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  1. when will partial cross transfers be open for genesis [PC] just wondering when partial cross transfers are being allowed on the genesis servers have not heard anything about it just curious .... asking for a friend
  2. you only get 5 rare flowers for 150 hexagon points not worth it at all the cost vs the amt you get is not worth spending them in the hlna store at all rather farm them instead
  3. they are all over have not seen a regular raptor since i got the map going any reason why only x-raptors and not a regular raptor
  4. raptors should not be able to 3 shot kill anyone in prim flak on genesis the raptors on genesis are op ievel 1 raptor have more health than the passives do and they have a debuff that takes less than 1/3 the damage that should not be on the other even officials when i played raptors are less health than on genesis
  5. already pre bought genesis seasons pass but yet it wants me to re buy it why am i having to re buy the genesis seasons pass part 1 when i bought it in aug of 2019 when i want to play single player Help
  6. notdollie said it would have been an additional 15 minute ( 35 minutes ago) on twitter for PC but that time has passed and gone still no love for PC
  7. are you on PC or PS4 because PC hasen't gotten it yet
  8. 30 Minutes since it was supposed to be Released and nothing from any representatives from Wild Card with an update on why there is another Delay once again #epicfailWildcard once again
  9. i agree garruk about that its already wasted a day and prime time gaming again
  10. its prime time gaming happening and we are still waiting for it to download its past 6:30 pm pst and nothing happening still for PC
  11. nothing posted by WildCard or Ark survival evolved pertaining to the back dating the time to 4 pm Pst
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