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  1. they can do all that and yet delay it once again but until i see it actually downlooding on to my PC then i will believe it
  2. Thats if the actually release it onnfeb 25th i will believe it whenni see it actually download
  3. they said Feb 25 (?) on all platforms will believe it when i see it
  4. actually its been delayed twice now one for december and one for january get your facts straight
  5. you have been here 3 years you shouldnt be poopting on others Kharma has a saying "it will bite you in the ass if you dont watch what you are saying"
  6. been playing ark since 2016 June 1hr short of 4200 gaming hours in ark so i am clearly not new to the game i have been playing this game since SE came out so you must be new to this game to as you joined here or in ark as of sept 2015 so Rotate i am aloud to express my displeasure of how this current dlc is being handled information wise to its player base so suck it
  7. So another Delay for Genesis this seems to be a pattern Wild Card delay delay delay take peoples money delay delay delay the people who already paid for it should get some compensation for delays in saying it was to be in december now its end of Feburary instead #anotherfailedDLCrelease
  8. Do we get to keep the chibi’s after wiNter wonderland event is over Anyone know if the chibi’s we get during the event stay with us or do we losexthem
  9. they dont care about pc is consoles that they care about now
  10. is Hl1a only available by buying Genesis seasons pass or the previous seasons pass????
  11. my friend and i are going to check it out to see if thats what we are looking for
  12. So you stated last monday a week ago that Raptor claws to be out this week 2018-12-14 but not seen at all on any server offical and unofficial at all so whats the hold up on this everyone i know of is looking forward to the event again this year after a hiatus last year ..... Any Comments on it Wild Card
  13. yes i am certain i was on the server when he was killed and it was 421 SE
  14. Tomorrow May 1st at approximately 10 am PST we will be launching a new set of servers on PC. These Fresh servers have downloads disabled but uploads enabled for a period of 60 days. After 60 days transfers will open and they will no longer be called Fresh servers. Players are invited to play and build up on these servers without the threat of existing alpha tribes. so much for that theory about downloads one of my tribe member was killed by a level 98 player when the server scorchedearth241 had only been out maybe 1-2hrs at the time so that is a fail on your part WildCard .... there is no way he could be 98 that fast in 1-2hrs so he had to have downloaded his toon from another server
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