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  1. I can't interact with anything, or get into my base to do that. Any suggestion as to how to interact with the bed? Nevermind, I finally logged back in sleeping in bed. Guess I just had to log out for a while. Thanks for quick response, much appreciated.
  2. Yesterday I logged out with character in bed, and today I logged in outside of my base under the spot where the bed is, and I cannot interact with anything. I tried jumping off high cliffs etc, no effect, dinos and other players don't see me or react to my punching them. Is this a common occurrence? I get that I can probably just keep my toon logged in for a while and eventually starve (like after hours and hours), but the other thing that concerns me is that I could use it to cheat in pvp and be able to relay to allies where the enemy is, and whether a base is being guarded. Seems kind of sploity if you ask me, but after a brief search, this bug is apparently a fixture in ARK going back years, and after 5000+ hours playing ARK this is the first time I've come across it. Anyone else experience this? Any solution other than waiting for days for support? I've tried running the game on two separate machines, restarting game, but every time I log in I'm back in the same spot like nothing happened.
  3. They're now on server 928 legacy pve doing this. Chinese player with orange mask. Built a teleporter way above my base (which itself is like 300 feet off the ground) and while I was afk dropped corrupted down, took out cryofridges that were behind several tek walls. In a way ARK is a ball and chain that I'm free of now, and its actually nice since I never pre-order DLC because I don't like to feel like an idiot if I can help it - but still, it's a lot of in-game time and effort robbed because Wildcard hires morons who can't anticipate such a simple exploit and maybe, I dunno... autokill corrupt dinos that get teleported into the city? Toss some lore in there and it would make sense, like the shield destroys advanced stage corruption when organic matter teleports in. Not rocket science. It's been fun ARK. was a slice (when I wasn't running into bugs, crashing, losing dinos to bugs/exploits, etc)
  4. you might as well kill legacy, some psychopathic chinese kiddies found a way to blow up and steal your stuff while you're logged on. We lost years worth of breeds and memories and mutations because this game is a patchwork quilt of bugs. Just glad I didn't buy the DLC before the hackers got loose, so long ARK it was fun. Oh, and It's legacy so you probably don't care, but the culprit is on 928 Extinction legacy PVE making their rounds as I type this, so have fun catching them in the act before they do it on official (if you're quick about it). I think they're using public teleporters in some way to crash dinos through and damage buildings. I could care less about reporting this, I'm out and not coming back. Have fun with halloween.
  5. Now that I think about it, it might have been from the July 4th event. lvl 225 as well, to add icing on the cake.
  6. The title of the post is self-explanatory, but i can't believe how nice this reaper looks.
  7. looking forward to the 8x extra life event again. Of course, if anything is changed from last year (i.e. no 8x), then I would anticipate a large drop in donations through ARK, as many of us would prefer to donate directly to charities for tax reasons (can't use the extra life donations as tax credit if you live outside the US), so tread carefully with changing the incentives Ced
  8. Valg was a great opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the game again, but with amped up dino levels and ample resources to build just about anything, and enough room that you aren't competing with 10 other tribes for the prime land. But, at this point after playing on Valg since launch, I've determined for myself that Valg will be a good taming map for getting 150 (or 180 tek) breeders, but not much else. Aberration is still the best map to farm metal, and the best map so far to make your end-game stomping ground is Extinction, due to the abundance of element and other end game resources like poly, crystal and element dust, etc. But as for Valg its mostly a redundant map that feels like a great place for pvp, but its got some serious issues for pve that aren't going to be solved without someone getting upset, and so the issues likely wont be solved, with is fine because as I said it's a great map to find high level dinos for breeding, and of course the only place you can get deinos, and the map is full of their nests if you know where to look (hint: not just in one biome). Valg has been fun, but the novelty of starting over wears off once you are setup and realize there's no content loop on the map that you can't do elsewhere, and going through the grind for old bosses in order to slowly gain element like the good old days is where the fun stops, as farming bosses and running caves was a crappy end-game loop that caused a good deal of players to become disillusioned with the game, so I doubt they're coming back for the Valg experience just for Deinos. Once transfers open up Valg will be a nice alternative to Rag. Until then, its a nice nostalgia run that doesn't last very long.
  9. Since Early Access, I've experienced this maybe a half dozen times for ARK. It's a roll of the dice, eventually your ARK directory is going to corrupt for one reason or another, and once that happens you're going to be downloading at least 30+ GBs of base game files. There is a way to replicate this every time, and that's to move your ARK folder to another pre-defined Steam directory, which causes Steam to discover existing files when you tell it to install ARK in the directory you just moved the game files to. Normally, for every other game on Steam I've moved to a different install directory, there is little to no re-downloading of files when this happens. For ARK however, an index doesn't get updated properly when discovering existing installations of ARK, which is Wildcard's fault (clearly), and so the entire base game is re-downloaded instead. I believe in both a file corruption scenario and a directory move scenario, the result stems from the same problem that seems to only exist with ARK, and from a programming perspective there's no legit reason I've come across for the hamfisted way ARK is handled on Steam when files are corrupted or moved.
  10. This is the trade off you pay for playing on official servers, for ARK and most online games. Unofficial servers will be easier and have mods that fix problems that Wildcard doesn't have the budget or manpower to fix in this century, but unofficial will also be less rewarding and have a higher risk of disappearing from the server list without explanation, and may also have a delayed patching cycle. You consciously or unconsciously make that choice, and live with the downsides of either choice.
  11. Swordguy

    Valguero and X2

    They also shouldn't be scheduled and then taken back at the last minute, which is the actual point of why it frustrates players who make plans around what is scheduled. If something is scheduled, then it should be expected, so in this case your opinion is not in line with reality.
  12. Swordguy

    Valguero and X2

    I don't understand why WC keep doing this. Its not so much whether valg is 2x or not that matters here, it's WC's inability to communicate in an open and consistent manner. It's the little details like this that give a company a horrible reputation, and WC has the reputation of a dumpster fire in the gaming world, but it could be improved with some honesty and effort to communicate clearly Instead of getting peoples hopes up for 2x valg, them making plans with friends, and then at the last minute taking it back on twitter. For your own good WC, please clearly state In your community update if a map is excluded from an event so we can plan our weekends accordingly instead of feeling like we're in a psychologically abusive relationship with a game studio that can't seem to stop dinking their players around. Valg is not a beginner map whatsoever, and farming the map of all metal nodes barely fills half a forge, so its not like people are flying around in tek suits and breeding super dinos yet, most of us are still building our bases out of stone and wood and greenhouse glass. The only thing remotely cool about valg right now is the deinos, and they're a novelty that dies fast, leaving no reason to play other than grinding for the sake of grinding. Theres not even griffins to tame, which makes the map all that more of a grindfest and nothing else. I'm just annoyed it took me a week to realize valg is a waste of time, at least 2x would have added a little fun for the weekend.
  13. I find it a tad Interesting that legacy gets the boot when it has lower overhead due to zero customer support, which by the way is why Legacy PVE is the best of both worlds and is preferable to many of us. When there's a problem, players are forced to work out their differences instead of getting a GM involved, which makes for a much better experience where a political/diplomatic style of non-violent (mostly) pvp takes place on each server and across servers, both for economy and for dealing with bad players. Trade alliances threaten to sanction unruly trolls from accessing the best dinos, while diplomacy is required to gain access to land being reserved. Honestly, I won't shed too many tears when legacy does disappear, mostly because I play legacy knowing the risk of servers going poof, but to those who eagerly call for legacy to die, you should realize that eventually all official servers will go poof at some point if wildcard doesn't get bought out and/or gets an angel investor. As for moving to official, I'm not sure any of us from legacy could tolerate the possibility of being GM'd by some troll and getting wiped like some sick kind of virtual swatting. As I've said, the legacy PVE community is unique because of the lack of support, and much better off for it and feels a lot more real. I might even suggest renaming legacy pve to "hardcore survival pve mode," because it's basically as close to hardcore as you can get without restricting engrams or tribes, and that lack of a safety net from customer support is alluring for the hardcore that like their player to player interactions to be completely organic with no 4th-wall-breaking GM driving around in their wambulance. What I'm saying is that legacy's eventual demise will be the loss of a unique game mode that appeals to the more mature and independent player base. You probably wont see us joining official servers anytime soon, because we would have already done so if the experience on official was better in some meaningful way.
  14. I've discovered a workaround by accident for players. If you can, teleport to the desert biome during dawn/dusk and teleport back and the slideshow goes away.
  15. I'm not here to whine or complain, just to give a heads up to the developers and anyone else who's experiencing intermittent slideshows. So, we have a base on Extinction in the City that overlooks the south wastelands and the Dessert Dome. We recently made a couple of new buildings, not very big but big enough to store dinos we use. Since then we get these weird drops in frame rate for a few minutes at a time when either of the buildings are visible on-screen. Because this is on Extinction and there isn't a noticeable day/night cycle there, it took a few days to figure out that this was happening repeatedly between 05:30 and 08:05 in-game time, and also between 19:30 and 22:05, precisely when dawn and dusk occur in the red obelisk desert biome.
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