by anyone.
  9. Swordguy

    New kibble system= pay to win

    What is most irritating is that they put the expansions on sale with the homestead patch, and they've reworked kibble to "encourage" players to buy the DLC. It's not even subtle. Yeah, its not exactly pay to win in the most egregious form, but more like "pay to be better." The writing is on the wall, wildcard needs money. They couldn't wait for the update to be stable for live launch, and just dumped it on the players. Clearly what they had on the beta server did not include the performance degradation that came with the homestead patch, they can't and shouldn't use any excuse about the beta server not being used enough. Don't get me wrong, Someone like myself who tames and breeds and spends most of my time accumulating goods to sell to other players will benefit from this content update (when the game performance is fixed and I can actually play), but for newer players who have never experienced one of wildcards diarrhea patches like this one, there's a good chance they stop playing and leave, cancelling out any boost to a server's economy.
  10. Swordguy

    Mana Nerf absolute BS

    That's probably what a lot of people will do. Online games die by a thousand cuts, and today there were multiple cuts, the mana nerf being one of several.
  11. Swordguy

    Game freezing issues

    is this across all servers? like is it just legacy or is it happening to the newer servers too?
  12. This is how ARK feels after every patch, but this time it actually is this. Dinos dying, players crashing and dying, babies dying, players drowning as they attempt to get their body out of the water they just drowned in.. Like why do I even play this game anymore?
  13. Swordguy

    Mana Nerf absolute BS

    One day someone will make an online game where pve and pvp servers have different branching paths for dino nerfings.