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  1. is Hl1a only available by buying Genesis seasons pass or the previous seasons pass????
  2. my friend and i are going to check it out to see if thats what we are looking for
  3. So you stated last monday a week ago that Raptor claws to be out this week 2018-12-14 but not seen at all on any server offical and unofficial at all so whats the hold up on this everyone i know of is looking forward to the event again this year after a hiatus last year ..... Any Comments on it Wild Card
  4. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Extinction#Saddles is the link that i found but it does not tell us how to tame any of the unique dino's on extinction any idea when that is being updated thanks
  5. raptoring troll just go away let the Adults do the thinking here not the less intelligent kids like you
  6. not for me so i dont know where you got your dl from but its not from wildcard
  7. nitrado thats a joke in its self there
  8. was supposed to be at 10 am pac on tuesday nov 6th but wont be up til who knows now
  9. still less than 1hr til release then upteen billion hrs to download and install then have servers crash constantly
  10. just had a post deleted because of asking about why the delay and nothing posted
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