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  1. Its yet another dino on the long list of deprecated dinos in ARK that need some TLC. In theory Daeodons were omnivores (given their mix of teeth), but ARK developers aren't big on realism sometimes. If they were omnivores ingame like they should be, feeding them wouldn't be as big of a chore.
  2. Crystal Wyverns: What isn't broken? Things you can't do with Crystal Wyverns: see their skin in a taxidermy stand transfer them pod them Thngs that are bugged with Crystal Wyverns: breeding, sometimes females won't mate when they're ready taming, sometimes they can't be tamed because someone else failed to tame, or perhaps just bugged parking out in the open, sometimes they decide to fly off and you have to go find them half way across the map imprinting, sometimes they get stuck in the floor or want to go for an endless walk, bringing back the bugs that cryopods solved Things you can do always do with Crystal Wyverns: fly them around look at them export stats trade them with other players use their eggs for kibble or taming farm meat I'm not saying ark developers aren't allowed to make mistakes, but someone either didn't do their job or the person in charge of bringing crystal isles to official needs to actually play the game for once. These dinos are barely functional beyond the bare basics. To be fair, they are easy enough to tame right now and make life easy on Crystal Isles, but its apparent that no one is listening on twitter or reading the bug reports, so I might as well vent here for the record. Also, what a great impression wildcard has made with the epic store crowd. most first timers can't believe epic would choose a broken mess for their free game of the week, their words not mine.
  3. crystal wyverns are breedable, but you can't pod them and you have to deal with all the old bugs that pods fixed. Wyvern stuck in the floor? gotta bust up the floor. Wyvern imprint wants to go for a walk but won't imprint no matter how far you walk them? good luck. Want a server that isn't tame capped? good luck. Want a server where people aren't building huge bases to store wyverns they can't pod and causing increased lag? good luck. Wanna tame a crystal wyvern? most are bugged, good luck. I wouldn't even ask for all wyverns to be breedable until Wildcard can make crystal wyverns work properly, otherwise they'll probably break old wyverns as well.
  4. I've been playing since early access, and moved from legacy to official about half a year ago. I've rebuilt multiple times, and it gets easier every time. I could care less if legacy is shut down or not, I'm simply trying to get across the point that people who wait until legacy is shut down won't get to make a choice, and it will be painful as hell. If you move off legacy before it closes, then you are in control and get to decide your fate. WC are under no obligation to keep any public servers open, and are paying a lot of money to keep legacy going, and they are definitely not making that money back from legacy players who buy expansions. How long do you think they'll keep swallowing the costs out of the goodness of their hearts?
  5. The writing has been on the wall for legacy for over a year. Better to move now while it's your choice than to wait and have no choice when legacy is shelved for good.
  6. already submitted a bug report, but just for the record I have to say not being able to pod crystal wyverns is a huge facepalm. servers will be tame capped within weeks I'd imagine, massive bases are already being erected to store them all in, and because they're wyverns they have a tendency to get stuck in floors and other geometry. This is probably something that should be addressed asap @Cedric
  7. I am quite sure this predicament is unintended, for numerous reasons. 1st - Not being able to cryo a breedable and tameable dino that is new and exciting means that servers are going to be tame capped within a couple weeks. 2nd - in order to store all these unpoddable wyverns, people are going to build massive bases. Large bases add to server load. Thousands of unpodded dinos cause server load. 3rd - breeders who would normally transfer these dinos off server and breed them on a quieter map are stuck to breed them on crystal isles, which means even more 70/70 servers for a longer time. This also means free players have one less reason to buy expansion maps. These problems are made worse by the large number of xbox players who are moving to PC through the epic game store. Epic does not have their own servers, they are joining steam servers. If the unpoddable/untransferrable crystal wyverns are working as intended, I can't think of any reason that balances out the negatives I've mentioned above. As for PVP, these wyverns are not gamebreaking. They're a little faster, but they are just like regular wyverns in that they turn and steer like a boat, and are easily out maneuvered. I just don't see any clear reasoning for this to be intentional.
  8. Think I saw a couple wildcard employees out looting. RL pvp?
  9. WC can take as long as they need to make sure Genesis part 2 isn't the buggy mess that Genesis part 1 is. ARK has its bugs, but genesis takes it to a whole new level so far.
  10. Agreed here. As someone who recently moved from legacy to official, it definitely hurts leaving years of work behind, but doing so recently was my choice that I have control over, while waiting for legacy to be shut down will hurt a lot more for people that decide to go down with the ship. In the 4 months since moving to official, I basically have everything I had on legacy and more, so for me the move was worth it. Are the rumors that Legacy is done by this summer true? I wouldn't discount the rumors.
  11. I guess the other point I forgot to mention in OP comes down to server memory usage. Some time ago, i think during valentines event it was discussed that boxes of chocolates and candy sitting in vaults were eating up server memory. Well, guess what we've been doing with mission loot? Sure, I toss a lot of it because its garbo, but a lot ends up in rows upon rows of vaults for later use. What's WC gonna do next? put an expiration timer on mission loot if its not used or a vault isn't accessed periodically? I mean, either deleting event candy and chocolates to save memory was a crock of manure, or the constant DC'ing on Genesis servers might have one possible source aside from Dupers and their Feroxes. Again, I don't get it with Wildcard. Its like theres a room full of developers all doing their own thing and not communicating with each other. @cedric None of this is meant to kill your buzz, but it certainly kills ours.
  12. What is the Logic of No Grinding Loot on Genesis? The grinder is pretty much useless on Genesis for it's intended purpose. I'm just curious what the reasoning is behind this. I mean, you can feed mission loot to gachas so its not a total waste. Is it a measure to stop duping? That's about the only legit reason i can think of, but that makes no sense whatsoever as hex exchange loot crate stuff doesn't have the icon on it. curious if someone actually knows the reason why, or is this just another case of WC being WC?
  13. problem for most carnivores is there is no sweet veggie cake equivalent in game for them. Pick any herbivore dino that can reach 20k hp (I prefer 21k for reasons) and can be bred to do decent damage, and you have a boss dino. If there was an equivalent healing consumable ingame for carnivores, there's be boss wolves or Sabretooths being bred no doubt.
  14. This happens when your character has been copied (aka duped). If you log out and then try to log into another server you'll be able to download a copy of your toon so that you now have the original on the server you logged out of still, plus an exact copy. WC's official stance on this is to overwrite your duped toon and delete it, but given how often people lose their toon to server crashes and rollbacks, I would consider it a free insurance policy on the progress I have made should the worst happen, especially considering if your toon gets deleted in a rollback server crash, a GM can't give you all your tek progress back, only the xp you had. Someone might be like "hey shhh!" but lets be honest here character duping is a commonly known thing in ARK that happens to everyone eventually. In truth, it's a design flaw on WC's part because if they stored a copy of your character in the cloud as backup in the first place like every other multiplayer game in existence (which they don't), then getting your toon deleted accidentally via server crash and rollback wouldn't be a problem in the first place, and you would never have characters getting duped.
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