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  1. WC can take as long as they need to make sure Genesis part 2 isn't the buggy mess that Genesis part 1 is. ARK has its bugs, but genesis takes it to a whole new level so far.
  2. Agreed here. As someone who recently moved from legacy to official, it definitely hurts leaving years of work behind, but doing so recently was my choice that I have control over, while waiting for legacy to be shut down will hurt a lot more for people that decide to go down with the ship. In the 4 months since moving to official, I basically have everything I had on legacy and more, so for me the move was worth it. Are the rumors that Legacy is done by this summer true? I wouldn't discount the rumors.
  3. I guess the other point I forgot to mention in OP comes down to server memory usage. Some time ago, i think during valentines event it was discussed that boxes of chocolates and candy sitting in vaults were eating up server memory. Well, guess what we've been doing with mission loot? Sure, I toss a lot of it because its garbo, but a lot ends up in rows upon rows of vaults for later use. What's WC gonna do next? put an expiration timer on mission loot if its not used or a vault isn't accessed periodically? I mean, either deleting event candy and chocolates to save memory was a crock of manure, or the constant DC'ing on Genesis servers might have one possible source aside from Dupers and their Feroxes. Again, I don't get it with Wildcard. Its like theres a room full of developers all doing their own thing and not communicating with each other. @cedric None of this is meant to kill your buzz, but it certainly kills ours.
  4. What is the Logic of No Grinding Loot on Genesis? The grinder is pretty much useless on Genesis for it's intended purpose. I'm just curious what the reasoning is behind this. I mean, you can feed mission loot to gachas so its not a total waste. Is it a measure to stop duping? That's about the only legit reason i can think of, but that makes no sense whatsoever as hex exchange loot crate stuff doesn't have the icon on it. curious if someone actually knows the reason why, or is this just another case of WC being WC?
  5. problem for most carnivores is there is no sweet veggie cake equivalent in game for them. Pick any herbivore dino that can reach 20k hp (I prefer 21k for reasons) and can be bred to do decent damage, and you have a boss dino. If there was an equivalent healing consumable ingame for carnivores, there's be boss wolves or Sabretooths being bred no doubt.
  6. This happens when your character has been copied (aka duped). If you log out and then try to log into another server you'll be able to download a copy of your toon so that you now have the original on the server you logged out of still, plus an exact copy. WC's official stance on this is to overwrite your duped toon and delete it, but given how often people lose their toon to server crashes and rollbacks, I would consider it a free insurance policy on the progress I have made should the worst happen, especially considering if your toon gets deleted in a rollback server crash, a GM can't give you all your tek progress back, only the xp you had. Someone might be like "hey shhh!" but lets be honest here character duping is a commonly known thing in ARK that happens to everyone eventually. In truth, it's a design flaw on WC's part because if they stored a copy of your character in the cloud as backup in the first place like every other multiplayer game in existence (which they don't), then getting your toon deleted accidentally via server crash and rollback wouldn't be a problem in the first place, and you would never have characters getting duped.
  7. given the buggy state that ARK is still in (granted they've managed to fix a lot of bugs over the years since early access), I doubt we'll see Ark on Unreal 5. Even if they did make Ark 2.0 on unreal 5, I remember the days of early access Ark and it was a 3-ring circus at times. Sometimes you would log in after a patch and trees had grown through your base and destroyed half of your stuff, and going an hour without a disconnect was a miracle. Would I go through all that again just to play a shinier version of Ark? probably not. On my RTX card Ark currently looks pretty damn good still, and the game actually runs fine most days.
  8. Given the ending of part 1, HLN-A (helena) probably teleports you to somewhere safe in part 2's intro. Either that, or your character is forcibly corrupted in some way by Rockwell before you're released onto the new map. The former is more likely, the latter would be far cooler. It would be nice to see a new map that had weather seasons (winter, summer, etc) that adjusts which dinos spawn on the map, but we can guess till we're blue in the face and be way off without more hints from WC.
  9. Can PVE Official Dupers Announce Which Servers They'll be DDOSing? Since Wildcard @Cedric seem to be ok with dupers on official PVE (as they only implemented anti-duping on PVP), maybe the cheaters who are DDOSing servers at random to dupe stuff could start a forum thread to announce which servers will be crashed. You could post it anonymously, thats fine. It would really help people plan for bosses and other events more confidently, instead of every transfer, trade and boss summon being a roll of the dice. Thanks in advance.
  10. was server really laggy when you did last? I've done boss fights before where tames were attacking really slowly due to server lag, which for alpha dragon fight would be a death sentence.
  11. i've always wondered whether the tek transmitters flickering would induce a seizure. I'm not epileptic, but have extreme sensitivity to flickering lights, and I often have to turn off transmitters when not using them because the strobing and the reflection on the walls is headache inducing. that and also the electrical outlets.. I have to stuff them inside false walls and under floors so I don't get a headache from the flickering.
  12. any word when duping prevention systems are coming to official PVE?
  13. This isn't going to change anytime soon. MMO's have been combating RMT for over two decades, and have yet to completely win the fight. There comes a point where locking things down makes the game less fun, and so ARK developers clearly decided they were going to lean as far toward anarchy as possible. The only problem with this design philosophy is that the people playing the game live in the real world with monetary systems and free markets. Where there's a demand for something, that demand will be fulfilled. Where it gets squirrelly with ARK is that those selling the best dinos have an incentive to harass and grief new players, to make the game unbearable enough for them that they give in and start spending real money. It's a make work project of sorts, and it exists in most pvp games to some extent. Because of how ARK is designed, this isn't going away. The only real solution is to go unofficial, where the server owners make a profit from selling more unofficial servers, and who is to say they aren't motivated to contribute to the newbie hell on official pvp? Sounds crazy, but its not too far from reality.
  14. every week theres a new dupe found, and of course the DDOSing commences. On top of that, box tribe bases are always extremely massive, some even causing your game to freeze when flying by. There's a distinct lack of respect that box tribes exhibit here, like a bunch of spoiled children ruining it for everyone else. It's so bad that I have to play on OC servers just to have a stable experience, and I'm in NA lol. I'd gladly see my OC bases gone if they implemented region locks, but WC are already running on a skeleton crew with barebones support so my expectations for official servers getting better is near zero. If it wasn't for the community, official would literally be all box tribes and no one else. Oh, what am I saying lol, Official is already 80% box tribes.
  15. Any official word on anti-duping for Official PVE? As we're aware, Wildcard recently implemented an anti-duping system for PVP official servers. This is all well and good, but it begs the question of what this means for enforcing duping going forward. With an automated system in place, it likely means that manual enforcement is being eliminated to some degree, which has me wondering if Wildcard is either a) going to eventually implement this system for PVE as well, or b) giving up on enforcing duping on PVE servers. Those of us on PVE official know its going on. It's practically the worst kept secret. The ferox dupe on Genesis is only the latest, there are many and its not amusing. When an island server crashes with less then 10 people online on a regular basis, or your genesis map with 20 players online keeps getting 255ms spikes periodically when a certain box tribe player is online, you start to wonder if all the reports are getting ignored. Has there been any official word on what Wildcards take is for PVE duping? @Cedric I can speculate all I want but that just wastes everyone's time, same goes for anyone else here. If the anti-duping system is effective, why isn't it on PVE yet? I think we can all agree that duping on PVE is quite pathetic (like why not just play single player or private server with friends?), but its rampant and a lot of PVE players are beyond fed up with the dupers and wildcard's uncaring attitude towards the behavior.
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